Guided Meditation for Kids Sleep | Your Magical Unicorn Friend | Unicorn Bedtime Stories


welcome to your imagination and
happiness where we will focus only on feeling good are you ready for another
unicorn adventure find a cozy place where you can lie down
and relax somewhere extra comfortable for you now imagine beams of starlight
surrounding your whole body glowing around you so you shine as bright as the
most radiant star this starlight is pure love energy and
is keeping you safe and happy and is around evil ways already feel so
and so peaceful with this beautiful star
glittery to
and he was so excited to see your special unicorn friend you’re doing now imagine that you were there for two because fresh cream rose as you twirl around gracefully
around and around and soft and a little tickly under your
feet like you can feel the energy of the
earth this is because you can it’s called
earthy and it keeps your energy planted in the ground
so you feel alive and at one with all of nature now take a deep breath in through your
nose and slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth
really good deep breath in and calm gentle breath
out one more time deep breath in through your nose and slowly and gently breathe
out through your mouth just relax and let your breathing go back to it to me now imagine you was standing on the edge
right scream foreign happily
you have been here before you’re special safe place you look around and admire how beautiful
it is as huge exotic flower
every color of the rainbow big enough for you to fight under the
petals and smell the divine fragrances right to read fairy tale mushrooms
with wives dogs being enough you just each one they are springing like usual
trampolines streams of sunlight shine through
and it is so bright and clear year everything is sparkles in the sunlight
and the colors are extra bright and lovely you feel your heart jump with joy
as you see a familiar beautiful little stream
with water flowing alone so clear and so fresh last time you were here there were
some very magical and special creatures drinking at this stream hearing birds chirp you walk alongside
the bubbling blue water when something catches your eyes further down the
stream you feel a rush of joy and love as you see a magnificent creature
drinking at the water’s edge a unicorn and it’s not just anyone either this is your special takes you on the most amazing
jeez a unicorn and
and your unicorn friend feels your presence
and looks up at you and as it radiates
love energy to you it is Arabic joy to see reach out as you strike at silky smooth
which is even softer than if they’re of the fluffiest kittens and copies the unicorn is a truly beautiful
creature all soft and shiny humor
it’s friendly eyes the most enchanting shade of ICP you you reach out and
gently touch us a magical golden horn and a puff of golden fairy dust sparkles
around your hand Wow you feel so lucky to have a special
unicorn friend the chicken trust with your deepest secret and that you can have wonderful
adventures your unicorn bins its knees for use that
you climb up onto its back historical unicron’s soft silky mane and
suit up tall it’s strong back see where you would like to go starts to trot through the forest I wish to fly and see fairytale castles you noticed golden light dancing around
its horn and I feel a burst of magical power
as suddenly two beautiful wheels with feathers as
white as pure snow grow out
unicorn I’m tight as it trots to a familiar
field with snow-capped mountains in the far
distance you feel very excited and very happy and
so safe and peaceful you can feel the wind rushing through your hair as you
gallop faster and faster then you feel a tremendous rush of breeze
and suddenly you and your unicorn are flying high you
feel so happy and so alive as its strong white wings flap through the air in your
happiness you think positive thoughts I am safe
I am smart I am loved I am grateful I am happy I am healthy
I can do anything you see a rainbow Arjun through the
clouds and you smile with delight as your unicorn friend flies of the rainbow we reach your hands out to touch the
sparkly colors and you love is your unicorn dips down
into the rainbow light shimmer every color so incredibly huge as you fly and you see the trees below you start to
become a time machine together Hugh’s no ginger bread houses on fruit
farms any lines that you a in Bavaria no unicorn flies and you see perched on a mountain a
stunning fairytale castle it looks in a chart this castle has huge turrets and high
round towers with gorgeous glass windows that look
like crystal with silver trimming this and mysterious spiky piece and animal statues made of stone on the
high spires castle roof top the Alpine trees around the castle of
frosty and shimmery silver from and there is a drawbridge over an icy
balloon alert look further through the trees and seekers and lake blowing like a diamonds
it is wintertime this it looks like you see office and notice a baby dragon around a lot of the time it looks cute in the friendly wonderful
lives here it is very beautiful and very mysterious through the glass windows of one of the
turrets you see a golden harp and a four-poster
bed with lots of pillows and a shelf of old leather-bound fairytale books looks very cozy and warm inside you fly further on your magic unicorn
and look down and see a beautiful God these magical roses are poking out so fresh you see a family walking they are wearing long use leaves and tunics
soft leather boots there’s a girl and she has a pet bird perched on her head
slimy pretty song he has a cute puppy running along beside
him these people retail so much fun to explore and to be free and fly with your unicorn the whole body is relaxed and feels so
safe so special and so happy owners adventure you have some time now to explore this
fairytale castle and maybe even some other castles with your special unicorn friend keep flying for as long as you wish so grateful to have seen real fairytale
castles and you know it is now time to return home this has been such an
amazing adventure and you feel tired and so joyful and relaxed as your unicorn
flies across the wintry mountains down through the breeze across the
fairytale land rafi me drift to sleep Forrest to take you so happy because you know that you can
go flying with your special unicorn friend anywhere and anytime dream you


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  1. Happy Minds - Sleep Stories & Guided Meditations

    February 18, 2019 3:24 pm

    Did you know that your magical unicorn can fly too?! ✨ We hope you love your beautiful adventure! 🌟


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