Guided Meditation by a 4 Year Old Kid (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga)

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Breathe in. Breathe out. In Out Inhale Exhale Relax Relaaaaax Everything is okay. Think happy thoughts. Think of all your toys. Or playing outside with your friends on a bright, sunny day. Or chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. Sometimes we get sad and we fall down and get hurt. but whenever I fall down and get a boo boo I just rub it out and it feels fine. or my mom gives me Skittles or tickles me and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh *Caleb giggling! Then she gives me a warm hug and it’s all good. I can give you a hug right now. Ready? *Caleb makes hug noise* Do you feel better? See it’s okay. Focus Let your frustration drip out of your tummy drop by drop Pretend that you’re in a time out but a good time out. No one else is in the room. It’s quiet here. Rocking back and forth in your chair. You’re safe. It’s only you. Do you still feel bad? Remember, it could be worse. At least you’re alive. There’s no angry dinosaurs here. At least that you can wipe your butt. I can’t wipe my butt. So my dad has to do it for me. I yell like this: “Dad, please wipe my butt!” It’s so embarrassing that I can’t do it. Sometimes, I feel alone. But things will get better. When I went to preschool, my mom went bye bye. I was all alone. But she came back. I was happy again. I got a sucker and a sticker. When I get really mad I sing this song from Daniel Tiger. You can try to sing it. It might help. “Mad, mad, mad. It helps to say I’m mad.” Or I go to the park and swing. Back and forth. Higher and higher. Let the wind blow against your face. And sometimes if the world is too overwhelming and I can’t calm down I get my mom’s iPhone and turn on my favorite song and then I dance!


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