Guided meditation for complete beginners (10 minutes)

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Hi, now allow yourself to get comfy in whichever
position you are in. wriggle around in your chair or if you are lying down find a position
that is comfortable, allow your hands to gently rest and your face to become soft. Take a
long slow deep breath in and then a long slow deep breath out. As you breathe out to feel
all the tension leaving your shoulders and disappearing off. allow your breath to regulate
and just breath at a comfortable rate. imagine yourself now on top of a mountain, a snow
covered mountain. with beautiful clear skies, you can see for miles and it’s incredibly
peaceful, with every in the breath you breathe in this clear blue sky and the soft fluffy
white snow around you. On the out breath, you are just really grateful to be here. From
this beautiful place you can travel anywhere, all you have to do is walk towards the door
over to the right, as you walk to that door it will take you to wherever you want to be.
In your new place take a look around, explore. You are likely to pick a trinket or two, a
keepsake. you’ll know when you see it, just pop it in your pocket, just carry it with
you, knowing that forever you will have it in your pocket and have an easy way of getting
back to this place here. Now over in the distance, you notice that there is someone sat down.
Feeling curious as to who this other person might be, you decide at your own leisure to
wonder over, not getting too close, not wanting to invade their personal space, but just wanting
to meet this other person. You might choose to sit down with them or sit a little bit
further away from them and just enjoy this time together. They might not choose to say
anything specifically to you, or they might want to start a whole conversation. But you
will get a feeling from them, a warm welcoming kind feeling. After a time you decide to stand
up. and you say thank you for any wisdom guidance and friendship and you say goodbye to your
friend and slowly head on back to the door. Taking in everything that is around you and
enjoying where you are for the last few moments. When you get back to the door you go back
to the mountain, surrounded by icy blue skies and snowy hills. The peacefulness and the
quietness that only exists on the top of a mountain. The sun is blazing down and you
feel warm and so grateful to be here. You have a choice, you can go down the mountain
on the gondola or you can go down any way you choose. And then when you finally get
down the mountain you need to wriggle your toes and move your body and put your hands
over your eyes and allow your eyes to slowly open and spread your fingers allowing the
light in the room to come back in. Thank you for meditation with me.


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