GROUNDING / EARTHING ☮️ Benefits of getting grounded to the earth’s energy! (Meditation Exercise)

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in this video we’re gonna talk about
grounding here is my little Owen we need to go get grounded huh down into the
wash at the wash ground me right yes you be on the brass yeah without shoes right
yeah yes grounding is being outside in nature
walking on the grass and twice you take Susan their knocker that’s so true
you’ve got to have bare feet to be grounding you got to be feeling the
earth with your feet your bare feet Brian not the top there’s like I like on
no room on the black huh yeah and that’s true because grounding
when you’re on the asphalt that is not grounding that’s not the right kind of
material that will offer the same benefits of grounding because you got to
be touching the earth grass sand or dirt even concrete is a form of grounding so
Owen and I are gonna go ground down at the wash we have this beautiful little
stream running in our backyard you had to see the plur you know I’d
pick a lot of things yeah we got to save the planet
it’s not good to pick like all the flowers and it’s not good to like cut
down all the trees we got to preserve our planet we got to take care of Mother
Earth and had to see the period know about to leave already
come with me prettiest game a place we I recently discovered the benefits of
grounding I came across a couple of YouTube videos and got sucked in and I
had no idea how beneficial it can be to walk barefoot on the earth well you know
how the Sun gives us our vitamin D we can also get our vitamin G G for
grounding it’s an electrical nutrition this generation with all the technology
and the busyness and the comforts of our home and the technology of shoes we are
getting becoming less and less connected to the Earth’s energy and it is having
an effect on our overall health and we are actually quite unaware of all the
benefits that we are missing out on by not spending more time in nature
barefoot so the earth is an electrical planet and we are bio electrical beings
our body functions electrically the with the law of attraction I’m learning a lot
about the different frequencies that we operate on based on our current emotions
so we are all made up of energy everything in the universe is all made
up of energy and therefore our bodies electrically our heart our nervous
system so our cells transmit frequencies that run every part of our body our
heart our muscles our nervous system so all living beings are connected to the
grounds electric energy all except for humans because of our the shoes that we
wear and their lack of going outside spending time barefoot on the earth I
had no idea the benefits of grounding and I’ve I’ve always made sure that I
wear shoes I I don’t know I’ve never really thought about going barefoot
anywhere being outside until I learned about grounding so I am making more of a
conscious effort to to walk barefoot more often and absorb the Earth’s energy
so things that you might feel by spending more time walking barefoot on
the earth is a little more centered strong balanced less tense less stressed
less pain more energy and less emotional stress like anxiety and depression
they’ve actually done studies and they’ve been able to discover that there
are many healing benefits including decreased levels of inflammation it
assists your memory regulates metabolism improves circulation and controls blood
sugar levels so those are the things this is just a little snippet of what
I’ve been learning as far as grounding goes
and all the benefits of grounding and if you’re unable to take a moment
you know if it’s wintertime and it’s really not feasible to walk outside
barefoot then they do have grounding mats that you can purchase I got this
one on Amazon and it’s just a way to connect to the earth you just simply
plug it into a grounded outlet and it offers the same benefits of walking
barefoot on the earth so I like to use it just standing on it while doing yoga
or meditation or you can even put it in your bed at night or at your computer
space while you’re working you can benefit from grounding and absorb the
healing energies from the earth so by by grounding you are restoring and
stabilizing the bio electrical circuitry that pretty much governs your or your
entire body this is what we yeah
how to get on my arm


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