Grounding Meditation Video – Guided Meditation by Irene Langeveld


this meditation is meant to help you
ground and be present in your body it is recommended that you sit on a
chair for this meditation so that your feet can stand firmly on the
ground now start by becoming aware your breath and feel the in breath going in your body and then
feel it turn into the out breath and allow your body to relax allow your muscles to let go of any tension that you may feel and
consciously breathe in and out of your body a few times if you want you can blow it out or you can just let the breath find its natural rhythm and then become aware of your root
chakra at the base of your spine and visualize or see or intend that a thick cord or tube is connecting your base chakra to the core of the Earth Let it be a firm connection. You can play with colors if
you want give it a certain color that feels grounded or
comfortable for you you can also see it as roots from a tree just do what feels
comfortable for you and make sure that one side of the chord or the tube is connected to your base chakra and the other one goes into the core of
the Earth and even though you cannot see this or maybe it’s hard to visualize
this intend it to go all the way into the core
of the Earth and it will be so and then shift your attention to the bottom I
your feet and from there allow to other grounding chords to connect your feet with the Earth all the way down now you are connected in three places and
this is the base of your grounding but it is only part of the story because for these grounding chords to really work
you have to be present in your body fully present in your body so that’s
what we’re gonna do now I’d like you to shift your attention to
your crown and allow yourself to be filled with light let the light from your
higher self enter your body through your crown and let it slowly move into your body into your head filling every cell of your head and your face with that light and while the light is moving down you become aware of every place and every cell that the
light touches let it move into your neck and your throat area
if you want you can ask the light to open and
activate the chakras that it passes and then let the light
move into your upper body to your shoulders your arms and your
chest it moves into your heart space activates the heart chakra and then it moves further down into your belly slowly down touching each and every cell in that area and when it enters your base
chakra at the base of your spine let the light move into your grounding
chord that you have just established and let it take with it all the thoughts and energies and emotions that you do not need in this moment this can be energies from others or
from yourself it doesn’t matter all of them can be given to the Earth where they will be transformed into
light allow this to happen right now and breathe allow yourself to relax even more in your body and then let the light also
move into your legs your upper legs and make sure that it fills every cell in your legs be aware where the chair touches your legs let the light slowly move to your knees completely filling your knees with light and then going down into your lower legs and sometimes this can feel a bit tricky because when we are not very well grounded sometimes our energy field stops at
our knees and we have to intend it to go down and take its rightful place below your feet so you can gently move your energy field down by intending it
to be so or visualizing it
and while the light goes down into your lower legs it pulls
your energy field down into the Earth and be aware of what you’re feeling your legs may feel very heavy which is a great thing it’s a very good sign be also aware of how it feels to be so much present in
your body if there’s any resistance breathe into that and allow yourself to
relax knowing that all is well and all the while your energy your light
is going down through your ankles into your feet
it’s filling every cell in your feet and then it goes
down into the grounding chords below your feet and this is a constant stream of energy it doesn’t stop and the more energy you ground the more energy comes in
you are now very well grounded and present in your body allowing your
grounding chords to do their work
feel your body in this moment and become aware what it
feels like to be fully present in your body and if
it doesn’t feel like you are fully present yet ask your angels or your guides or your higher self to help you with it and set your
intention to keep your grounding and to stay
present as much as possible today
if you go out of your body just bring yourself back through this
meditation or just a short awareness of your body a reestablishing of your grounding chords and your energyfield enjoy your day


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