Guided Meditation for Insomnia

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Hallllo πŸ™‚ Hey! I’m Sarah Baxley and welcome to
pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics, and Mindfulness Channel and I’m
here tonight with a little just a little bit of a meditation for insomnia. So you
know I don’t even I’m not even really a big coffee drinker- I like don’t really
drink that much caffeine even throughout the day, but I– my brain likes to be
active at night like I do truly personally have you know kind of a thing
with insomnia that’s kind of like my thing it’s it’s it’s I find once I fall
asleep but sometimes getting to sleep is something that’s kind of difficult
for me. And so anyway, I’m guessing that if you’re watching this video that
insomnia might be something that you deal with too. So I’m glad that you’re
here and let’s just take a little minute just to unwind and just kind of you know
get ready to sleep and get ready to rest our bodies and all of that stuff. So just
go ahead and let the eyes close gently. Just take a breath. Think about your day. Think about what you ate for breakfast
this morning. Just kind of– let your mind just
review those things just for you know just for the next few 30 seconds or so
here just to kind of let it get it all out of its system. You know there’s so
many things that we just want to accomplish in the course of a day, right?
And sometimes we just don’t always feel like we have enough time to do the
things that we want to do, but you know it is just as important for us to slow
down you know because if we do want to maintain productivity and you know we do
want to live with the fullness of our lives we have to ensure that we are just
taking full care of our emotional and physical and spiritual selves. So just
take another breath here. Just breathe. Notice if maybe this is the
first deep breath that you’ve taken all day today— the first time that you’ve slowed
down.. to give back to yourself. Starting with the crown of the head, breathe into the crown of the head and
slowly feel all the muscles start to relax. All the tension seems to loosen its
grip. Move down to your ears and your neck. Breathe into your neck and release any
tension that you might have there. And then slowly go down into your shoulders.
Notice if you have any muscles that are tight
and just slowly relax them. Sometimes we’re tightening our muscles without
even realizing that we’re tensing up. So relax your shoulders, relax your arms.
Slowly relax your hands and your fingers and then relax your back your hips. Notice ease and relaxation entering your
legs, and your knees, and your calves, and your
ankles, your feet, your toes. Just take a nice deep breath into that
and notice how you’re taking time for yourself right now. You’re giving time to
your body right now in this moment allowing your brain and your mind to
calm its thoughts and allowing your body to release the tension from the day and
to relax and prepare for sleep. Just continue to take some nice healing
breaths, your body- throughout your body, slowly finding yourself unraveling and allowing yourselves to loosen any
grip that you might have with your thoughts, physical body, all those things. All those things we can find tomorrow with a clearer mind, and a clear heart,
and a refreshed body. Sleep is so important for a cell regeneration, for
every aspect of our health and it’s so so important to remember that there is
only so much time in a day. Taking the time to wind down and relax, and meditate is just as important. Maintaining your health is just as important because
without your help you can’t do any of those things. And
sometimes we don’t tend to our health until things start to get out of control. So just take this time I’m just just
slowly breathe. To slowly let the tension just evaporate from your body and take a few last breaths here and allow yourself to get to dream state, and allow yourself to explore and wander
in your dreams. Take a couple last breaths here… I’ll talk to you soon
and I’ll see you later and I hope that you’ve had a wonderful time and I hope
that you have a wonderful rest and I hope that you have a wonderful sleep. We’ll
see you tomorrow πŸ™‚ Cheers!


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