Free Online Chakra Balancing with Beej ( Seed ) Mantra Meditation

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Namaste This is Sandip Jain, I am a Reiki Grand Master Today I would like to share a very easy , yet
very powerful method of healing. This healing session can be done by any one,
as each and every person has some physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health issues. You can do this meditation at a quiet place,
where you don’t get disturbed while doing this, and this can be done with or without
Ear phones. Most of us know that we have 7 major chakras,
which are like energy centers and when these chakras are healthy and balanced, the organs
related to these chakras are also healthy and balanced, and when these chakras are not
balanced and malfunctioned, when they are either conjusted or depleted the corresponding
organs also get malfunctioned and we feel sick. When the energy is freely flowing between
these chakras we feel good, healthy and energized, but when the energy stucks at some part
of the chakra, we get sick. The seven major chakras are named as : Root chakra or mooladhar Chakra which is situate
at the end of our spine and is of Red color. Next is Sacral Chakra or Svadhishtan chakra,
which is situated below the naval and above root chakra. This is orange in color. Then comes the Solar Plexus or Manipurak chakra,
This is situated above navel center and is yellow in color. Fouth is Heart chakra or Anahat Chakra is
situated in the chest area and is green in color. Then comes Throat chakra or Vishuddha Chakra
which is located in the root of the neck, and is sky blue in color. Then comes Third eye chakra or Agya Chakra
and is located between our brows and is indigo in color. And lastly ,Crown Chakra or Sahastrar Chakra,
this is located above our head area and is violet in color. These all chakras have specific Beej mantras
as well like Root Chakra has a beej mantra as LAM
Sacral Chakra as VAM Solar Plexus Chakra as RAM
Heart Chakra as YAM Throat Chakra as HAM
Third eye Chakra as KSHAM And Crown Chakra has a beej mantra as OM I would like to say that this is a divine
healing session and the healing is done by the supreme God , Reiki which is Life Force
Energy. My role in it is just like a Medium. Now we will start this healing with a little
prayer. Now please repeat after me. I thank Reiki for being here, I thank ( take
your full name ) for being here, I (take your full name) thank reiki for being here, I thank Dr Mikao Usui, Dr Hayashi, Madam Takata,
Reiki angels, Archangels, Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain and all my spiritual guides and
helpers for being here. We are going to start a Chakra healing session,
please provide divine guidance, divine healing and divine protection. Now sit in a comfortable posture and take
2 , 3 deep breath. The process of this chakra healing is, that
I will be chanting these seed mantras for healing, and you will have to move your focus
as per my chanting of these mantras to the respective chakra with your closed eyes. So when I say LAM , you must focus on your
Root Chakra, and when I say VAM , your focus should move to your Sacral Chakra. And then if I say OM, you have to focus on
your Crown Chakra immediately. In the beginning I will do chanting of these
beej mantras in a sequence for 3 times so that energy circulation gets better and you
also get acquainted with this chakra mantras and then will do randomly, and you only have
to focus on the said chakra but, with your closed eyes. This is a very good exercise which will do
cleansing and balancing of your chakras and will also enhance the concentration. Ok lets start Now relax and take few deep breaths We have done Chakra healing with Beej Mantras
and you yourself will feel light and energized after doing this. Now lets do a prayer of thanks. I thank Reiki for being here, I thank, (take
your full name )for being here, I (your full name) thank, reiki for being here, I thank Dr Mikao Usui , Dr Hayashi, Madam
Takata, Reiki angels, Archangels, Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain and all my spiritual guides
and helpers for being here. Eat light and healthy food for quick and better
results. Also Please drink enough water after doing
this healing meditation as Toxins will require to flush out from your body. And If you have any questions or suggestions
please feel free to write to me. Thanks a lot Namaste


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