Full Moon Meditation | Modern Animism

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[music] Sit or lie down in a way that makes you comfortable
so that you don’t have to think about your body.
Take three slow, deep breaths slowly. As you exhale, let all tension, stress, and strain.
Relax down your body. Flowing down, down, down, out the soles of your feet. That’s it.
Safe and relaxed. Feeling beautiful, feeling warm, just perfect. Imagine with me now, the full, bright moon
above. Shining down. All around you now. The sky above is dazzling, with so many bright
stars shining so beautifully. The air temperature is just right. It feels so wonderful to be
here right now. Let yourself enjoy the loving embrace of the
full, bright moon. See all the silvery moon beams surrounding you. Allow your skin to
soak in this vibrant and alive energy. Feel your whole body responding to the healthy,
rejuvenating, healing light. It’s as if you are filling with this healing energy and there
is no room inside of you for negativity or doubt. You’re stronger, protected, and full.
Every part of you is awash in this vibrant, wonderful, beautiful moonlight. Shining peace
everywhere. As her light gets stronger, you may notice
that there are some places that are still in darkness. Perhaps it’s your mind. Maybe
you have some thoughts that you don’t want to face. Or maybe it’s your core. We can hold
a lot of resistence and stress there. Wherever it is, let the light gently flow there with
the softness of water. Easy. Gently. Illuminating the darkness with healing light. As the light
penetrates this darkness, feel the ease that comes with it. Simple. Easy. Loving light.
All the way in, into every organ, tissue, and cell. Flowing very easily. Returning to
your natural state of love. That’s right. Filling you with peace, harmony, tranquility,
and ease. Let’s spend a moment here in this relaxing
state of purity. [music] Only when you are completely purified by the
moon’s cleansing, healing light do you look around and notice an inviting pool that you
didn’t see before. It looks so inviting that you go over to it. Feeling your feet on the
earth as you walk. Hearing the crickets that surround you in the night air. Feeling wonderfully
full and relaxed. There are steps and a handrail leading down
to the water. So you take a hold of the handrail and test the water temperature. Ah! It’s perfect.
Who can resist moon bathing? As you ease into the water, you feel the warm water caressing
your body. As you go deeper, it swirls around your thighs, your hips, and belly. The calm
that you felt before is even more penetrating and even deeper. In this space of calm, you
become more deeply aware of all that inside. And you let it out. You don’t have to name
it, stop it, expand it, or explain it. Just let it out. Stepping deeper into the pool, let the water
come up to your chest now. Feeling very relaxed and comfortable despite the deep releasing
that is happening now. Looking up at the moon, you feel her shining gaze, penetrating even
deeper. It seems bigger, friendlier, and more loving than you have ever seen her before.
Knowing that she will take care of your feelings and secrets. The more you feel, the deeper
her cradle of safety becomes. Just letting go. All out. All out now. Letting her soothing waters balance you, restore
you, heal you. I’ll give you a moment to experience the healing, releasing, and restoring that
is going on now. Feeling all remaining worries, doubt, and stress drift out of your body and
dissipate into the atmosphere. All the while drifting deeper and deeper into a calm state
of balance and love. [music] Just to make sure we have cleared it all out,
say with me now: I release anger and resentment- (and just
let it go) I release judgment
I release control of others and the outcome I release the need to be perfect
I release feelings of unworthiness I release sadness
I release all that is not in alignment with my true self Now let’s fill this empty space with desirable
things. Say with me now: I open to love
I open to happiness I open to abundance Knowing that the love, happiness, and abundance
that you claimed is already coming to you, let’s move out of the water and back on dry
land. Your body feels dry, calm and relaxed now.
Take one last look at the moon and send her your gratitude for her generosity. You know
that all the hardships, trials, and sadness were all lessons. They were necessary to bring
you to your fullness. And today is a new day. A new opportunity to release it all and begin
again. If it feels right and true, say with me now:
I welcome the clarity, strength, and new beginnings that the full moon has given me. I trust my
intuition and guides to support me. I accept the new start I have created. I am worthy.
I am good. I am love. So be it. Only when you are ready to start with a clean
slate, open your eyes and come back to the present moment feeling refreshed, relaxed,
and restored.


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