Friday Messages from the Divine – Enjoy the ride of life

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Dr. JuJu Love Hi sensei John. What is the Friday message
from the divine. Today’s this Friday message from the divine is about
enjoying the ride how to sit back relax and enjoy the ride of life so what I
mean by that is often we think we have to figure everything out using our brain
and when we are in that space we kind of stop the connection to our download you
know the connection to our divinity and when we are in that space of connection
to our higher aspects we don’t have to try to figure out based on just what we
know because oftentimes the bigger and the breakthroughs will happen from the
places where we don’t know it because it’s out of our conscious knowing and
that will only come when we actually open ourselves to that bigger aspect of
who we are so you know if we want it want to create something as they say ask
and you shall receive and it is so true so you ask
and then you just now then you sit back and quiet your mind and listen with your
heart and see what that soft voice says or maybe it’ll come as some kind of
sign that you notice outside maybe you would think of something by watching a leaf
fall from a tree but it will evoke something within you and that’s
how you get the divine message. Thank you Dr. JuJu Love. Thank you so much for this Friday
message from the divine. Thank you Thank you sensei John. Namaste


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