Guided Meditation for Anxiety (20 Minutes) No Music

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Hi and welcome to Declutter The Mind on
anxiety. Anxiety can mean different things to a lot of people but in the general
sense that usually means wanting things to be different than they are right now.
It might be something that’s happening to you or people you love or know right
now, might be something you’re experiencing whether it’s physical or
emotional. In this session we’re going to practice a visualization technique that
can help you manage and deal with stress as it comes. This exercise will help you
occupy your mind with something more positive as well as give you a tool that
you can use when your stress is worse than usual. It’s important to note that
there’s no right or wrong way to picture and visualize the images and objects
you’re going to be asked to visualize in this practice. The most important thing
is that you make the visualization your own and imagine the first thing that
comes to you and to use that in the practice. Don’t overthink it or worry
that’s not the point of this exercise the point is to visualize what naturally
comes to mind focus less on the image and more on the feeling the image brings,
that’s the key. Now the first thing we need to do is find a seat or space where
we can be comfortable and not be disturbed. Whether it’s a chair or
cushion on the floor, ensure you’re seated with your back upright but
comfortable When you’re ready with your eyes open
take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the
mouth and with the next out breath gently
close your eyes notice the physical points of contact
maybe it’s your feet on the floor or legs on the chair, your arms and hands in
your lap. Notice the physical sensations like warmth or pressure notice any particular mood or other
sensations in the body Take some time to slowly scan down the
body starting with the top of the head moving slowly down to the feet Gently now shift your focus to the
breath. The rise and falling sensation Maybe you notice it more in your chest or
stomach. Don’t force the breath just observe the sensations of breathing And remember we’re not forcing the
breath here. We’re just observing its natural state and the rise and fall.
In and out Again, as we pay attention to our breath
our mind will begin to wander and that’s completely normal.
We don’t want to judge it, we don’t want to think about our thinking, we just want
to gently bring our attention back to the breath and begin again to notice the
rising and falling sensations of breathing Now to make the focus of the breath a
little easier we can begin to count the breaths as they pass. So, the breath in,
one the breath out, two the breath in, three
the breath out, four, and so on until we reach a count of ten and whenever we reach a count of 10, we
can start over and begin to count our breaths again And now I just want you to visualize a
little ball of light gently floating above your head. Picture like a little
Sun. It’s smooth, it’s clear, it’s bright Now imagine that little ball of light
containing a warm and gentle liquid sunlight and your body now is going to
act as the container for this bright sunny liquid as this ball pours this
light into your body through the top of your head Starting with the feet and watching this
liquid slowly rise up towards the head until it fills our body now just follow the liquid as it slowly
fills you the warmth melting away any tension or anxiety, starting with the
feet. So watch as it fills each toe individually as it fills up and move
towards the ankles Watch as it slowly moves through you,
filling up through the top of your head Slowly moving up towards your knees now
and this little ball of light slowly fills your body with this liquid
sunlight And now it’s continuing up the warmth
and gentleness moving past the knees now and up towards the pelvis Now up to the chest and back. Notice how
the liquid feels as it begins to release the tension from your body.
The warmth and gentleness as it begins to fill through your body from the top
of your head and now continuing filling up towards
the shoulders now watching as that ball of light now, fill
each arm with this liquid sunlight, filling each individual finger one at a
time gently and slowly Moving up slowly towards the elbows until the arms are completely filled
with this light and continuing up now traveling towards
the neck continuing up until it finally reaches
past the mouth and nose and until it reaches to the top of the
head and now notice how the entire body is
filled with this warmth of a liquid light
Notice how comforting and relaxing this feeling is and now gently, release any focus.
Allow your mind to wander and slowly dissolve this visualization Slowly now, bring your attention
back to the body, noticing the points of contact like the legs on the chair or
floor, arms in the lap and now gently open your eyes. Notice how
you feel You’ve now completed your meditation
session To make the most of this practice,
ensure you’re scheduling time every day, at least five minutes in the beginning, to
practice visualization and become better at it. If you’ve enjoyed this session,
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this video as it supports the channel Thanks for listening and I’ll see you in
the next session


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