Guided meditation for intentional pause

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I’ve had the opportunity throughout my career
to look into the eyes and to support people that maybe have gone through lots of, lots
of stress. A death of a loved one, loss of a job, loss
of a marriage, loss of health. When I blog or when I write about stress and
meditation, folks often ask me, you know, just give me a tip. Or give me something that I can use, Dave,
I don’t have time to meditate. But is there one thing that I can do to kind
of halt my stress response? Is there one thing that I can do to bring
a bit of relief? I think listening is more important than anything
that I can say or give to them in their moment of pain. But I do think with mindfulness, the ability
to come off our thinking and our overthinking mind or worried brain. Even our grieving and our sad brain and our,
our just obsessing or ruminative brain. One way to halt that is to give ourselves
permission. And so this meditation is simply about pausing.
And I’m holding a cup of coffee because I call it “The Coffee Meditation”. If you think about mindfulness being a way
of being intentional, intentional about, about our stress and our reactivity, and then attentional,
coming to our senses. What do I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell? In giving ourselves a bit of a reprieve from
our thinking mind. And so the coffee meditation for me or the
hot tea meditation is simply coming off of that thinking or worried brain and I can do
it at my desk or I can do it with my morning meditation or my reading of my bible or torah. I can do it watching the birds outside my
window. But I can pause, I can come into awareness
of this space and this moment and I can feel the warmth of my beverage and I can smell
it. I can breathe my body, I can take myself off
of autopilot breathing. Maybe take about three slow, deep breaths,
and give myself permission. Myself permission to come to this space of
just noticing my beverage. What does it smell like? Often I can just put it to my face, and even
though that seems a bit hokey maybe, I can feel the warmth of the beverage. I certainly can practice savoring. Lifting that beverage to my lips
And maybe even tracking or following how far down I can feel the warmth. And that it’s soothing. And maybe that’s what I need right now is
just to be calm, to be soothed, to be still. Maybe my pain is so great that there is nothing
that can take it away. But perhaps I can just stop and I can pause
in this moment and I can give myself permission to be here. Wherever here is. And appreciate THIS moment.


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