Guided Listening Meditation


Sit or lie down in a comfortable and supported way with the spine in neutral alignment Soften in the gaze or close the eyes Breathe in and out of the nose using your belly breath or your full deep breath Relax the body and relax into the breath As you continue to breathe notice the sounds that are in your immediate environment And then notice the sounds just outside of your space Maybe you can hear sounds in the distance And let yourself listened progressively further out Maybe out to the mountains The clouds where the planes fly And listen further out all the way out into space The universe Until all you hear is silence And listen to that silence And gradually we make our way back down through the atmosphere The clouds The mountains Hearing the sounds in the distance Then just outside of your space Hearing the sounds around you Now hear your breath And follow your breath inward See if you can hear your heartbeat And go deep inside yourself until all you hear is silence Rest in that deep silence A deep silence of yourself Here again, you heart beat Your breath And the sounds in your immediate environment Enjoy a few more breaths here When you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes


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