Guided Meditation for Headache

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hey guys welcome back today’s top you hello this is doctor singer and we’re
going to do a relaxation meditation for the relief of headaches before you begin take note of how you’re
feeling notice your headache if you were to rate the severity of the headache
with zero being no pain at all in 10 being the worst imaginable pain what
rating would you assign right now rate your headache from 0 to 10 and when
you’re ready find a comfortable position sitting in a supportive chair or lying
down whatever is best for you right now in this moment just start to relax your
body with some gentle stretches during this guided imagery please stop
or ease up if you experience pain or discomfort of any kind listen to your
body make sure to stretch gently and safely
so begin by closing your eyes and taking a breath in and breath out just to have
one or two relaxing breaths and when you’re ready begin by lowering your left
ear toward your left shoulder and then return to center and lower your
right ear toward your right shoulder and return to Center let’s repeat that
leaning left bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder and then
returning to Center and again your right ear toward your right shoulder and
bringing that back up and we’ll repeat that one more time bring your left ear
toward your left shoulder to return to Center
and lower your right ear toward your right shoulders just far enough so as
not to experience any discomfort and then bring it back to center now lower
your chin toward your chest allow the weight of your head to stretch the back
of your neck with your muscles relaxed no force just allow your head to hang
forth keeping your head forward roll slightly to the left and upward and back
to Center now slightly to the right and upward your head will move left to right
tracing a slight u-shape left forward right forward left forward right now return to neutral position
and with your eyes still closed if that’s comfortable for you if you want
you can open your eyes it’s really up to you but if your eyes are closed
pretend that you’re looking up and gently lean your head back to stretch
the front of your neck you going to lean that head back just to the point where
it doesn’t hurt taking care of yourself honoring yourself in this moment and
then feeling that stretch and returning to neutral and doing it one more time
looking up stretching relaxing returning to neutral now I’d like you to bring
your shoulders up toward your ears hold they’ll lower your shoulders and bring
them even lower still and return to neutral you repeat this one more time raising
your shoulders up and then lowering them and now relax your shoulders into a low
neutral position now shake your shoulders front to back
by bringing your left shoulder back a short distance while you move your right
shoulder forward a small amount and then move your right shoulder back and the
left one forward and repeat this sort of rapidly shaking shake shake shake
relax your shoulders now feel the tension leaving your body as you relax
notice the beginning of headache relief as your muscles relax and let go we’re going to focus on breathing now so
I’d like you to breathe in deeply feel the airing your lungs as you breathe in
helping you to relax and soothe you and then exhale fully breathing out all the
air just relaxing even more as you breathe out take another breath in and
out and in again and out just continue to
breathe deeply for a moment or two and as you breathe in imagine that
you’re breathing in relaxation right to your head right to where the pain is
located and when you breathe out imagine exhaling away tension in your
mind in your body just direct your breath to this area now imagine that
your feet are warm and becoming even warmer feel the warmth increasing in
your feet and in your legs notice your hands and imagine that the palms of your
hands are warming make sure your hands becoming warm and heavy your arms are
also becoming warm and relaxed your arms and legs are very heavy very
warm very relaxed allow the warmth in your arms and legs
to increase warmer and warmer turn your attention to your forehead
imagine that your forehead is smooth and cool and feel the coolness on your
forehead as if a block of ice is a few inches away from your skin and you can
feel the cooled air from the ice moving gently across the skin of your forehead
your forehead feels quite cool you can feel that the ice is very near but it
does not touch your skin now allow the feeling of coolness to
move along the surface of your face and the head starting from your eyebrows
feel the cool air on your eyelids and cheeks feel the coolness spreading to
the top of your head the sides of your head the back of your head so pleasant
and cool the coolness provides headache relief and now I’d like to invite you to
imagine wrapping your head in a cool wet cloth imagine the first strip of cloth
laying across your forehead then above your left ear around the back of your
head above your right ear over your far head again
imagine wrapping your head completely and comforting soothing coolness it’s
wrapped fair fairly tightly and the pressure feels good it pushes away the
pain you were experiencing leaving only a calming firm touch it’s very cool and
imagine that the cloth that wraps your head becomes slightly looser and feel
your body relaxing just as the cloth is relaxing you can barely feel the cloth
on your skin now as it becomes looser still you are feeling very comfortable
very relaxed let a feeling of relaxation begin at the top of your head and it
might feel heavy or light it might feel tingly just feel the relaxation at the
top of your head allow there the feeling of relaxation to
grow and expand with each breath you take the air you breathe in adds to the
relaxation calm and relaxation that you’re experiencing allows you to
experience headache relief the relaxation is like a bubble of peace and
calm growing larger and larger as more relaxation is added each time you
breathe in the area around the relaxation gets smaller with each breath
out as you exhale any feelings of tension let the relaxation grow
spreading to your eyebrows your eyelids your eyes and cheeks your nose your
mouth your chin feel the relaxation filling up the space
inside your head relaxing the top of your head the back of your head the
sides of your head your ears feel the very top of your neck relaxing and the
tingly feeling of relaxation spreading down the back of your neck the sides of
your neck the front of your neck your shoulders with each breath imagine the
relaxation filling your body more and more growing downwards from your
shoulders reaching a level of your elbows and bellybutton relaxation
growing reaching the level of your hips your knees
all the way down to your feet your entire body is loose comfortable
heavy relaxed feel any pain or discomfort dissipating
dissolving becoming smaller and smaller as the relaxation grows you can become even more deeply relaxed
as you focus again on your breathing do not try to change anything
simply notice your breathing and focus your attention on each breath so for the
next bit of time simply repeat I am each time you inhale and relaxed each time
you’ll exhale I am relaxed I am relax continue on your own now as your
thoughts wander simply return your attention to the words you are repeating
in this imagery I am relaxed I am relaxed I am relaxed I am relaxed you are deeply relaxed now and let your thoughts drift for a few
moments as you simply enjoy the feeling of relaxation enjoy the feeling of headache relief
complete and total relaxation peace pleasant headache relief
peaceful and relaxed you have completed the relaxation for
headache guided imagery and you can choose now to become alert and awake or
drift off to sleep I will count from five to one if you choose to reawaken
become more alert with each number until at one you fully over wink if you decide
to sleep you can drift off as I count five for three to what thanks for watching don’t forget to
subscribe also watch recent videos in my channel


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