Guided Meditation : Discovering The Conscious Child

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Let us explore this moment together. You don’t need to be serious about it. You just listen, we discuss, not listen, discuss, but we talk. I keep talking and you just listen and see. Few words will make some sense to you. And maybe effective. We are exploring like we are wondering, we are wondering like a child. What is this? What is this which is present here right now? Beyond my seeking. Beyond my achievements. Beyond my purpose, that why I’m here. So we are done with Satsang, now we are just together and checking what exactly is here. I notice some sound in the body. Some kind of movement of elements and things like this. I noticed. And also I notice other bodies are moving, little bit. And remember that we are noticing. not deciding, not judging, not concluding. We are like conscious children. We all are conscious, we all are child. Sitting together and checking, seeing what is happening. Seeing for no other purpose, but just to see. Because we never got chance to look, what is present here. Now we are just looking. You are always on some journey. On some operation of achieving something. We are just together, seeing. All this philosophical, conceptual ideas, quest, questions and things like this, they are too difficult for us in this moment. So we will not touch any of this things. We are innocent, no? We are innocent, we are like a child. But aware, consciouss. We are a child with awareness in this moment. And child means natural. We are not imposing anything. ‘Do like this or like that’ sit in a way and thing like this, try to hold any position, any state or anything. No, very free and relaxed. There is something which is present here, as a child I’m aware of it. But I don’t know what it is. But it is present here. So there is something which is present. Something means some presence, invisible, but felt. I can not see but I can feel. My body is also present. Mind is quiet, with the possibility that if required it can think. It is present as a potential. Also I can sense in the room some feeling that ‘I want to know myself’, or ‘Who am I?’ Is also present in this room. But still I remain undefined. I am not choosing to define myself as anything. So what I’m reporting is just what i see, not what I take as myself or something. I’m not attaching myself with anything else. Anything. Everything is here. I’ m also here. There is no feeling to define that “as what I am here”. Because defining is making myself limited. Defining means creating a frame around me. Now in this moment, I am a voice coming from emptiness. Emptiness in the sense that it is not full… of anything that we know of. But it is. And it is constant. So anything you are experiencing right now… is happening in This. And you are This.. in which everything is happening. You without you. Even if you are having this sense, that I dont’ know myself. Be aware of it. Why you are taking it as real? So there is something called ‘I don’t know myself’ and you are aware of it. So in this moment there are only 2 things, you are aware of everything that is happening, You don’t know who or what you are, You are just aware. If you try to define yourself, in any possible way, you will not know yourself. Don’t define, be aware. And you are already aware. Just value that you are aware. Now in this moment, check, how exactly are you aware? Now don’t pay attention what you are aware of, pay attention to what is aware of everything. Don’t try to freeze yourself, things are moving let them move. Don’t try to remove experiences, feelings, thoughts, emotions or anything. Let them be there, you pay attention to only what is aware of everything. This place from where you are aware of everything, is always here. whenever anything is happening, or not happening, It is always here. You have not paid attention to it, that is why you did not discover. This is the space, the awareness, in front of which, in which the play of bondage and liberation happen. The sense of bondage and experience of liberation, freedom, enlightenment happens. This is the awareness which is prior to bondage and liberation. You don’t have to do anything, you just need to recognize it. And that is possible when you don’t touch anything. Don’t touch means don’t touch anything in any possible way. Neither try to remove, change, improve. You are the space, like a universe, universal space, universal sky, in which all the galaxies, all the stars, planets, moving, happening, coming and going. It is already so. You just have to recognize. And you can recognize by just not touching anything. Value the space in which all is happening. Not what is happening in it, You can do that. You just have to change, move your attention categorically. You have been moving you attention from one object to another, one experience to another, in the same dimension. Now you have to move from one dimension to another dimension. Dimension of content, from the dimension of content to the dimension of the container you have to move now. So move you attention from the content to the container, in which everything is happening right now. And in this moment, just for 5 next minutes, ask youself ‘ Who am I in this moment?’ Who am I right now? Who or what am I right now? Only right now. You don’t have any background about it. You don’t have any prepared knowledge about it. You are freshly discovering Who or What you are right in this moment. So whatever comes is totally accepted. There is no rejection about this discovery. Because there is no judgement about it. You are asking youself ‘who am I’ unprepared, totally unprepared. Like a child we started, like a child we end. You are wondering like a child, like innocent child ‘Who am I right now?’ or ‘What am I right now?’ Without any spiritual burden, without any burden of concepts and knowledge. Very innocently, lightweight. Very fresh, very open. You are ready to discover anything which comes out of this, this enquiry. You don’t have any checklist. Ok, now relax. If you could see, experience, recognize anything here – ok, if not – it’s also ok. Because this dimension of yourself does not move. Does not come and go anywhere. When the next sitting happens, when you discover, enquire into this reality next time, you will find it here like this. There is no need to be afraid. You don’t need to fill your buckets, buckets of your mind for this knowledge. It is already, all the time there. When you sit next time, you will find it here. The more you know this, the more you are clear about it, the more you don’t find any problems anywhere. The more you don’t find any suffering. So this is the way, to be free from suffering, you go deeper in yourself, recognize Who or What am I right now. Unprepared, totally open. Every sitting it will open up, slowly slowly like this. Whatever you know or experience in the mind, through the mind, as a problem or suffer is absence of this knowledge. Is due to the absence of this knowledge. When you have this knowledge of yourself, of essence of yourself, then this problems disappear without any effort. So just live this nature as much as you can, be aware of this nature of yourself, as much as you can. But now you know where you are. Now you don’t have to search for yourself. Now you need to only explore. Ok?


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