Go Back the Way You Came — Contemplate the Sense ‘I Am’

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Silent Retreat Zmar
5 – 12 October 2019 Go Back the Way You Came –
Contemplate the Sense ‘I am’
(with subtitles) 6 October 2019
Morning Satsang Excerpt [Mooji] You, with the blue shirt. Yes. [Questioner] Hello.
[Mooji] Hello. [Q.] I have been following your pointings, [Q.] and what I can report is that
I have a sense like, ‘I am here’. This is the only thing I can clearly report. When I have this sense that I am here,
there is no problem. Still, I remember, I have a doubt like,
‘Is this it? Or …’ [Mooji] Let’s take a look,
when you say, ‘I am here’ … It’s a natural thing, we all feel, ‘I am here’.
We can’t say, ‘I’m not here’. Unless you mean, ‘I’m not here in my attention’. It’s a natural thing, ‘I am here’. But for you it is something a bit more
than just the statement, ‘I am here’. Somebody asks, ‘Where are you?’
‘I am here.’ It’s not this. Something is deeper
than the usual ‘I am here’-ness. So what does it mean for you? [Q.] There is less relation. Like it is a … It happened a couple of days ago, I remember the world, the relation, like I am aware only of here-ness,
it feels like it. [Mooji] Yes, yes! [Q.] I am really happy that you say this, because I wasn’t sure if it was an illusion. [Mooji] OK. Let’s look together now. Can anyone here search within to find a place where it is not you plus something? ‘When I say ‘I’, it is basically an environment. It is all my relatives, what I like,
my dreams and ambitions, and what happened yesterday,
and what I had this morning to eat.’ If ‘I’ is all this stuff,
an entourage of associations … Or when you say ‘I’,
can there be an ‘I’ without plus, not ‘I’ and? Can we look together like this for a moment? And you are still in this thing. What is ‘I’? Not ‘I-body’, not ‘I-graduate’, not ‘I-husband’, not ‘I-daughter’, not ‘I-description’, not ‘I-history’. Let me put it another way. I’m coming with you,
because you triggered something. Suppose you … The sense ‘my’, when you say, ‘My thing’, it indicates you as a possessor of something,
like, ‘My house’. ‘My house’, meaning it belongs to me. It is not me. My house is not me. ‘My house.’ ‘My house is this big.’
‘My family, we are so many.’ ‘My’, not ‘me’.
Can we start with this for a moment? Sometimes you can say …
What more? Oh, ‘My body, it’s full of pain!’ ‘My body’, ‘my’ meaning what?
Body, we know. ‘My’ means the one to whom the body belongs. You can say,
‘My eyesight is not as good as it used to be. In fact, the left eye,
I would give it out of, say, ten, I would say it’s three out of ten functioning. And the right eye, I can say,
that is more like seven out of ten.’ What is seeing the deficiency
or efficiency of seeing? ‘My sight’, also. So, it is not the sight.
It sees seeing even. [Mooji] Am I going too fast?
[Sangha] No. [Mooji] It also says,
‘My beliefs have changed over the years’. So, belief also is not what it is. ‘My belief has changed.’
The beliefs have changed. I have not necessarily changed. I. My. Mine. ‘My relationship has broken up. Oh! My life is finished.’
Who speaks? ‘My relationship, my life is over.’ Life also. My. Me. I. I am not them. ‘My breath also is struggling.’ ‘My breath is struggling.’ Breath it sees. Even breath it is not. Also, ‘My dream’, ‘My life’, ‘My future’, ‘My past’, all these it is not. So if for a moment we could just separate and leave those things aside
that the ‘I’ is associating with, you come to just the sense,
the intuition ‘I am’. Mooji] Are you with me or not on this one?
[Sangha] Yes. [Mooji] So, there is just the sense ‘I’. ‘Am’ means to be, to exist. Who is the ‘I’ who ‘am’? Consciousness, awareness, that is there before even first. If something is first, it sees this one is first. I say when we count, we count from one to ten,
or count up to ten. You say, ‘One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten’. Nobody says,
‘Zero, one, two, three, four, five, six’. So, zero is not counted. This place is almost at the place of zero,
we can say, and everything else is seen to come and go
in front of it. This I-sense, this one is saying ‘I am’, ‘I am here’. Is it the same as what you are saying? [Q.] Yes, I think so. It is only, ‘I am here’. [Mooji] Yes, ‘I am here’.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing? [Q.] It is a good thing. It is very stable. It feels like nothing can surprise me. [Mooji] Is it selfish?
[Q.] No, not at all. [Mooji] We are just checking to see,
does the Self say, ‘I alone am!’ Whoa! Could it be like, ‘I alone am’?
[laughter] No, it says, ”I’ is the most stable’. It is here before anything else. Even the sense … I call it the first born, this one, because only after the arising of ‘I’
can even the sense of ‘you’ come. It is only in relation to ‘I’ that the perceiving of a ‘you’ or ‘other’
can be there. First the ‘I’ must arise. That ‘I’ is consciousness. When consciousness is,
other things can be perceived. That is the value of ‘I’,
it is the perceiving consciousness. Try to make any sensible statement
about your life, but excluding ‘I’. Say anything at all about the morning,
or yesterday, or whatever we talk about, even if you don’t have the sense ‘I’ in it. ‘The President of Ecuador went to so and so.’
There is no ‘I’. Yes there’s ‘I’. According to your perceiving,
your perception, the ‘I’ is there. So this ‘I’ that says, ‘I am’, usually this ‘I am’ is not spoken, or it is joined up to something else,
‘I am a doctor’, ‘I am a student’, ‘I am a husband’, ‘I am something’. But what about just, ‘I am’? And even if the world says, ‘Yes, I am what?’ [laughter] So, nobody says, ‘I am’. It is not for speaking. You don’t say, when asked to introduce yourself,
‘I am!’ No, no!
[laughter] ‘I am what?’ This is the mind.
Everybody needs to know that. ‘I am’, no one talks about what ‘I am’ is. Is it an incomplete statement,
or the most complete? But you must know the implication,
the meaning of that. And you say, ‘Yes, I know I am here’. ‘Yes. I am here now’. You never say, ‘I am there’. ‘I am’ and here-ness, they go to the same place. ‘When?’
‘Now, I am here.’ And I ask you, Is that a selfish thing?
Nobody asks. Just, ‘I know here I am. I am here.’ And the world will not give value to this, only the one who is looking inside to discover that without which
the world cannot be perceived, or seen. It’s that without which the world, time, nothing, even God could not be known. What is this ‘I’ that ‘am’ and is here? Don’t give this just to your mind. What is this ‘I’? ‘I am here.’ Maybe something wants to know more, ‘Can you say something more about it?’
Or, ‘Yes, so what? I am here’. The reactions you can leave. Stay only in this. If you are able to,
just in that intuition, the sense ‘I am’, don’t allow it to connect with any thought, or to run into any thinking, or any imagery. See if the sense ‘I am’ … One just remains conscious of the sense ‘I am’, not just the words ‘I am’, but the sense ‘I am’, without connecting it to something
to make a statement. Just stay as ‘I am’. This itself will be a marvelous exercise for you! Then I would like to ask you after,
What did you find? What did you find? Because every other finding
was coming after the, ‘I am this’, and, ‘I know that’, and, ‘I went there’. Don’t go so far.
Stay only in this vibration ‘I am’. Not just the words, ‘I am’,
but the sense ‘I am’. Don’t get into imagination.
It is not imagination. Feel, stay with it,
and it will begin to reveal its own mystery. You will get its juice, a taste of its juice,
of what it is. Don’t read any book about it. Don’t go to anybody else about it. Sit with this, with what you say,
‘Yes, I know I am here’. And don’t even give the title of ‘I’
to be a person. Not, ‘I, John, am here’. No! ‘I’ is not John!
‘I’ is not Susan! ‘I’ is not a name.
‘I’ is the name! [silence] Can I offer this as a contemplation for today
until I see you? Just to be with that. [Mooji] This is better than being with anybody! First be with your Self. This is greater than being with anybody! First know how to be with your Self. Not how to be. You already are. Give a little attention to that purity. It is the first knowing. It is the first knowing, before anything else can be known, or perceived,
it is here! It is as though when I spoke
about these two energies, that which wants to, or seems to
work to keep your attention on things, on doing, ‘I am late, I have to do this’,
and, ‘Take care of the children’, ‘I have got to send this email
and be on the phone’. ‘Oh, my daughter is coming today,
I’d better get baking now!’ No, not that. There’s something that keeps the attention, that does not want you to be encouraged to be so focused upon yourself. It will tell you, ‘Oh! You are wasting time.
Time is money!’ Or, ‘That’s just being very selfish’.
‘Very insular, aren’t we?’ So, you take this today, because you came here, so that not only you are aware, everyone can see the same. Because in everyone,
the natural knowing, ‘I am’, is there already. Your parents did not give it to you. Nobody baptised their child,
‘This child shall be called ‘I am”. No. So before the name came, this ‘I’ is ‘I am’. It is also called a name of God. So stay with this and don’t let imagination come. Imagination wants to come, ‘Oh, I love this! Come, I have lots of things to imagine.’ No! Don’t have any habit. In the beginning you may find,
‘I can’t concentrate! I can’t concentrate!’ ‘It is like a 101 things
are coming up in my mind’, as though to stop you from knowing ‘I am’.
[Mooji laughs] Suddenly a pizza comes,
‘Oh, I like margarita! Oh!’ No! Stuff margarita!
[laughter] Today, ‘I am’, just be with that. And you may experience …
If you feel some turbulence, some sort of ‘Whoa!’ energy,
be aware of that, but don’t go into that. It is being perceived
in the presence of the ‘I am’. It is not the ‘I am’, but without the ‘I am’ it could not be perceived,
but don’t combine. [Mooji] Does it feel good?
[Voices in sangha] Yes. [Mooji] Sorry?
[Sangha] Yes! [M.] Thank you.
I wan’t sure how many people were … Because I would recommend it for everyone! Even if you think you’ve been
on the road of spiritual research for so long. No! It is for everyone! It is going back the way you came. You came through the opening ‘I am’,
and then forgot it. Or you dreamed you forgot it. Because even to forget it requires it to be there, because it is consciousness. Did you want to ask something further than this? [Q.] This is the highest I could report. There is a question that I need you to tell me
not to bother with. It is a simple question. I don’t know what the person is.
This comes up in the mind. A friend from my sangha told me …
I asked her about it. And it could be just a question,
and I just grabbed onto it, and just gave importance to it. I know I don’t have to bother with it, but if it is something I need to look at … I thought, if I am not the person, like I am looking for the person … I think you told a story,
or Ramana told a story. There was a policeman
who dressed up as a thief, so if … [Mooji] No, it is a thief
who dressed up as the police. [Q.] OK, the other way.
[Mooji] Get it right! [laughter] [Mooji] The story goes that a thief … [laughter] Don’t get me confused, OK.
[laughter] A thief has been employed on the police force and has been given a policeman’s uniform, and then sent out to go and find,
and catch the thief who is himself. Nobody knows this but him.
[laughter] So, ‘Aye, aye sir. Thank you.’ Will he catch this thief? When anybody is looking, he blows the whistle. [imitates gun shots and running] They say that he is really earnest,
this policeman. But will he catch the thief who is himself? So then it says that at one point there was a lineup, some people were caught. Someone wanted to find out who robbed them, and there was a bunch of people in the lineup. And this thief-policeman was in the room also,
looking over them. And one of the criminals recognised him,
‘Hey you!’ ‘Don’t be rude. Who you are talking to?
I’m an officer of the law.’ ‘I know you! We have been on many jobs together!’
[laughter] Then he says,
‘You shut your mouth, or I’ll shoot you!’ And then as he’s coming, what will happen to this thief-policeman?
He will make his way out. So this thief, as soon as there is a chance
that he might get exposed, what is he going to do? He is off. So, does this story relate
to something of our experience? Finish it and tell me what it was to you. [Q.] It is like, there is a voice
that is trying to figure it out, ‘Do this, do that’. When I am sitting quietly,
‘Don’t touch this thought’. So I thought this voice … [Mooji] Who is it speaking to?
Let’s slow down. It is very important. My questions can be few. Who is it speaking to, this voice?
‘Don’t touch that. Don’t do this.’ [Q.] I don’t know. I have been trying to … [Mooji] I want to know,
is it speaking to the ‘I am’? Is it to the ‘I am here’? Can it talk to the ‘I am’ and say,
‘Don’t do that. Watch out!’ [laughter] [Q.] The ‘I am’ feels pure even without it. Like right now, there is ‘I am’
and there is no problem. [Mooji] When can the ‘I am’ experience a problem? [Q.] When there is a thought coming along and I grab it, I think it is mine. It’s been happening. Even now it is happening. [Mooji] Some I-feeling grabs hold of it,
and you accept that that is you. An idea you have of who you are
grabs onto this thing, and is pulled into the shape of that thing, and so energy goes in that place, and you forget that you are the ‘I am’
who is the witness of all of this. This is why I ask sometimes, Are you an object
in front of the lens of perception, or are you behind the lens of perception? Or are you both? Or are you both and beyond? You figure it out. Something is very, very subtle in what you speak, and all of this is very subtle also,
until you see it. When you see it, it’s very clumsy, but if you don’t see it, it’s very subtle, ‘Aah!’ You find yourself going down a rabbit hole,
‘Lets go and find, find’. So this thing that comes,
you say, ‘ Yes, I am here’, but then a thought comes and says,
‘Oh, let’s go!’ You say, ‘OK, I will go with you’.
[laughter] Did the ‘I am’ change places
and start to go down the rabbit hole with some voice that says,
‘Let’s go, it is rabbit night’? Does it go?
[laughter] Or, I ask, is that really happening? Or is it that you are witnessing
a play taking place? Are you the one who is really gone?
This is very subtle! And this is also one of the stop moments
in your looking, because if you can catch this here, it is worth a thousand points. Some things you catch, you only win one point. But in this type of scene, I would say, a thousand points I give you for this one,
if you catch him. That’s how important it is. A thought appears inside, like,
‘Wow, yes, if you …’. Sometimes it says ‘You’,
but sometimes it says ‘I’. Whichever works! OK.
[laughter] Like, ‘You really messed up, didn’t you?’ ‘Yes, I did!’ [mimics despair]
[laughter] And the belief in that creates a blindness to the power there is in you
to just be aware of that. You know what? If you are simply aware that
you are the witness of that – end of show! If you are not, hmm,
episode two will be coming up pretty soon. [laughter] So it is very important that you catch that. What you say is a very good lead for many people, because you say,
‘Here I am. I just am, and it is beautiful.’ Is it ‘I am’ so long as a thought doesn’t show up? Is it that, ‘Look, I am all there is’? And then a thought comes, ‘Ah-ha-ha!’ ‘Whoa! Go away! Go away! Go away!’
[laughter] Is it that you are in a beautiful place unless a thought shows up that goes, ‘Yes, you were better yesterday. You were more you yesterday.’
[laughter] ‘Really? Oh God!
I have got to try to get back to a proper ‘I am’.’ So belief is also one of your powers.
A thought comes … Identity is another one. You must understand your powers. If belief then goes to this voice of the mind,
the serpent voice, it tells you,
‘So, yesterday was a better day for you. You were that close to freedom! Today, far.’
[laughter] ‘I am never going to be free, am I?’
‘No, not like that.’ [laughter] Many people know this conversation. [laughter] So the thought comes,
and somehow there is a sense that, ‘I am all entangled in this thought now and there’s just turbulence
everywhere in myself’. You forget, you don’t say,
‘That was a sensation witnessed in me, but now I am aware of how cunning
these thoughts can be felt to be’. If they appear and you don’t connect with identity,
nothing happens. They collapse into oblivion. But if they come,
they are also in a way suggesting, but effectively they are auditioning
for your attention. [Mooji whistles]
[laughter] And then something goes, ‘I like that’,
or, ‘That relates’. You don’t say it in words,
but in energy and attention. Then something goes there. And that collaboration will produce
a certain kind of fragrance. Do you follow it? So actually,
it’s not you as the pure ‘I am’ itself. The ‘I-am-ness’ is more functioning
as a pure witness. It is impartial and it is impersonal. So seeing also happens there.
But it sees seeing. It perceives perceiving, also. [Mooji] Am I connecting with you?
[Sangha] Yes. [Mooji] So this thing you said, ‘I am’,
I wanted to pursue. What … How clean is your ‘I am’? God says, ‘I am’. But the devil also says, ‘I am’. The ego says, ‘I am’. The person says, ‘I am’. Will the right ‘I am’ step forward, please? So, you have to be clear
when this vibration ‘I am’, meaning that you are naturally conscious … Just like now you know that
you are conscious and you are experiencing the waking state. You are aware of that consciousness even. But perhaps there’s still the potential,
or likelihood to identify with some stray bullet of a thought
that comes up. And it quickly catches hold of something, and hooks you into a shape of a person again. Once you go into personhood,
there is a story going on there. And your elevated place of pure consciousness seems like it has been compromised. Am I making sense in you? So this thing you must watch! If you are paying attention,
as I asked earlier, to just be aware of it … Don’t turn it into a mantra,
‘I am, I am, I am, I am, I am’. No, just be consciously ‘I am’. [Mooji] You may initially feel some forces that feel very distracting, it’s going to give you a banana,
or something’s going to happen, it can even come on the phone. Those tendencies within you
can manifest a phone call, or something, and there is suddenly a headache,
and, ‘My foot is hurting’, and you forget the exercise
and spend the afternoon in first aid. ‘But are you doing the ‘I am’ watching?’ ‘Aah! Not at the moment, my knee is hurting.’
[laughter] It will do anything! Anything to keep you off that! This voice you must transcend. And I have shown you how to do that now. So the last thing you say is,
‘Yes, I am here, everything is fine. Then a thought comes,
and with that thought a doubt comes.’ If those two get in,
they are going to have friends. They are going to throw a party in your house, and you seem available also. ‘Then other things … Oh no, I just can’t focus.
I can’t focus on my Self.’ ‘I can’t focus on the ‘I am”, is a voice appearing in the consciousness ‘I am’. But it is missed! Because too much energy is already
in the identification. I want to know if you see this, because if you see this,
your recognition might come earlier. The mind will tell you,
‘Relax! You’ve got time. Six days more.’ ‘Yes!’
[laughter] [Mooji] ‘It is a nice day, go for a swim.’
[laughter] ‘Hey! What are you doing in the pool?’
”I am’ is swimming.’ [laughter] No, no swimming.
Go sit down and sit with your Self. And rest in that.
And it must produce some fruit! [Mooji] Does it connect with you, what I said? [Q.] Yes, a lot.
I feel also I have to report that I have done nothing for this,
because I’ve been following you, and I know how much you stress the ‘I am’. So there has been a lot of trying
to stay there as the ‘I am’, but … [Mooji] Then you found out
how much stress you have put, how much energy to be the ‘I am’
that you naturally are. How much energy is put in to be ‘I am’,
[laughter] which you effortlessly are anyway! This is the paradox.
‘Stay as the ‘I am’!’ [mimics effort] [laughter] So, you are going to come and see, ‘But actually, that is just a joke. I have not done anything at all. I am the ‘I am’.’
[laughter] ‘No, you are close to the ‘I am’.’
[laughter] ‘Oh, sorry, yes.’
[mimics swimming] [laughter] You stayed with it,
and it became a natural revelation in you, ‘But I am that’, and now you can say,
‘I did nothing for it’. Yet at the same time,
keeping the attention on confirming was a kind of doing
that was necessary in the beginning. Now, afterwards, you can say,
‘Now it’s not necessary for some ‘I’ to go in search of its source,
the ‘I am’. All that is exposed in the ‘I am-ness’. [Mooji] Very good.
[Q.] I just have to confirm, [Q.] I don’t have the confirmation
that this cannot pass. [Mooji] That the ‘I am’ cannot pass?
[Q.] Yes. It is like it is here … [Mooji] Should I tell you something? But I don’t know if you are ready for that now. [Voices in sangha] Yes. [Mooji] No, you are going to
have to be more than that. [laughter] [Sangha] Yes!
[Mooji laughs] [Mooji] I don’t know
if that is enough by itself to say it, because of curiosity, or greed, or something.
[laughter] There is a timing to that. I want you to stabilise in this ‘I am-ness’. You said something, and I am just wondering
if it is for the next session, I don’t know. I am just waiting to see what you say,
because you are saying … OK, I’ll take a chance. I’ll take a chance.
[laughter] You are saying, ‘I hear you, I hear you, but I don’t know if it will pass. I just don’t know if that also will pass.’ And I have to tell you that even this ‘I am-ness’ relative to everything
you will experience in life, relative to every thought, every feeling, every phenomenal manifestation, this ‘I am-ness’ is stable compared with them. But it too came! In deep sleep there is no ‘I am’. There is no cognitive functioning, there is no world and other. There is no ‘I’ even. Who is taking care? That universal consciousness,
Lord Shiva, you may say. In the arising of the waking state, we call it, the consciousness ‘I am’ arose. That is the beginning of experiencing. The appearing of ‘I am’, that consciousness, is the beginning of experiencing. Sometimes consciousness is present, like in the morning or in the night
some of us have to get up and go to the bathroom. You go, you do whatever needs to be done, without making a mess, and without identity. The consciousness can be there without identity,
and there is functioning. It is a clue and a metaphor. But as soon as it wakes up,
as the waking state arises, first there is sometimes consciousness,
sometimes you are just conscious, but there is no information,
and identity hasn’t formed yet. Some of you may notice that. But then the sense ‘I am’ kicks in,
and then the world, the mechanism of the functioning of the world
begins in there. [silence] Now, if even the sense ‘I am’ arises, it must arise in that which was there before it. So before ‘I am’ is what?
I am not asking you this question. When you are in a position that even the seed consciousness ‘I am’
itself is perceived, you are in the unborn. Now, I know some people,
why I held back to say this thing, some are like,
‘Well, if the ‘I am’ is only a state, I want to go straight to the Absolute’,
and it will not be possible. The ‘I am-ness’ is synonymous
with the Absolute also. It is the child of the Absolute. But the world has not discovered the ‘I am’. All say ‘I am’, but few know it as it is. Knowing the ‘I am’ is the same as being ‘I am’. There cannot be an independent knower of ‘I am’, and there be two. So please follow my guidance there. Stabilise first in the witnessing, because this is the one
who must conquer the world. To whom do I speak? That is good enough. While the consciousness is here
and the body is here, and the vital breath is in you, stabilise in the consciousness ‘I am’. Be established in there first,
as the witness of all that arises, because we have been living
in the midst of the I-person, of the sense of personhood, which though it is a form of consciousness, it is full of disease,
disease meaning false ideas about itself. It is selfish, insecure,
full of desires and attachments. It is very much a very limited form
of consciousness, which it is meant to be. But in the core of this
‘I am person’ consciousness is the ‘I am presence’ consciousness. And that personhood identity must be peeled away, so that That Which Is is revealed. Now, I don’t want to give you the picture too much
of peeling away, because even peeling away at the Self
is watched in the Self. You are going to have to use your mind
in another way, in a more spiritual way. Because if you rely only on logic, then it will say, ‘But … yes …’.
You become very mental. So I say, Stay as just the vibration ‘I am’ and fix your attention on that, to see if you can confirm that
That can be by itself. In other words, you can be by yourself first!
Because if you don’t, you will find that you need
so many other things to be. You’ll need so many things to be happy,
or to feel yourself. And perishable things also!
And it is fine, God made all of them. And for our comfort, it is fine. But you must find what it is that is ‘I am’! And I have shown you now. So the more you are stabilising in this, you will see the wealth of this, you will feel the health of this. You will see the unendingness of this. You will feel the joy and the love of this. You will feel the compassion
and the wisdom of this. This you must find! So while you are conscious, you think,
‘But can it go away?’ Not like this. He is the king of the waking state! You must understand this kingdom and rule it well, not by force, but by wisdom and Self-awareness. Do you understand what I speak now? Beyond just mentally,
it must be a resonance within you. [Q.] Thank you.
[Mooji] Thank you. [Mooji] Very good, and thank you
for this question. For the moment I feel that it is enough. If I were to engage in other things right now … I don’t want to blur the importance,
the significance of this exercise, which I have shown you,
of staying with ‘I am’. You don’t have to go looking for ‘I am’. Even the one who is about to look is the ‘I am’ dreaming itself to be
an ‘I-person’ searching to be ‘I am’. There are certain paradoxes
that will come up on the way. If you are too literal, you will find, ‘Awh! I am confused. It doesn’t make sense.’ But if you stay in your heart,
and the grace will help you to, you will intuitively
come to understand some things. You’ll say, ‘I don’t know
how I came to understand that. I didn’t study this,
but somehow I know this now!’ Grace works like this. So don’t be too proud of the intellect. Have an attitude of gratitude also that your looking, your introspections
will be wind-assisted by grace. Meaning that somehow it becomes easier, because your beingness wanted to come here. Consciousness is attracted to consciousness. Consciousness loves the company of consciousness. Some things to resolve
may appear to have been in the way, but you are waking up to
the clear seeing and understanding that these were just delusions; illusions believed in, becoming delusions. [Mooji] We are good like this?
[Sangha] Yes. [Mooji] So, I am coming next time and I hope there is space now with this looking … We take lunch. You can be where ever you need to be,
sit by yourself. And simply again the vibration,
or that intuition, the sense ‘I am’ is already there. It is there before everything! Before any thought, any intention, anything,
it is already here. You did not earn it!
It is you. So just be with that,
because the mind will tell you, ‘Listen, you need to try to focus,
and really try to catch it, really, really try to catch the ‘I am’. You are coming close, but you are not there yet.’ If you have these kind of thoughts,
you must throw them away. The natural feeling of ‘I’ in you
belongs to ‘I am’, not to the person. This we know. And stay with it. In the beginning, you may find that
it is easy to be distracted, other thoughts are coming in,
other things are coming in. Your mind becomes like a news page, so many things coming,
so many things happening. But know and recognise
that it is some kind of scam going on. Stay with it, and gradually by persisting,
it is like the skies open. Something opens and you just find that
you are here. Stay with it. Just be in that natural vibration. It is not a doing! It is an Is-ness. And just stay with this. Thank you. Copyright © 2019 Mooji Media Ltd.
All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.


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