Guided Meditation for Overthinking and Compulsion POD 6 Observing the Cats


Guided meditation for overthinking and compulsion. Okay, so yesterday we did that old body scan, we got one from our toes to our ears and got everything moving and becoming aware of how things are feeling. Today we’re going to be checking in with the mind. Yes, today is for a lot of people the first real mindfulness training we’re doing, right? So what’s mindfulness all about? It’s about understanding the mind and gaining new tools and insights to this thing right here, right? But as we’ve already learned there are so many external physical things that influence and have a way and affect and play a role on where we’re at mentally. So last time those were easier to get to, but today we’re going to go with our first exercise – observing what’s going on mentally. So take a minute, again, pause if you need to. Get into the posture of your desire today, it really doesn’t matter. Walking might be a little more difficult with this one. Eyes open might be a little more difficult to for this practice, particularly early on, eyes closed, in a seated kneeling or lying posture is generally easier and better. But you make a call, okay? Alright, welcome back. So today’s practice is called “Herding the Cats” and let’s begin herding those cats by taking a nice deep breath in, exhale, it’s time to turn that On switch Off. Let go of all the other things that we’ve been going on for the day and just spend a couple of minutes just checking in on the cats, okay. Also going to give yourself permission when we maybe start chasing rabbits, instead of herding cats. Now take a nice deep breath and it we’ll come back to where we want to be. Take a nice deep breath in, exhale, we’re going to do a a quick toes to ears and check to see if you have any tension anywhere. If we do, we’re taking a nice deep breath in and send that breath where the tension is and let it go. Take a nice deep breath in, and send it where that tension is and let it go. Alright, so we’ve got that breath now on automatic pilot – that diaphragm is starting to figure out what it needs to do, so we’re not even have to worry about our breath. We’re not even getting checking with our breath. We’re in a nice comfortable posture, so we’re just going to settle in and we’re going to go to our thoughts. So your eyes closed or covered. Just check them. Let’s take a mountain top view and watch those old westerns and the Cowboys pull up on that ridgeline, they look down on all their cattle or sheep whatever it might be, we’re going to look down on our mental cats. You might feel like a time you’re just in the middle of herd of all these cats. And they’re run and run and you’re trying to grab all these different thoughts these thoughts or these cats, they’re all going wherever they want to go, there not on getting in line, it’s making it real hard to focus. That’s okay, because right now, we’re not going to try to catch them, we’re not going to try to hurt them. I just want you to step back, and observe for the next few minutes, all you’re going to do is observe all of the different thoughts, or the loops, you find yourself in. It’s not right or wrong. In a way you can think of this is – Day Dreaming. But not Day Dreaming in the sense of just going off and losing yourself in the next couple of minutes. But stepping back and watching your mind work, and watch the thoughts and the ideas that come up into your mind. No judgment, no labeling, it’s not good or bad, all you’re doing is observing. Take a deep breath in, exhale and observe. Alright, so what’re you seeing? What’re are you observing? Are you distracted by this thought to that thought jumping all over? May be you got a loop that’s just playing over and over. Sit back and observe where your mind is going to go next? Is your mind staying in one tight little spot wrapped up in a little corner? Or is it bouncing all over the universe like the Star Trek Enterprise? Take a deep breath in, now on that exhale send it to that thought. Alright, just take a deep breath in, exhale Now again remember today’s practice, it wasn’t about being right or wrong we’re trying to control any thoughts, okay? Today we’re simply an observation of what our mind will do when you just let it run. Okay, we’re not looking to control it, remember, it’s not an Olympic sport, not about emptying the mind. This is about learning how to observe and cultivate it and do what we want. So now we observed it. That’s all we needed to do today. So take a nice deep breath in, exhale, let your eyes open up. We’re going to come back to what we were at. We’re going to go on and have another great day. Checking in and slowly building our skills of mental mastery mindfulness – whatever you want to call it, becoming in tune and aware of all the precious gifts and abilities that we have available to us. Hope you enjoyed this practice today. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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  1. Vibrant Tenacity

    February 23, 2016 4:00 pm

    That was incredibly awesome Hank! I'm so proud of you, can I say that??  I really connected to the background music as well which made for an ultimate experience. Thanks for sharing!!!


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