Guided Meditation Connect to Nature | Relaxation Before Sleep Meditation

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hi and welcome to your nature
mindfulness meditation where my voice will guide you on a happy peaceful
journey to relax and enjoy the present moment right now maybe you are outside
in nature or maybe you are inside and using your wonderful imagination in this
relaxing guided meditation gently close your eyes now and make sure you were
feeling really cozy and comfortable sitting up straight or lying down maybe
on some soft green grass or some imaginary feathery lush green
grass either way your body is loving the pure freshness of this grass because you
immediately feel grounded and safe and relaxed here with your imagination you start to grow
an amazing jungle garden all around you with all of your favorite trees exotic flowers plants a lovely little stream and even some animals now here in your mindful place in nature
you can easily imagine warm and safe beams of sunlight shining over you melting away any stress or worries you
may have had into the bright light of the glorious Sun as you feel your body deeply relaxes now our planet Earth has a very special and
loving energy and when we breathe this connects us to all of nature breathing
like you are smelling a flower breathe out like you are blowing a leaf breathing like the air across the meadow breathe out like the breeze in the trees breathe in like the wind on the water breathe out like the bubbles in the
stream just keep breathing naturally now your
body knows how to breathe all by itself in your mindful nature garden you may be
feeling the gentle breeze blowing on your skin you may be hearing many sounds both near and far perhaps birds are chirping and leaves a
rustling any thought you have just allow it to
drift out of your mind and across the sky up and away like a white fluffy
cloud allow the thoughts to puff up become clouds and move gently across the
sky as they change in form until they don’t
look like they used to and you can’t remember what the thoughts looked like
in the first place any thought is now just as soft shapeless fluffy cloud you love how clear your mind feels and
this space you have now to simply breathe and be free there is simplicity and beauty and ease
in nature everything goes with the flow and life always finds a way there is
constant growing and evolving and blossoming and blooming rising and
setting and reigning and shining there is divine energy and perfection in all
things from you to a flower to a tree to the Sun to the earth to the
Stars and back to you it can be so relaxing and comforting to
remember that we are all on planet earth together with the plants and animals and
fresh air your energy shines so brightly now like
a rainbow glimmering and shimmering with every color and with health pure light
and peace you feel so happy safe loved and special to remember that you two are a perfect
part of nature your rainbow light continues to shine
brightly always you have done some brilliant mindfulness
meditation in your very own mindful nature garden my voice will leave you
soon as you keep enjoying your clear come mind for as long as you wish you


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