Gloria Constantin (Spiritual Counselor) – REVIEW

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Hi everybody! This is Dave from the Michael teachings with a review of, a site operated by spiritual counselor Gloria Constantin…and that review is coming up next. Gloria Constantin is a longtime spiritual practitioner who is certified in past life and in between lines regressions, transformative coaching, hypnosis, and Human Design. Gloria offers services in these areas along with Gauquelin astrology and spiritual counseling and guidance. You can visit Gloria’s site to learn more about these services and see what they have to offer to you. I found Gloria’s prices to be quite reasonable, but what makes her stand apart from other spiritual practitioners — at least in my opinion — is her ability to communicate deep intuitive wisdom to her clients in a way that provides an uncanny understanding of the problems that they face. I found her insights to be on the mark and her guidance was conveyed with considerable compassion and kindness. Delving deeper into her site, the articles on her blog are beautifully written and brimming with inspiring gems wisdom. I give Gloria the highest superlatives regarding her expertise with the written word. She is truly outstanding. My recommendation is to visit Gloria’s site and explore her blog posts and services. She’s definitely making a difference in the lives of others. Once again, Gloria’s site is And I have the link posted in the description below. If you found this video helpful, please click LIKE and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching. Have a great day!


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