Guided Meditation for Anxiety

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Hey! I’m Sarah Baxley and welcome to
pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics, and Mindfulness Channel. I’m here today with a little quick meditation for anxiety. So I think it is
safe to say that I think all of us in today’s day and age suffer from some
type of anxiety from time to time- even if it’s just quick and fleeting, you know?
I know for others it can be very difficult and debilitating and for
others it’s just kind of having excessive worry about things that are
outside of our control. So wherever you’re at on that spectrum you know even
if you just need to kind of take a minute and take a breather
I just wanted to applaud you for being here and I want for you to know that I
am here with you today through this little exercise and quick meditation. So
anyway, just go ahead and just get into a comfortable seated position. When you’re ready, just go ahead and
close your eyes. Take it a nice deep breath in and let it out. Let’s do that again in and let it out. You know one of the things about anxiety is that it is very much
concentrated outside of the present moment, right? We find ourselves worrying or having obsessive thoughts over something that maybe happened in the
past or about something that we are concerned or worried that might happen
in the future. One of the biggest things to know is that when we are you know
encountering anxiety it is preventing us from staying in the present moment- right
here right now in this moment in time space. So I just want for you to notice
that you are a living breathing organism,, a living breathing human being. Notice as
your chest rise and fall rise and fall as you breathe. Take another nice deep breath in and out.
Then again I want for you to just gently release and erase just whatever thoughts
kind of seemed to keep entering your mind right now and instead I want for
you to focus your attention on your toes– yes on your toes. I want you to kinda wiggle your toes
around a little bit. I want for you to think about your toes and how they help you walk, or how they help you with your balance. They want for you to thank your
toes- just send them some nice warm loving energy there. I want for you to
just kind of walk through and look through your body and just think about
how you know your brain really is kind of being carried by this beautiful
vessel right known as your body and it’s all of these different organs: your heart, vocal cords, and your throat, and your ears, and your eyes, and your nose, and your mouth, and your fingers, and your toes, and your stomach, and your kidneys, and your spleen, and your intestines- and just
think about how all of these things. Every second of every day all of these
things are working for you. All these things are here with you
every moment of every day they’re always working so that way you can be alive. So
just take a minute to thank your body for all the miraculous things that it
does for you every day. Just take a couple nice deep breaths, just sending
some full rich oxygen throughout your body as a thank you for all that it
does. Ready? Let’s take a nice deep breath in and out. And I want for you to just stretch your neck a little bit. Feel any tension that you might be holding in your neck and your shoulders.
Maybe wiggle your shoulders around a little bit or do some nice circles with
your neck and then I want for you to take some deep breaths into your neck and into your
shoulders. I want for you to breathe in love and
compassion. I want for you to spread it all throughout
your body. You ready? Take a nice deep breath in- sending love and compassion
through your body and out- breathing out peace. And again breathing in love and
compassion- and breathing out peace and serenity. Ready?
Breathing in love and compassion. Breathing out peace and serenity. So these last couple breaths here you
can just breathe to yourself and notice your breath. I want for you to notice how
you’re feeling now in this present moment and how you’re feeling now versus
how it was when you first sat down a few moments ago. I want for you to
be mindful of how great it feels and how relaxing and rejuvenating it could be
going back to your breath and focusing on the present moment. I want for you to
notice how slow, how much that time slows down when we take the time to be present with ourselves and our hearts and our thoughts and our surroundings. So take a couple final breaths here. Ready? When you’re ready just go ahead and let
the eyes gently open and notice that you’re here with me. Notice what a loving and
compassionate act that this was for you to take this time for yourself to slow
down, to gather your thoughts, and to be present. So anyway, thank you so much for tuning in and I hope to see you around again soon. If you want to see more
meditations with me, then be sure to subscribe to the channel and go ahead
and share this video whith someone if you think that they would enjoy it. So anyway,
thanks again so much and I’ll see you around. Cheers! 🙂


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