Guided Meditation – Focus & Concentration

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Find a focus meditation We all lose focus one time or another during our day This is a meditation that at anytime Bring yourself back to the point of focus if you’re sitting at your desk or at home Start by putting your feet firmly on the ground Take your palms and face them down on your lap Now take a deep breath in fill your lungs up fill them fully Your breathing is your ground point Now take another deep breath in and begin to get a rhythm of breath Now straighten your back and gently pull your shoulders away from your ears Keep breathing You can close your eyes if you like or just keep them open if they’re open focus on a spot on the wall or directly in front of you keep a soft focus all the while breathing deep as You breathe in and out notice if there’s Anywhere else in your body. That’s tight Begin to let go of that tension letting your breath out exhale that tension Now I want you to imagine that there’s a tiny dot of light right above your head and That light can be any color you wish This light represents the unconscious focus of the mind Just let yourself see that light and as you do it Pulsate as it pulls it starts to grow and get even more significant And As this light grows it sends a wave of relaxation down your whole body Relaxing you from your head all the way down to your toes? See that light enlarged as the intensity Sharpton’s You can start to see the colors change but only if you wish You can start to see the colors change but only if you wish This magnificent light sends out a wave that warms or cools your body to that perfect temperature Now just relax here focus on that light See the colors see how it pulsates but allow it to be your center Good Now let that light Start to get smaller and smaller as it Shrinks that intensity stays the same Now see that light between your eyes Watch as it slowly becomes a part of you integrates with you right between the eyes Allowing you to focus and think with clarity If you ever noticed that your focus strays go back to the breathing and the light Know that it’s integrated with you Now you can blink your eyes open Orient yourself to the room and namaste


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