Guided Meditation for Cravings and Addiction (10 Minutes) No Music


Hi and welcome to Declutter The Mind on
cravings and addiction. In this practice we’re going to use mindfulness to help
us deal with cravings. A craving is a thought. It might happen randomly
throughout the day or it might happen as a result of something reminding you.
Either way it’s a thought that’s surfaced in your mind. What we want to
try and practice is not acting on our thoughts. We want to simply notice these
cravings as they appear, note them as a craving, and allow them to pass. So, being
mindful of our cravings and becoming a witness to them instead of a victim can
help us better deal with the cravings as they happen. So, first what I want you to
do is to find yourself a comfortable seating spot, whether that’s a chair or
cushion on the floor, and sit upright but comfortable with your hands resting in
your lap. With your eyes open now take a few deep breaths
in through the nose and out through the mouth On the next out breath, gently close your
eyes I want you to begin to notice now some
of the physical sensations around you maybe it’s your legs touching your chair
or your feet on the floor or your arms in your lap. Just point your attention or
draw your attention to these physical points of contact Notice the room around you. Notice the
temperature. Maybe it’s warm or cool Notice any tingling sensations on your
body, any pressure and now, let’s turn our attention now to
the breath notice the rising and falling sensation
of each breath. Maybe it’s more noticeable on your chest or stomach.
Maybe it’s the tip of your nose. We’re not forcing the breath here, we
just want to observe each breath as it passes
in and out and as we try to maintain our attention
on the breath you may notice thoughts entering the
mind taking your attention away from the breath
you might even catch yourself having wandered for several minutes completely
forgetting that you were even trying to meditate and this is completely normal.
Whenever this happens gently return your attention to the breath Don’t make judgments around your
thoughts or get lost in thinking about your thoughts. Just gently make a note
like “oh yeah a thought” or “oh, just thought” and gently bring your attention
back to the breath This is part of what
mindfulness meditation helps us practice We begin to notice thoughts as they
enter our minds. We can make a note of them, not act on them, not follow them and
allow them to pass And if a craving surfaces as we’re
doing this practice, just treat it the same way: gently make a note of it, “oh
yeah, a craving” allow the craving to pass and softly return your attention to the
breath again We can do this with any distraction or
thing that pulls our attention away from the present moment or our practice. So if
we hear a loud noise or if we get a physical feeling or sensation, just make
a note of what it is that was distracting you or that distracted you
and return to the breath From here we can begin to count the
breaths as they pass. So, every time we reach a count of 10, we start to count
over and count the breaths again so in one
out two and so on until we reach a count of ten And now, let go of all the focus, allow
your mind to wander and do whatever it wants And now slowly return your attention to
the body, back to the physical points of contact. Your legs against the floor or
chair, your arms and hands in the lap And gently open your eyes
and notice how you feel You’ve just completed the mindful
meditation practice for cravings Use this practice as a tool that you can
turn to the next time you have a craving Begin to recognize your cravings and
just notice them as thoughts that you don’t need to follow through on them.
Notice what happens when you begin to observe your cravings instead of acting
on them. It takes practice. Start with five minutes a day of this kind of
mindfulness meditation and work your way up to ten, fifteen, and twenty minutes a
day If you’ve enjoyed the session go to for more and leave a like and comment on this video,
and help support the channel. Thanks for listening and I’ll see you in the next


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