Guided Meditation for Intuition and Healing, Guided Meditation for Wisdom and Knowledge, VOICE ONLY

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welcome to becoming a better you by skeed
and this guided meditation to understand how to break free from duality and
increase your powers of healing and intuition
wisdom and knowledge be ready relaxed distractions away ready to do this
guided meditation hear him now become aware of how you feel where you
are now how your body feels bring your attention to your breath breathing in
and out slowly through your nose gently as your body relaxes on every exhale
letting go stress strains aches pains I’m aware of your body feel at the top
of your head a warm seeping in through the top of
your head a warm seeping in through the top of
your head feeling your body with agenda relaxing warm save energy we’ll move into your head posture
forward your eyes your cheeks into your jaw your jaw relaxes down your neck your
throat to your shoulders hold it here release your neck all the tension in
your neck well the tension in your shoulders is this warm gently flows down
your arms when you biceps and your triceps down your elbows you forum your wrists
you have new thing new fingers completely filled with this
warm relaxing energy begins when to you chess your lungs you heart down your
ribs and your back muscles relaxing everything as it goes your diaphragm
your stomach your kidneys your liver your pancreas your intestines and all
the other woman’s down your spine and your cox’s wins you glutes the pelvis
your genitals relaxing your anus down your legs your thighs woman relax your quads woman
relax do you need then your shins new cough muscles into your ankle new heels
your feet your feet relaxing terms relax be you know oh say totally relaxed imagine in front of you the symbol of
the yin-yang with the white above the black below in the way the balanced way the horizontal position and see the
duality of the white and the black the light in the dark that if you live in
the light and if you live in the dark you will always be trapped within the
circle the way to break free of this is to understand it’s not about the light
of a white in the dark or the black and to do this now aligned nine yin-yang
side by side in said well you will see nine in yang’s or the white at the top
the black at the bottom nine troughs nine peaks of what is now a wave between
each peak and trough we see allying in the end being the little circles of the
opposite color these little circles act like gravitational forces to keep the
wave imbalance a little bit of dark in the light a
little bit of light in the dark and see now that the light the white is not a
cause-and-effect in the black the dark is a effect lot of course what is
causing the light in the dark is this perfectly balanced sine way non duality
is this side way yet this sine wave is only a symbolic representation this sine
wave is in fact not a two-dimensional line but rather a three-dimensional
spiral and as it spirals now understand the opposing spiral fitting in perfectly
in the balance like DNA spirals like a spiraling ladder and we can add the third and the fourth
so we have as it were two interlocking spirals perpendicular to each other from
the middle of the spiral four lines spiraling the more we do this and the
more we focus the old light and dark white and black ceased have any
importance as they are now purely an effect of when you’re out of balance so
if you live in the light no you are trapped in a circle out of balance and
out of harmony just is the same as if you live in the dark or the black to
have the balance and the knowledge in the power leaning lies in its simplest terms in the way or
in the spirals you know become aware of these nine spirals the nine peaks the
nine drops that outside of these has the zooms out now these nine helped to form
outside of them a bigger peak nine more appear connected to the first nine and
they form the trough and another nine for another peak and then either nine
for another trough going on infinitely zooming out
to form and a higher dimension another sine wave which of course is not away
but a spiral and this is of course not one spiral but for spiraling lines going
down perhaps your spiral is only made of four perhaps
it’s made of nine nine lines twisting round each other
spiraling just as the smaller does to nil 9 you zoom out again so another 9 to
cut by another greater dimension peak greater dimension trough 9 times 9 times
9 you know this energy it’s not light it’s
not dull the secret is energy in every cell of your body in every a sum of your
body vibrating in perfect harmony but a multi-dimensional they are justice your
body has the physical body the etheric body the astral body and it goes on connected now to the balance vibration bringing healing and wisdom and
intuition connected to the consciousness this consciousness is this energy
flowing through you to you for all the universe and Beyond balanced by the
planets which are the Bulls the little balls within the ying-yang do not forget
them they spiral flowing in spiral excels radiating out the growing in all
directions as above so below as below so above hurry Adam is like a solar system
memory cell is like a galaxy with these spirals of energy
connecting connecting you to the universe and beyond perfect balance there we are here connect an imbalance listen within you were center of your
heart the voice with no sound this is the voice with pure intuition of
superior knowledge super a healing connect to this soundless voice to have
the secret your secret the universal secrets
the undiscovered laws needin laws real to you so now you are a little being you do this meditation the more
connected and imbalance your body or all his levels can become the more you will
be able to hear this voice with no sound more
you will understand the more powerful you will become the
healthier you will become more violent still become non-dualistic but for now
you know the light endure adjust effects if you live in the
effects you can never truly understand live in the valence in the cores and the
energy meditate here for a few minutes until you hear my
voice again you it’s time come back bring your awareness back to your
physical body your toes your feet here and go
whoever legs your knees your upper legs your hips your pelvis internal organs
your chest your arms wrists your hands your fingers your head when to count
from three to one coming back now three as you come out to deeply relaxed and
rested with his new power to one when you’re ready open your eye thank you for
joining me today he’s remember to share this video this
guided meditation comment on your experiences like the
video and subscribe to the channel more you do this the more you help yourself
by helping me grow the channel I’ll be able to produce more for you thank you for joining me today you


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