Guided Meditation for Letting Go with the Law of Attraction by Aaron Doughty


this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
how to really let go we’re gonna be doing a meditation that helps to wire
this in at a completely new level because letting go is the missing key
for so many people in creating what they want I’m gonna show you how to do that
and why it is so important welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I
help people expand their consciousness now in this video we’re gonna be going
deeper understanding the power of letting go how to really do that what
that means in the process of manifestation itself and then at the end
of this video you’re gonna see a meditation done by me that will show you
exactly how to wire all of this in this meditation will help you to in a way
make a process for yourself for letting go that makes it so much easier for you
to achieve what you want because many times we think that our mind has it all
figured out what I mean by this is it’s like we’re gonna visualize because the
visualization is what we want to create our life but in actuality the
visualization isn’t the best-case scenario our mind doesn’t have the
ability to imagine the best-case scenario because our mind all our mind
does is rearrange bricks and new ways meaning there’s already information
inside the brain the brain rearranges it and then puts on and colours it with
what it think is going to be the best and then that’s what we hope for but the
true basis of it is that we are not just our ego and when we connect to the
larger greater energy stream of who we are we could call this our higher self
we could call this universe or source energy whatever we want to call it when
we connect to this energy it expands us in a completely new level and that’s why
letting go is important because when we let go what we’re saying is okay I’ve
done my part I focused on what I think is the best possible timelines but now
let me allow something even greater to come into my life and as we move into
that spaciousness as we move into that presence what happens is then amazing
things can happen because this is the thing this is what I’ve done before I
fallen into the trap of always in the present moment
thinking about the future and what I want to experience always segments
intending in a way and segments intending is very powerful that’s where
you intend for certain things to happen throughout your day so I could intend
that I create an amazing video right now and then intend that I enjoy editing it
and then intend I go to the gym and when I go to the gym I have a great workout
all of those are little intentions on the segment of my day now those can be
powerful but here’s the thing if we don’t allow there to be some level of
presence some level of spaciousness within us we’re not allowing that
greater stream of energy to come into our consciousness to then make it happen
we’re relying solely on the ego which means the ego is carrying around the
weight of the world on the shoulders and that feels very heavy that feels like if
things don’t appear to be going along the blueprint in our mind that then we
assume when we say hey this isn’t gonna happen
there’s been times in the past where I’m creating something in my life and I feel
like if I start to identify with things not being on course and I assume that
it’s not a part of the process then that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that
becomes a part of it I used to go I used to work at a place called Barneys New
York as maybe you’ve heard me talk about before which is a sales commission job I
worked at women shoes if I went into the day and I was helping customers and I
gave it meaning that said ok things aren’t happening my way this is just a
story about the day a story about how everything is going then that would
continue to play itself out but if I instead I didn’t assume that there was
so much causality which means that this customer didn’t buy anything so now no
other customers gonna buy anything the rest of the day or is just that all that
resistance and if I didn’t assume that and I just went through and I was
present to the moment then everything will change because I wasn’t identified
and I wasn’t creating resistance on future potentials so I would just relax
I would surrender and that’s where the power is the power is in a combination
of having an intention focusing on the ideal outcome letting it go in
surrendering to even something better what if you’re limiting yourself what if
you imagining the best case scenario that your mind can imagine is actually a
limitation because the ceiling of the ego mind is actually the floor of the
higher mind and if we focus on trusting the process then everything begins to
change now I had this realization actually yesterday and this is because
the last two or three days I’ve been very busy on a couple projects that I’m
working on so therefore I’m taking a lot of action and I love taking action
I know sometimes with the law of attraction people say especially the
beginning of my channel that I always preach to action too much I love taking
action and if you’re doing what you love it doesn’t really feel like work anyways
but nonetheless there are times that I realized that I’m not bringing enough
presence into my life enough being present to the moment enough
spaciousness and in the last couple days that’s an example of that because I’ve
been so focused on about two to two or three different projects I’m doing right
now that there’s constantly things for me to do so I am here editing for a
couple hours I go to the gym and then I come home and I work work work work and
I love it but at the same time there are moments when I realize that I’m just so
focused on stimulation now what I mean by this stimulation my mind is always
stimulated I realized that for a long time I was always listening to an audio
book going to the gym if I was at the gym by myself and I wasn’t with like my
buddy Victor I would be just listening to audiobooks when I am working editing
I have music on in the background I realized the only time there is somewhat
silence in my life is for the 15 or 20 minutes in the morning right when I wake
up and that was it everything else in my life was some level of stimulation now
even stimulation with foods I was eating more I mean I eat very healthy but I was
realizing that I was just eating more stimulation or you know I was too always
drinking some type of like I said as evias what it’s called it’s like an
all-natural zero calorie soda with just sweetened with stevia it’s like healthy
compared to corn syrup and all that other stuff that’s another so what I
realized I was just I was always stimulating myself
and by doing that I’m actually taking away from the creative energy within me
and I’m actually stepping away from spaciousness so what I did yesterday is
I did not put on music while I was doing my stuff on line when I was editing
after I shot in the morning shot some videos then when I went to the gym to
meet up a victor what I did is I got in my car and I did not put on music
completely silent and I felt so present even when I got to the gym I just felt
so present and it’s funny because everyone wanted to talk to me I go in I
say hi to the person at the front and we like scans my car and then as I’m
walking people just say hi now I go to this gym a lot but at the same time I
felt like my energy was just much more magnetic because I was so much more
present and this is what I think happens when we start to become more present to
the moment is we allow more good into our life because we’re not constantly
focused on different things and scattering our energy it’s kind of like
a scatter of energy when we’re present to the moment we’re constantly thinking
of future potentials now that can be good for putting the intention out there
but if we remain attached to it it’s kind of like we’re subconsciously saying
I don’t trust the process because if we trust the process we could just meditate
visualize for 10 15 minutes in the morning then let it go which is where
there is a lot of power because that then shows the belief in the process of
manifestation itself and the trust in the process so I want to explain for a
minute more about the moment of now and how when we condition ourselves to be
more present it’s almost like a floodgate of energy that we allow in so
it’s this balance of intention with being present to the moment so
meditation is so powerful it’s so powerful for us to just learn to have
moments of observing the thoughts have moments of just being here because as we
do that the way I viewed eyes I kind of got like I was thinking about it
yesterday I was like coming home from the gym I was like wow it feels so much
more present I feel so good I need to do this more often because I felt more
creative too I added a couple ideas about things a couple ideas about some
of the kind of meditation videos I want to do like in this video I’m doing more
meditations like at the end of videos almost every video
going forward I want to have some level of meditation in it because that’s just
something I feel like will help people transform their consciousness but that
idea came through this spacious awareness but in a way the way I thought
about presence is like an energy stream of who we are when we were present were
more aligned to this higher energy self that we are and what we do is when we
become present we allow the floodgates of source energy to come in and we allow
it to permeate our being and then when we go out into the world we’re more so
carrying around this energy which is more magnetic in nature which has more
of these things and allows more things to come into our life so the thing is is
we a lot of times become imbalance because we’re like I want to create this
this and this is my life and I’m going to constantly thinking about it and
whatever we focus on grows I want to focus on we feel but this is the thing
we become so scattered in the future that the energy isn’t here now in the
only place that anything can change is right here in right now so when we are
projecting ourselves in the future and we are imagining it in the future it’s
always remaining in the future which means that we’re constantly not
experiencing it now but it’s a transformation when we realized that
there is only here and now and that the best thing we can do is embody the
emotions we want right now by letting go of the future potentials think about
them intend for them but then let them go let them go and ask for either this
or something better but then trust the process
trust your higher self to communicate with you and to show you that it could
be even better than what you imagined because we’ll find that there is so much
more than what our ego can think of there’s so much more than what we can’t
imagine now a part of letting go and a part of not just letting go but of also
understanding manifestation in general is understanding our vibration so what
I’ve done is I’ve created a free guided meditation that will help you to raise
your vibration so that you create from a higher level paradigm so that letting go
is easier for you to do so I think this meditation could change your life I
think if you listen to it for 21 days you’ll find that everything about you
changes and absolutely frites in the top of
description box below so if you want to learn how to raise your vibrational set
point so that you create from a higher paradigm that meditation will help you
do so so what I want to do now is just share with you that I think meditation
is a very powerful way for us to wire in these ideas what I’d like to do with you
is a guide to meditation right now a short one and what I invite you to do is
to either listen to it with headphones or listen to it relax maybe you’re in
your car right now make sure you’re not driving but relax and take a break if
you’re at work or something and this is something you can do anytime that you
want to let go a little bit more of the outcome and you want to trust more in
the universe become more present in the moment so what I’m going to do now is
we’re going to take a deep breath in a deep breath out and we’re going to start
to relax our body and I’m going to put you through a little guided
visualization so right now let’s take a deep breath in and a deep breath out breathe it out
feel your body relax more let’s now put the awareness in our heart
center because our heart center is where we
start to connect to the authentic part of who we are there’s more
electromagnetic energy in our heart than the rest of our body and when we start
to emanate from this space we’ll find that our whole life begins to change
let’s take another deep breath in and deep breath out and breathe it out as you breathe out
feel the energy once again inside of your heart you can even put your hand
over your heart you can feel the warmth from your hand you know the more that
you feel it of your heart the more you grow this electromagnetic energy
starting to accomplish your body for to emanate out
but I’d like to ask you to do now is to close and with every breath that you
take become more and more relaxed
become more and more present to the moment feel your body
in a state of presence now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
count down from five to one and with every number we count you’re gonna feel
more relaxed more love in our heart and with every number we’re gonna feel
double the relaxation as the number and we just feel the body loosen up but
the awareness now in your eyes and feel your eyes behind your eyelids
feel that relax and with every number that we now countdown
feel your whole body five feel more relaxation in your body for
fuel all of this energy flow up and down your body 3 now you are becoming so much
more present than you have ever been before
to how relaxed you feel and now one double
the relaxation and now you are more relaxed this energy state
become aware that you have much more flexibility to observe much more ability to let go things that
no longer serve now imagine that you’re in your house
right now and that in your house there is a secret door that you never realized
was there imagine where that super door would now walk over to that secret door and on that door you see a sign that
says access to your subconscious mind this door is going to lead you to the
deepest levels of your subconscious mind where we can powerfully influenced
ourselves a positive way now imagine that door and look down at
the door handle decide to open
as you look down you see there’s a descending staircase now start to walk down the stairs
the stairs are maybe thirty steps and with every step that you take feel
yourself becoming more relaxed feel yourself more feeling the love in your
heart for who now notice the handrail put your hand on
the handrail and start to walk down the stairs feeling more relaxed feeling more loved
take another step feeling more relaxed keep walking down the stairs within
every step you take you feel more more and more of who we really are and
with every step that you take you are letting go Porter’s down the stairs notice that now
you can see or of that room that room is glowing
with energy you feel that now as you take the final
steps you are more relaxed you let go more than you ever have
I’ll take the final step into this palace into this part of your
subconscious mind where you feel more connected with your heart more connected
to and the last step
take that step let go even more and look around attention what do you see this part of our subconscious line
we have the ability to powerfully influence ourselves in a positive way to understand first off the power it’s so much easier when we trust our
higher mind your higher-self
the larger energy stream of who you are now what we are going to do I set the intention to let go of any beliefs that say that
we have to try really hard let’s let go of any beliefs let’s say
that manifestation takes a lot of work pay attention to key limiting beliefs
that your subconscious mind wants to let go of now imagine that these beliefs are a
balloons filled with helium imagine the different color balloons
there are a little string on it now look at this Buddha string
let them know that you’re gonna send them out to source energy that they
served their purpose for you to become more aware of things you can let go of
to become more centered in your power pay attention and be aware of whatever
balloons these represent beliefs no longer serve you and then take these balloons go over to
the stairs and just let them go and watch them ascend up into the light into the light of consciousness
disintegrating and no longer necessary for you now understand that because you have let
go of these beliefs I no longer serve you
in your life are going to be very magical for you
you feel from your heart space now you know that your life is full of magic and
that all you have to do is set the intention
and enjoy the process you know now that your higher mind your
higher self can bring new things even greater than what your brain in the subconscious mind right now which
is where you are set the intention you feel more connected to your heart
set the attention then over the next week you’re gonna see
a miracle in your life of something happening that proves to you where you
just know in that moment that this happened to show you that it’s more
about connecting to your heart and letting go said that attention and Trust
at your higher-self your higher mind will bring this to you now if there’s anything else you want to
let go of ask your heart what there is to let go once again what you need to let go of or want to
let go of put inside this balloon pay attention to what color it is and then
choose to let it go watch it drift up and to the light of consciousness and
dissolve with love you have just let go police you’ve let go of energy that was
holding you back and you are now going to feel more into the energy of who you
really now
we are ready to come back so imagine yourself walking over to the stairs and
start your ascent back up and to conscious awareness with every step you
take you feel better and better you feel more
love in your heart center than ever before you’re starting to become more
present to the moments take another step now you feel even more present you feel
even more connected take another step and as you walk up
you are feeling more into the authentic core of who you are
now there are only 10 steps left these last 10 steps with every number
you count you are feeling more present to the moment more love in your hearts
and more like a completely new authentic version of you 10 take another step feel more connected
to you who you are 9 now you are feeling more present at
the moment 8 you are feeling more energy inside of your body 7 you feel like
you’re becoming more consciously aware 6 now you can feel the energy in your
heart becoming even more expanded 5 now you’re bringing more awareness inside
your body four now you feel more present to the
moment 3 starting to bring the awareness into your body
few of the muscles inside of your body start to wiggle around three-two-one
now you are awake feeling better than ever
doing present to the moment knowing that you have just let go of so much energy
that wouldn’t serve you and now you are completely
you I want to thank you for being you enjoyed this meditation would like
me to do more let me know in the comments below I will do more of these
and other than that listen to his meditation need time to let go
I recommend that if you listen to this for 21 days or a month even you’re gonna
start to feel like a completely new version
so with that being said hope you guys are doing this video feel free to like
if you’d like to subscribe if you haven’t ready that as always peace


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