Getting started with Mantra Meditation


If you find yourself getting angry at
the slightest little thing and crave a quiet space where you can cut the noise
and stress keep watching, because in this video I’m going to teach you what mantra
meditation is and how it can really help you chase those feelings of stress and
frustration away. I’m Shirley Archer best-selling author of 15 books on
fitness and wellness an award-winning trainer and a mindful health educator. I am so passionate about empowering you to enjoy the healthy happy energetic
life that you deserve and I’m going to share tips with you like this video each
week today we’re going to talk about a great type of meditation to help you
relax and reduce stress and anxiety and that’s mantra meditation in this video
I’m going to share with you what mantra meditation is, the types of mantra
meditation, why you should do it, the benefits, how to do it, and then we’re
gonna do a real quick two-minute sample meditation. Firstly what is mantra meditation? Actually in Sanskrit mantra means tool for thinking It’s a style of
focused awareness meditation and you focus your attention on a mantra, which
is a sound a word or a phrase and that can have a spiritual meaning a personal
meaning or it can be an abstract meaning it can be something from ancient
Sanskrit like ohm or it can be modern I am peace or I am love so what are the
types of mantra meditation there is Transcendental Meditation which comes
from the Hindu tradition which is probably the most famous style of mantra
meditation and that is one in which a teacher, a spiritual guide,
assigns you your mantra and that is individual to you and you use that over
the course of your life and you always continue to use the same mantra to
deepen your experience and understanding. Another style of meditation the Hong Sau
meditation for which I also have a video demonstration, is the use of a mantra as
well as a finger mudra technique. And then after you do that introduction, you
go into an open monitoring state of awareness. So there’s different styles of
how you can use mantra meditation. Why would you do it? It is the perfect style
of meditation if you want to increase your feeling of calm and relaxation ,if
you want to reduce stress and anxiety, or if you want to improve your ability to
concentrate and pay attention. it’s a fantastic style for beginners, because
the mantra really helps you to focus and still your mind It’s very very popular
among celebrities—Ellen DeGeneres practices it, Oprah Winfrey practices it. it provides many many benefits. What are the benefits? If you’ve heard of the term
the relaxation response this was coined by Herbert Benson who
was a faculty member at Harvard University, he developed that concept
by conducting Studies on people who practiced Transcendental Meditation. He observed that this type of style resulted in people having lower heart
rates, lower blood pressure, slower respiration rates and less
cortisol in their blood, which are all indications of reduction of the stress
response. so that’s where the idea of the relaxation response comes from. It’s in
contrast to the stress response and Transcendental Meditation is very good
at generating the relaxation response. And there’s a lot of good evidence to
support that. How do you do mantra meditation? Firstly, you need to
either have a mantra assigned to you by a teacher or you select a mantra. You can
even meditate and to figure out what the mantra is that you want to use. Whatever
comes into your mind. Today we’ll do a practice with “I am peace”. The way
you do a mantra meditation is that you repeat the phrase or sound silently to
yourself as you inhale and as you exhale. So, using the example “I am peace”, we would
inhale “I am” and as you exhale repeat silently to yourself” peace”. Inhaling, “I am”.
Exhale, “peace”. let’s try a brief 2-minute sample. Let’s prep the body by
releasing tension with a double exhale. Tighten all the muscles inhale and
double exhale hah Let it all go. Let’s do that again. Ttense tense everything make a fist tight tight tight tight double exhale ah throw
out all the tension and stress. One last time time. Tighten tighten tighten tighten
tighten and exhale relax Lengthen the spine. Place the hands either with the
palms up at the junction and hip and thigh or you can place one hand on top
of the other relax and soften the shoulders with your eyes you can either
close your eyes softly or lower your gaze without focusing on anything in
particular draw your attention to your breath make no effort to control your breath
simply observe the flow of the breath in or the flow of the breath out observe
the breath as it enters the body notice how the body expands with the breath and
moves observe the exhalation make no effort to control your breath simply
notice breathing and as you continue to inhale and exhale with your next
inhalation repeat softly to yourself I am and with the exhalation repeat peace feeling peace fill the body
inhaling I am exhaling peace I am peace silently repeating with each breath I am
peace as you continue to feel the sense of
peace within and without filling you and surrounding you if the eyes are closed
gently open the eyes or lift the gaze roll the shoulders open and close the
fists gently bring your energy back up feeling the sense of peace as you had
enjoyed the mantra so I’d love for you to share in comments below
what your experience of mantra meditation has been do you like mantra
meditation are you interested in trying it have you any questions just put them
in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I encourage you to please subscribe to my channel, because in my latest playlist I’m
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introduction to beneficial Styles for beginners who want to get started with
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  1. Shirley Archer

    November 9, 2018 1:01 pm

    Have you tried Mantra meditation? It is one of my favorite styles for when my mind is particularly jumpy. I find that focusing on a mantra really helps me feel calm and peaceful

  2. Lou Varricchio

    January 9, 2020 12:07 pm

    Yes, I really find amantra (hong sau) places me in a meditative stately rapidly. However, I find the mudra finger curling distracting, personally, and dispensed with it.


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