Guided Meditation For Difficult People or Situations


today in this video we’re going to do a
guided meditation to help you with a difficult person or situation in your
life. hi I’m Shirley Archer your mindful living coach I help busy people like you
with competing demands on your time with tips and information that are easy to
use to help you gain clarity, focus, more energy, health and happiness. You can do
this meditation seated or lying down whatever is comfortable for you it will take about ten minutes. Gently relax and release any tension in your body,
shake your shoulders, relax the fingers and wrists and lengthen the spine continue to breathe deeply feeling the body expand with the
inhalation and softly contract with the exhalation you can either breathe
through the nose and exhale through the mouth or just breathe through the nose
or mouth whatever feels comfortable to you you can close your eyes or if you
prefer simply gaze downward with a soft unfocused gaze relaxing the muscles
around your eyes the nose the mouth the jaw and the throat begin with three
conscious breaths inhaling deeply and exhaling completely observe the subtle expansion of the body
with the inhalation and the soft contraction with the exhalation with each exhalation imagine letting go
of anything you no longer need and with each inhalation drawing in fresh energy
to support you you nourish you and feel your sense as you continue to
breathe deeply of being supported whatever it is beneath you with each breath relaxing letting go
feeling supported whatever supports beneath you grounded into the earth
and allow yourself to let go into the stability and support of the earth
beneath you solid and stable allow yourself to surrender to gravity
surrendering to all that brings you peace feeling that sense of groundedness
and stability beneath you and allowing the breath to bathe you in ease and tranquility knowing that part of being grounded is
being able to let go of what you no longer need with each exhalation continuing to
release any tensions any stress if it helps you can shake it out a
little bit just imagining that stress flowing out feeling refreshed and
lighter with each in-breath your sense of peace and tranquility in
this moment here and now feeling a sense of safety and security peace and ease and as you continue to
breathe deeply I’d like you to bring to your mind something challenging in your
life a difficult person or a challenging situation whatever comes up just just
the first instance that comes to your mind it can be a small matter or larger
whatever it is that comes to your mind first maybe a conflict with a friend or loved
one someone you know a decision you haven’t made something that happened
that you weren’t expecting it’s gonna require you to adjust any situation in
your life right now it has your little bit off balance
and when you have that situation or experience in your mind allow it to rest
there having the idea of this feeling the situation this challenge that you’re
facing and return to that sense of awareness of relaxation in your body
don’t push the situation out of your mind just allow your attention to hold
the situation in your mind while at the same time feeling that sense of peace a
relaxation in your mind in your body drawing your attention back to your
breath is it an in breath or an out breath
coming back to that sense of peace and ease in your body and mind at this
moment that situation to mind and noticing if
your body responds noticing any thoughts or emotions that
come up without reacting but simply observing allowing yourself to observe
avoid engaging in conversation with this situation or experience or person allow
yourself to simply feel your body as your experience this situation what do
you observe any sensations any thoughts and emotions just notice them as they
flow through your body as you continue to breathe in and breathe out and once again return to the awareness
of relaxation in your body feeling your feet your legs hips the belly your back
neck and shoulders arms hands and figure fingers all the way up through the head
face top of the head and down to the soles of your feet feeling that sense of
ease in your entire body feeling the sense of the breath flowing
in flowing out coming back to that sense of feeling grounded and calm and stable
in your body and then once again allow your mind to
go back to that situation or that person that’s causing some stress
and see if you can hold that situation in your mind as if your mind were a
spacious container for any thoughts emotions sensations just allow your self to feel that
experience breathing in breathing out and at the same time feel grounded, feel
stable, feel support in your body and in your breath and know in your heart of hearts, that you are strong and
you have what you need to face uncertainty you are strong enough
a change you are strong handle whatever comes up in your life in return once again back to the breath breathing in and breathing out and sends that quality of presence being in this
moment now I invite you to ask that place within
yourself of deep wisdom and knowing that place of intuition, the gut, the part of you that knows what you need
to do and ask and listen to that deep
place within you where where you believe fully in your
abilities to handle whatever it is that comes your way when you have access to
all of your strengths all of your abilities your heart your mind and your
awareness and then ask yourself what is it
that you need to handle this situation what within you allows you to cope successfully with
whatever this situation or experience is bringing to you invite your inner wisdom to support you
sense into whatever beliefs emotions
sensations what do you need and what do you not
need sense into your deep understanding that deep place of wisdom within you and know that you are strong and know
that you have what you need to handle this situation this experience
there’s a part of you that can stay calm and bear witness be poised in any storm rest in the knowing
rest in the ease and tranquility of this moment
breathe deeply and rest in the comfort knowing you can trust yourself to meet
any challenge with stability with your inner strength with your wisdom and
understanding your inner calm and your inner knowing and if you need to remind
yourself at any time of this place of inner strength in ability within you
simply take a moment to breathe deeply inhaling and exhaling allowing yourself
to access this deep knowing affirming that you are anchored in your
breath and in yourself whatever life gives your way breathe deeply drawing in peace and tranquility very
gently start to move your shoulders move your wrists open and close the fingers if your eyes have been closed open the
eyes, bring yourself back to the room wherever you are if you’d like to
stretch or yawn allow yourself to do so whatever feels good
let your body enjoy and bring yourself back into the room feeling calm centered
and grounded confident in your ability to handle whatever life throws your way
thank you for joining me in this guided meditation. Please subscribe. This video
is part of a series of 10-minute guided meditations. I hope that you find it
helpful. Please share in the comments below if this has helped you or share it
with a friend and thank you so much for sharing this time with me today.
Rest in the knowing that you can handle whatever life throws your way, you have
everything you need inside,


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  1. Shirley Archer

    April 25, 2019 10:26 am

    The technique I share in this video is one that I've used personally to help me handle difficult people or conflictual situations. It has helped me find peace and improve my coping. Let me know if it helps you too!


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