Guided Meditation for Letting Go with Affirmations | Ethereal Meditations

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Welcome to Ethereal Meditations. The intention of this guided meditation is
to help assist you in the process of letting go and moving forward Before we begin, please take a moment to find
a comfortable position and when you are ready, slowly close your eyes. Begin to take some deep breaths, inhaling
through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth. When our bellies expand with the intake of
oxygen, it is an indication that we are taking full breaths. With every inhale, feel the healing energy
reach each cell in your body. With every exhale, visualize any tension slowly
dissipating. If you are in the midst of a decision, feel
confused, and know in your heart that you need to move forward from someone or a past
relationship, know that you are not alone in the experience. When we need to let go of someone, a relationship
or anything in which no longer serves our highest good, it can feel scary and difficult
because there are emotions, comfort and familiarity intertwined within relationships. Strong emotions such as love, can make this
process feel impossible at times, but letting go and moving forward is a very necessary
part of healing and transformation. We need to keep opening new doors, embark
on new journeys and stay open to what comes our way because there are magical and incredible
experiences yet to unfold. Everything happens in divine timing. Trust that you are exactly where you need
to be right now. Trust that the innate wisdom of your intuition
and the support of the universe is guiding you to the people, places and experiences
that are in your highest good. Stay patient and kind with yourself and allow
yourself to fully feel any emotions and sensations that need to come up during this process. Continue to focus on your breath and allow
tension to keep dissipating with each exhale. Begin to visualize a person, relationship
or whatever it is that you know in your heart that you are letting go of. Sending love to that person as well as yourself,
recognize in your heart that you are letting go because it is the best thing for you. Give yourself the permission and space and
all the time that you need. I will now lead you through healing affirmations
which will encourage the transformation of difficult emotions into healing energy, patience
and strength. The more we think or voice these words out
loud, the deeper they will become engrained into our subconscious, transforming these
words into self-beliefs. Let’s begin, I am ready to let go of anything that no longer
serves me, my well-being, or my highest good. I am patient and kind with myself during this
process, I surrender to any feelings and sensations
that arise during this time, it is ok to still love someone, let them go
when it is best for my own health, well-being and happiness
I am proud of myself and recognize the courage and strength that it takes to let go,
what is meant for me and my highest good will always find a way. I am open to what comes my way and I will
keep opening new doors and exploring new opportunities. I give myself permission to let go because
it provides me with a feeling of peace and contentment. Navigating difficult emotions and overcoming
hardship allows me to grow and transform. This gives me strength and wisdom that stays
with me forever. Everything is happening in divine timing. Letting go sends a message out to the universe
that I want to invest my time and energy into the things and people that are in my highest
good. This attracts abundance, flow and people and
experiences that are in alignment with who I am. Allow these healing words to set in and slowly
bring your awareness back to your breath. Breathing in through your nose, and out through
your mouth. Thank you for listening to this guided meditation. We hope that it’s helped assist you in your
process of letting go and moving forward. If you are interested in listening to other
meditations, please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal Meditations and subscribe.


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