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Don’t really want to get up and get out of bed? Yah. I get up and get out of bed. I don’t really want to work out, I work
out. I really don’t want to hammer on a project, I
hammer on the project. As an overall rule I do not like procrastination. You need
to get things done but if you are going
to rest that is one thing that you should procrastinate on, that’s the one
thing I want you to put off until tomorrow. Now these could be signals that you need
some time off and those signals might be right. They could be
correct, but don’t take today off. Don’t give in to the immediate
gratification that is whispering in your ear, shut that down. Do not listen to that
little voice instead go through the motions, lift the weights, sprint the hill,
work on the project, get out of bed. If you only have 24 hours in a day, your
success is dependent upon how you use the 24. You got to hear me people talk about
Oprah Winfrey, you know Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, listen to me. I don’t care how much money you make. You only get 24 hours in a day and the difference between Oprah and the person that’s broke is Oprah uses her 24 hours wisely. That’s it.
Listen to me, that’s it. You get 24. I don’t care if you broke, you grew up
broke, I don’t care if you grew up rich I don’t care if you’re in college, you’re
not in college, you only get 24 hours and I blew up literally. I went from
being a high school dropout to selling 6,000 books in less than six months.
What happened? About 24 hours. I was like okay Eric you got to get a grip on your 24
hours because you bout to be broke for the rest of your life and that’s all I
need you to do for me. I can tell you all about your life if you just write down
your 24 hours schedule for me. You let me look at it, I can tell you where you
going to be in 5 years, I can tell you where you’re going to be in ten years, I can
tell you where you’re going to be 20 years if you keep that schedule. I had a
teacher in eighth grade, eighth grade tell me I wasn’t gonna make it to high
school. Eighth grade I had a teacher telling me that foolishness and what did
I do I prove them right I went to high school wiling out. Ninth grade year wiled out so bad that school kicked me out. They was like you, we can’t even take this no more,
kick you out. Go to another school, I completely flunk that. Go to a third
school and finally begin to get my act together. I’ve proven everybody who did not believe in me right and the few people who did believe in me, I proved them
wrong. Again we dealing with, it matters of the heart now. A lot of times we behave in the way we behave because we don’t feel like we got
worth or value. We don’t really recognize the heritage or who we are and
what we can do so we just on that I’m just going to do whatever and get a
couple of laughs but when you recognize how great you are, when you recognize
that champion that’s inside you you’ll say you know what I got more to give.
There’s more than life than this right here. I deserve better. You deserve better and then you’ll say you know what, what I’m going to do I’m gonna prove everybody who didn’t believe in me wrong and the few people who do believe in me imma prove
them right and when you do that everything inside your life changes. I
just started saying before I make decisions, I just started saying okay, is this going
to make my momma proud or all the people that’s hating on me it’s just
going to make them say ‘see, I told you. I’m in India speaking, I’ve found out the culture in India there, in Bangalore I was has the highest suicide rate because
if these kids do not do well in high school they know they won’t go to
college and they know for the rest of their life they’ll end up with poverty
and they said I’d rather die than be in poverty. That’s what you call desperation. What, you’re going to settle for whatever the world gives you? You’re
going to settle for living how your mom and dad live now? I’m telling you all my
young friends, you ain’t gotta settle for that. Most people think that the people that
are at a very high level in society are cut from a different cloth. They think
that they’re, they’re literally a different breed than them and that they’re and
that they can’t get those things. So that’s kind of interesting right and
it’s always kind of a shocker to have the, the myth of that person burst but
see here’s the thing. Although we’re not cut from a different
cloth, the fact that I mastered consistency is the difference and most
people will never do that. No one wants you to succeed right? Only your mom and
even your mom doesn’t want you to succeed cause she’s afraid you’re not gonna call her back. Your brain doesn’t want you to be a big success. Your brain just wants to
keep you alive. All your brain wants you to do is just pump out one or two kids
so that the DNA can continue on, that’s it. Your brain will trick you. You are your
own worst enemy. I know that if I fail to do that, that I am not instilling those
habits, that’s going to have, going to have a big-picture long-term goal.
Dudes, talent is overrated homie. There’s no price too great for me.
There’s nothing too great. I would die for, for my dreams.
You know what I’m saying? I’m willing to risk it. There’s, there’s nothing too great, there’s no amount that I’m not willing to go but
you could accomplish anything you want man. If you’re willing to do it. Right? But
again you’ll realize that what you think you are is not what you are. You become
something else. You literally become something else. If
you want to be someone who’s tireless you cannot be tired down, you’ll become
something else. So you don’t have those limitations a normal human being has, you don’t have that because you become something else. You become something that embodies certain things that you’re trying to move forward. You’ll go to any length you, so you’re not going get tired because that because do that, at that point you have God on your side. That’s not even you anymore dude. It’s like, you know how? What I do is I focus on maybe one or two or three things at a time and then I just do it
and then I get that done and then I do the next thing and then I get that done
and then I do the next thing. No one’s going to put you on. You got, you have to
put yourself on. No one’s going to put you on. So, so you make that choice you just do your small tasks and you do it but see no one wants to hear that. Success is
about just quiet little actions. Getting rid of anything that’s unnecessary.
Success is like a quiet daily set of tasks, real small. Real real small. It’s very quiet. It’s a very quiet process where you’re just drawing your state from within
yourself doing these like simple little tasks but finding love in those simple
little tasks. It’s not this big rah-rah speech where you do this one thing and
something big happens. I’m tired. I don’t want to do it and I got a
million reasons not to do it but what I do is I make the choice that I say if I
can’t make myself go do this, how am I going to live my dreams? I found that if
I miss one day, I’ll miss every day. people are always wondering what the next step in life is and I say, ife’s a little bit like a maze, you know? Until you walk down one hallway and try to open the door you don’t know if it’s a dead end or not
and people are trying to sit back and that’s where the procrastination comes in
and look real far down the hallway, and I’m like, just walk small and steady wins the race
what’s the fastest way to change your life? for me I think it’s understanding how to set up daily routines with alternating brain and body training and, killing procrastination The little win, with your family
when you feel like watching TV sets you up for another win the next day
a little win of getting up at 5 o’clock and running your morning routine
sets you up for a habit, of a 5am club morning routine small daily improvements over time will lead you to stunning results it comes down to this Elvis, I think you have to work hard
like, just so everybody knows we haven’t gotten into this subject yet
working hard, is the cost of entry to anything you know zero people that are successful
that don’t work their face off you know zero people now, they may have money as mummy and daddy made money and gave it to them but people that actually built their own success
you know zero people that have had success, that did not put in obnoxious amounts of work what’s the most important key to success?
I think it’s hunger it’s not getting satisfied a hunger that doesn’t go, a hunger to learn, a hunger to grow, a hunger to serve, a hunger to give
a hunger to create break throughs most people are hungry until they make a certain amount of money and then they get comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that
but it’s not about the money, t’s not about the business, it’s about your growth
because every one of us either grows or dies people ask me all the time, what does it take to be happy?
I say one word, progress progress equals happiness
because achieving a goal feels good for how long? A week, a month, three months? And then there needs to be something else and the reason for something else is because you gotta grow imagine a conversation with your future self
and that, lets imagine that the you of 20 years from now
shows up at your doorstep, and that you is stronger, smarter, wiser, wealthier, healthier, happier
and that you shows up at your door and it looks at your life
and it looks you in the eye if that future you is going to give you advice
on what to stop, what to start what’s the first thing they would tell you to be? Or do? take a step back right now and think about who we all admire in the world right? They’re all people that punted the system, they’re people that practice singing since they were five, there are people that shot 10,000 basketballs every morning it’s always that
it’s always that. 99% of the people right now that are listening to this are playing in the middle they’re playing in a game that was structured for them
they’re risk adverse, they fear, and most importantly, they fear what other people think look, I believe that we’re all born with lots of goodness in us but life throws curveballs life, the ambition of being alive, helps us dream, and if you’ve been given a dream don’t discount that because you’re not good enough yet develop yourself, weaponise yourself
teach yourself to be so good at something that is necessary to serve in the area of your dream that now you’re never even thinking about your comfort zones
your comfort zone is irrelevant what matters is, what are you trying to do with your life?
How are you trying to contribute? The one thing that discipline definitely does
help you with, is it helps you get things done and when you get things done, when you actually do things you have more success if you have more success, and sometimes a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it
it’s like 90% of it is just showing up get there and start working, like
you’re not gonna feel perfect everyday it’s pretty much the same with everybody that actually gets good at something there’s gotta be those days you push through and they’re probably gonna be more numerous than the days you don’t and so the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I get things done. Those days when I’m tired or worn out or just basically sick of the grind. What do I do on those days? I go anyways. I get it done even if I’m just going through the motions. I go through the motions. So yep you’re in school, yes you
probably are getting grades, etc but if it’s not meaningful to you, if it’s not
important to you then you’re not going to make it a priority. So what you have to
do is find out how can you make it meaningful? How can you make it purposeful?
How can how can you make it stick and when you can find that out I promise you
you will get up early, you’ll get there first and you’ll do whatever it takes to
make that goal a reality. So for me, no such thing as procrastination, it’s such
thing as it’s not a priority to you. This is kinda hard to understand but
sometimes you can try so hard at something sometimes you can be so
so prepared and still fail and with every time you fail it’s painful
causes sadness and especially as I saw last night it causes disappointment I’ve often said a man’s character is not judged
after he celebrates a victory but by what he does when his back is against the wall so no matter how great the setback how severe the failure
you never give up you never give up, you pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you push forward, you move on, you adapt, you overcome, that is what I believe everybody here, everybody watching, I won’t be stopped, I can’t be stopped you’re either committed, or you aren’t
you’re either willing to do everything it takes whatever that might be
or you aren’t you either are willing to go through hell and high water and fire and brimstone to get to your goals or you aren’t. Work on yourself, work on your focus
you cannot stop, you gotta work the problem with you
is you see difficult, as something negative I want you to see difficult differently. Are you hearing me? I need you to push through that stuff push through it. You can get through it
the more you go through, the more difficult it is the more challenging it is
listen to me, the harder it is are you hearing me? The more challenging it is
all you’re doing baby is building muscle in life, you’re either going through a storm
in a storm, or you’re coming out it’s a part of life. There’s no way around it
so just be careful not to allow the trials and tribulations to consume you.
I don’t care if you’re a billionaire I don’t care if you’re a CEO of one of the most important companies, I don’t care if you’re an entertainer, like I don’t care who you are,
you can go to the moon we all have problems
what I’m trying to tell you is this though problems are a part of life
but guess what they’re not life. It’s not going to be easy. There are moments when you are going to doubt yourself there are rough times are gonna come but they have not come to stay no matter how bad it is
or how bad it gets you’ve gotta make it your personal business
to make it happen. For me, it – it has been the – to be that guy
that does what people say can’t be done. You know and I think it started with
trying to please my mother and trying to please my grandmother and they always
wanted higher for me. They always wanted more for me and it got to the point that
I wanted to be something. I wanted to be somebody and it made me choose certain
roles, it made me turn down certain roles there is more than an image that I want
to project. I want to be the person that is the first person there and the last
person to leave. That’s what I want to be because I think that the the road to
success is through commitment and through the strength to drive through
that commitment when it gets hard and it is going to get hard and you’re going to
want to quit sometimes but it’ll be colored by who you are and more who you
want to be. I definitely found that wanting to be an actor stems from
wanting to be somebody. My mom wanted me be a truck driver
because that would mean I would make $24,000 a year if I went to Truck
Masters and I’ll be twice what my father made and she thought that would happen
but something inside of me said I don’t want to drive a truck. There’s something else that
matters more to me and I decided I was not going to go for money instead of
passion and the rewards been pretty amazingly better than being a truck drive. It’s
not bad being a truck driver it’s just not what I was after and I, I look back
and one of the things that helped me was my original teacher Jim Rohn, who was a
personal development speaker I went to hear when I was 17 he said so the first time I
heard him he said ‘you know it’s really simple if you want life to change, you
got to change. If you want life to be better you’ve got to get better. It’s the only
way it happens and luck will show up for people and it will leave them but if you’re
constantly improving who you are and what you give, game over.
See if you can find some ways to multiply your value to the market and he said your income will immediately
start to change. See if you go through life holding back and most of us do, most
of us if we ask ourselves have we done all we can do? Most of us will have to
answer, no we haven’t. We’ve been holding back. We have ideas that we don’t act on
things we want to do, we’re afraid to take chances, we go through life trying to
seek security and not coming outside of our comfort zone and we take most of our
stuff with us to the grave. Up until then I was hoping that the economy would
change, I was hoping that my company would change, I was hoping that my paycheck
would change, I was hoping that circumstances outside would change and here’s what I
found out. It isn’t going to change. So then my question was if it isn’t going
to change, how will my life ever change and here’s what my teacher taught me.
When you change, when you change, everything will change for you and I’m saying
that the fact that you’re still here that you’re still breathing
you’ve got some more work and you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself so
when you get up in the morning that you can look yourself in the face and say
hey I’m living my life on my terms. Change your question, change your life. When
it comes to planning your life I want to get you to learn to ask three questions
now. The question you want to ask yourself is what do I want?
What’s my outcome? What’s my result? The word R.P.M. The first one is to get
you focused on the target. The target is not the activity, the activity can change.
Its what the – what’s the result I’m after. If you know exactly what it is you
really want, what you desire, what you’re really after, clarity is power. The more
clear you are in specifically what you want the faster your brain can get you there
but if you’re generally saying things like what do I want, ‘well you know I want
more money’, ‘fine, here’s a dollar get out of here.’
Whether you get the outcome or not whether you get that result will be
based firstly of clarity and the second thing is whether you get enough
emotional juice to keep going after it when things don’t work out. Did you
achieve the outcome? Yeah, when you’re that general, you might be – you think you’re not getting your goal, you are. The way you language your goal, the way you think
about it, you’re receiving it. You know you know, I, you know I want to feel a bit
better. I want to lose some weight fine, you lost the pound you’re done. When
you get better, everything will get better for you and
that’s where I picked up that phrase: for things to change, you’ve got to change.
You don’t have to change the marketplace you don’t have to change the marketing
plan, you don’t have to change the economy, you don’t have to change
countries, you don’t have to change circumstances out there, all you’ve got
to do is look within and see if you can change yourself for the better and as
you change, things will start to change for you. What’s the result I’m after, what’s the ultimate result, what do I want out of this week, out of this thing, out of my business, out of my life, for my body.
Don’t concern yourself too much with how you’re going to achieve your goal
leave that completely to a Power greater than yourself. All you have to do is know
where you’re going the answers will come to you of their own accord. Here’s my
best advice: welcome all experiences, you never know which one is going to turn
everything on. Are there going to be some moments when you want to give up? Yes.
Will there be some moments when it’s going to seem like it’s impossible, the
pain that you’re experiencing, the disappointment that you’re experiencing
that you’re going to say it’s not worth it? Yes, that’s – that’s going to be right
there for you. It’s going to be in your face telling you to go back. When we
think about changing our lives usually that means changing your behaviors or
retraining yourself, getting new habits, oing out and trying them out and
changing your life. This is about changing your thoughts and then your
life will change. Change your thoughts change your life. Benjamin Disraeli said
nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on its purpose.
Shortly put, I’ll do it or die. Know that all you have to do is hold your goal
before you. Everything else will take care of itself and I can tell you that
it doesn’t make any difference what age you are, whether you’re a teenager
watching this or whether you’re someone in your 60s, 70s, 80s or anywhere along
the way, you can make that change. Every thought, every feeling, every emotion you
experience in this lifetime is shaped by beliefs and values. All of your life is
controlled by decisions you make. Decisions about what to believe, decisions
about what to feel, decisions about what to do and most of us are on automatic pilot
letting the world trigger us instead of taking back control of our life and when
you do that, just think of it this way. Anything you want to change, you want to
change your body, you want to change your career, your business, your relationship
what to do requires the right strategy. If you want to lose weight and keep it off
you can’t obviously just throw your pendulum and go on some silly diet. You
have to know the things that’re going to give you lasting results, so we teach those
strategies but some people even know what to do but they don’t do it and why
are we able to get people to do it, to follow through because 80% of success in
anything my friends, is psychology and 20% is mechanics. What that means is
there’s how to do stuff and there’s why to do stuff. How to do it, is not that
complex and if you really learn from somebody who knows those refined
distinctions they can – they can show you those tipping points. Those things you
can do where in the least amount of time, you get the biggest result. As you look
at yourself as a business operator, as you look at yourself as an entrepreneur
as you look at yourself as a person that wants to make a mark with your life, that
wants to leave a legacy, you’ve got to be hungry. It’s better to be prepared for an
opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. You want to find people who master that
because success leaves clues and that’s the same thing I’m suggesting to you.
Whatever area that you want to go in, if it’s finances and business, insurance
industry, whatever area that you’re interested in, find the people who are
mastering that and follow their example. Watch your relationships. They are nourishing
relationships and there are toxic relationships. Nourishing relationships,
they bring the best out of you, they inspire you. Toxic relationships, they drain you.
People that are hungry, are willing to do the things that the others won’t do, in
order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have. People that are hungry
believe always strive to get on top in life because it’s the bottom that’s
overcrowded. People that are hungry know if you want to be successful, you must be
willing to do the things today others won’t do, in order to have the things
tomorrow others won’t have. If you do what is easy, your life
will be hard. Complain, point at your circumstances, give up your power, blame
the government, blame the economy. If you do what is easy, your life will be hard
but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. It’s
hard to make a radical change in your behavior. It’s hard to take ownership, it’s hard to
swallow the bitter pill that wherever you find yourself, at some point in time
you made an appointment to be there. It’s hard. It’s hard. If you
do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.


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    Find your passion find your love love what you are doing for a job and it stops being a job and if you do this the bed will not hold you life will not stop you be greatful and give thanks to God

  30. Omega 3370

    September 12, 2019 8:50 pm

    We had 45 people in my graduating class. We graduated with 40. Five people where the people who did drugs, gave up on themselves and neglected those around them. I took this as a warning. That if I didn’t act, I’d be the 6th drop out in my graduating class. And I didn’t plan on it. I graduated may of 2018.

  31. Annika Stauffenberg

    September 13, 2019 2:02 pm

    I just got accepted into my Military school…I am nervous about this…Wish me luck please 😭😭


    September 16, 2019 9:06 pm

    I become who I want and no one is going to take that away from me. God is first, but what I'm saying is that I will always get what is mine. Even if they that if possible or not possible, but I don't care.

  33. Zyco

    September 17, 2019 12:52 am

    This video doenst work for me already broken. I cant Do nothing my fcking life is failure, I had a dream to esport player But didnt work out so i quit thats me. Im tired of living, i never had sucess in my life. I wish could be reborn a New life New childhood.

  34. hassan darwish

    September 17, 2019 12:22 pm

    honestly by waking up at 5 in the morning, you will fell that you have at least 6 hours more in a day, feels much more better.

  35. Ezeokoye Emeka

    September 18, 2019 7:36 am

    Your 24 hours daily, lies your WEALTH
    What's that bad HABIT that rubs you, your productivity within that 24hrs
    Change your MENTALITY and HABIT. Your world changes
    Easy stuffs makes your life Hard, while Hard stuffs makes your life Easy

  36. chelsea fan

    September 23, 2019 3:37 pm

    guess what I am come from greenland my wife go to school to another city I come with her in my city I have a job for 7 years now  I am stuggling no job money gone slowly more stuggling I feel like now I am nothing in this world how can I support her when I have nothing to give food money. how can I start from zero?

  37. Gabriel Person

    September 27, 2019 12:35 pm

    Currently a junior in highschool and my grades are not that great. But I have a question would I give up……………that answer is NO I will not give up to all of you guys reading this I wish you the besbest of luck I hope I know I can carry on. It's hard but I will keep moving through the mud. I plan on joining the airforce when i graduate but in order for me to do that I need to buckle down hard!

  38. alberto mezzanotte

    September 29, 2019 8:02 am

    I'm listening this while getting ready for my first half marathon.
    After this week I hit my new PB in 10km.
    1like 1good luck

  39. drummerboy 76'

    September 30, 2019 10:33 pm

    This is the greatest motivational video I've seen. I listen to this when I clean & organize my room. 🙂👍

  40. johnmonk66

    October 2, 2019 9:58 pm

    video start with a six minute video by a scam artist, you should not allow youtube to pick your advertisers

  41. Michael Dac

    October 10, 2019 3:12 pm

    Thanks so much for posting this video and others like it . I always listen to motivational stuff when I get up and sets the mood for the day it keeps you focused

  42. NoOor A.B

    October 15, 2019 6:37 pm

    I listened to it ,, then I decided to get up and start study for the exam,,, after minutes,,I changed my mind and go back to bed 🌚💔

  43. Chizzle72

    October 16, 2019 1:20 pm

    Found my purpose in music when I was 14, stuck to it every day. Now that Im older, and16 albums later, my first album hit over one million plays, my channel is almost at 30,000 views..


  44. The Formal Top-hat

    October 16, 2019 11:08 pm

    The day I started watching this daily is the day I improved my grades. This video gets things done and stops me from just lying down in bed. This video, is amazing.


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