Guided Meditation for Abundance – Goddess Gaia (Reflections with the Goddess Series)

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Hello. Welcome to Santuário Lunar. In this guided meditation for abundance, you
will work with Goddess Gaia. A sequence of questions is going to be asked
and you will have time between them to think about the answers. In the end, one affirmation is going to be
repeated 5 times. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet place
where you can enjoy this meditation without any interruption. There are no right or wrong answers to these
questions. You may repeat this meditation every time
you think it�s necessary and observe the way your answers will change. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Abundance, prosperity
and Mother of all. Everything comes from her and returns to her. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax and let the Goddess guide you. What does the word abundance mean to
you? For you, where does abundance come from? Do you see yourself worthy of Abundance? Are abundance and prosperity the same for
you? Do you believe that abundance is not for you? Which negative thoughts distance you from Abundance? Did you know that negative thoughts drive
abundance away? Which positive thoughts bring you to Abundance? Did you know that your thoughts can bring
you abundance? Which changes can you make in your life to
pave the way for the arrival of abundance? Always think of these reflections and allow
abundance to enter and remain in your life. Connect with Goddess Gaia and acknowledge
the abundant energy everywhere. Positive affirmation: Abundance is everywhere. I acknowledge it.


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  1. Beth 2015

    November 17, 2019 3:15 pm

    Loved it. It is often forgotten in our busy worlds. It is nice to be reminded of the simple abundant blessings all around us. Thank you.


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