Guided Meditation for Children (#1) – The Crystal Pool – with Natalie Dekel (MPhil)


Hello, this meditation is especially
made for children those children who really want to see
the magical world where there’s energy and fairies
or angels or any other beings you’d really
like to meet. So if you’re one of those children,
you’re welcome to come and sit with us but you have to sit comfortably and to get into that special place
you need to close your eyes. Because there we don’t need
the physical eyes that we see with, we are going to look with the eyes that are
inside our head looking inwards. So they are very special. We’re going to close our physical eyes
and open the inner eyes, okay? We’re going to sit down comfortably And as you take a breath and relax… we are going straight into a special world
where everything is possible. Now this world is a crystal world and when you step in you can see
a big path going down the hill towards a great crystal city,
a bit like the Wizard of Oz. And as we follow the path, and it’s
such a lovely, beautiful day, We’re just bouncing down the road,
skipping ahead and then…
we see this amazing crystal gate And when we open the gate, inside there’s
a beautiful, beautiful castle a place that ripples with light and laughter, and there’s like a big party going on with all
these beings of different colours and shapes, dancing and laughing and drinking
some kind of juice and having a really nice time. And then, if we go just ahead into the hall, we see this amazing space that looks
like a mirror, but actually it’s a magical space;
it’s like a swimming pool for special children just like you and if you touch it, it will start
rippling away, and it’s reflecting, it’s a bit like pearls but a huge, huge substance that
covers the whole of the swimming pool. So if we go inside, you will see
that it touches your body but it doesn’t leave anything. You don’t
feel wet or anything. So if we go into that swimming pool and we step inside that special matter,
special material that it’s made of, it’s like solid light, but it’s also like jelly and wobbles
and circles around you. Now when we go inside, it ripples
with all the colours of the rainbow, the gold and the silver and the greens
and oranges and blues… any colour you can think of and more,
all there. Can you feel that? Yeah… it’s absolutely amazing and it makes you feel like you’re flying
in a bouncy castle all light and weightless. and as we go inside that material,
we swim in that swimming pool, we discover that as we swim in it
and we have such great fun, it gently looks into our body and it
looks at our memories. You know that our body is just a little dress
for a big, big soul that we are. And as we swim in that swimming pool, the soul has a chance to look at the body
it chose to be in, which is your body. And then, the special swimming pool helps
it to readjust. You know, like a computer when
you can make it – play this program or another,
watch some film or play a game. It looks at your body and it scans it… with all the different rainbow colours and then it finds all the scary memories
you had, maybe a bad dream or maybe somebody
said unkind words or… somebody else pushed you by mistake. All these negative things come up
and clean the way, sucked off into the swimming pool in a special place that nobody else can touch
so it’s thrown away into the rubbish in the space. so it cleanses your body and leaves you
only in a beautiful golden glow as if you’re all shiny like an angel and only happy things stay in your body
so your body can breathe deeper and all the organs feel really happy, and they just feel together and cuddly
and really, really nice… and loved. and you all feel balanced, and happy… really, really happy. And you can bounce even higher in
the swimming pool so you can go up above it and bounce on the surface… And there you can see other children
bouncing on the surface and it’s so much fun. And as you bounce you can see all
the negative little bags going away into a big tube that will take
it to the core of earth where it will dissolve it into energy so it
cannot harm anyone and it will not repeat in your body or in the little
structure inside your body which is called DNA; It will clean the whole of the body so it feels
nice and comfortable and happy. And now, just enjoy bouncing and having
such a good time When you feel that you got a bit tired and you
want to go back to your mommy and daddy, we’re going back through the crystal hall, through this amazing big door of the castle, and they give lollipops and ice creams on
the way, whatever colour you wish, so you can have that one and then
we go back up the path and back to where we came from… And when you’re going to open your eyes, you will feel ever so much lighter and better so much energy in your body and light. And if you ever get scared again, just go back to have a little swim and jump
in that crystal pool. I’m so glad to have met you today and I hope to see you soon. Bye-bye.


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  1. lexi graham

    August 5, 2013 11:06 pm

    Ha I actually really liked this. I'm not one to meditate but the idea of a whole crystal land like that has been a loved concept for me my whole life. I enjoyed imagining myself in that story :3 not a little kid but love feeling like one

  2. Chrissie Sonnenberg

    July 14, 2014 2:29 am

    My dd fell into a  trance 5 min after all these stories started. She is smiling in her sleep and breathing very softly.OOps, there is another giggle..LOL…


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