Grabbing Important “ME” Time for Health, Beauty, Relaxation, Makeup & Hair Practice & Much More


Hi, Sharon Danley here with another
Two Minute tip. This week it’s all about grabbing some “me” time. Taking care of
you is also taking care of the other people you love Jackie Kennedy adhered
to a routine of devoting two hours per week to her personal care regime she
would probably enjoy a great soul facial manicure or reorganize her wardrobe most
likely had somebody else do it for her adopting her ideas though it would also
be a great time to learn something new understand the black hole Theory write
an episode for us that come heard a musical instrument break up the
watercolors understand calculus well you know if you want to or engineering
architecture a sanskrit your passion will drive you where you want to go in
today’s world this may seem impossible but it is the best investment you can
make in yourself your loved ones your career your health and all of those
things talk with family members and carve at a time the best suits everybody
if you live with other people two hours a week for self-care to organize
personal space and develop image enhancing skills is essential for
self-care both physically and mentally it improves proficiency and confidence
and an excellent investment in time and life management commit to a specific
time and place every week then take action the rewards are great
believe me and if improved ways of using your time aren’t practice well they
simply remain nothing more than just plants the key word here is action and
whatever skills you need to develop to enhance your image could be studied
during this time once you get solid with them and are well organized
then this time could be used for more relaxing or creative
or distressing activities stuff you just love to do and here’s some little
self-indulgence this that some of you may already practice but I’m just gonna
throw them out there anyway buy a favorite flower yeah just one you
don’t have to have a bouquet but you can if you want burn a candle in the middle
of the day if that’s your designated time definitely use visual and scent
stimuli place some favorite music preferably something that is relaxing
use aromatherapy and where’s something that makes you feel wonderful
why not buy an item just for this personal time you know dedication read a
favorite or a new book or catch up on fun web reading develop a new skill
learn a language or a craft if your left brain person do something for your right
brain and vice versa draw a picture write a poem or that great novel this is
a good time to have a facial a manicure or pedicure and tweeze those brows and
other spots clean out and reorganize your makeup and hair tools Shampoo your
brushes for optimum performance or clean out at the bottom of your purse and you
may even find some cashola it’s also a good time to resurrect those old tap
shoes or karaoke tapes after all it’s your time and it’s private and it’s a
good time to practice honing some new skills like makeup and correcting your
brow and lip shapes try news ways of wearing your hair etc if you make a
commitment and just do it I guarantee you will reap wonderful and tremendous
rewards relaxing easy and oh so wonderful we’ll see you next time


9 Responses

  1. Karen Presley

    March 20, 2018 12:23 am

    So true. You can get burnt out really quick if not taking a little me time. Mine is my craft work and beading. I find beadwork most relaxing. I can take time to think while playing with the beads. Sometimes I will do a mask and listen to relaxing music. It all depends on if I can get my brain to relax. lol Have a great week 🙂

  2. henrietta henson

    March 20, 2018 11:11 am

    A bath'"" without the dog scatching at the door ….can' t let her in she jumps in the tub…and she's BIG …

  3. Sharon Capehart

    March 20, 2018 5:15 pm

    So true. It's so easy to forget about yourself, this was a lovely reminder to be kind to you 🙂 XOXO Sharon

  4. twominutetips

    August 17, 2018 6:39 pm

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