Guided Meditation for Patience

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I’m Sarah Baxley and welcome to pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics and Mindfulness channel and I’m here today
with a little Guided Meditation for Patience. So I just want to start off by
saying you know it’s funny because I mean there’s definitely certain people
that I know that have an incredible amount of patience and I’m sure that
it’s the same for you. I just wanted to say it’s really funny because you
know one of the things I think that we forget is that you know I don’t think
that people are necessarily just born patient. I don’t think that it’s just
that some people necessarily are more patient and others though I think
there’s a little bit of that but a lot of it is you know patience is something
that’s learned and it’s something that’s obtained through experience and often
times you know if you really talk to people that you know that seem to really
have a whole lot of patience you know there’s generally a reason why they are
where they are and why they are as patient as they can be because Jimmu
they’ve gone through things that are trying and that have really taught them
you know kind of the gift of patience. So anyway, we’re just gonna kind of just
take a little bit of time today. So for those of you that you know I’m guessing
are watching maybe have a little bit of a difficulty with patience. This is
something we’ll just kind of take a little bit of time to kind of tap into
and an hone into today. So just go ahead and get comfortable and
when you’re ready you can go ahead and close your eyes unless of course you’re
walking in which case keep your eyes open but if you’re doing a sitting
meditation just go ahead and close your eyes. I want you just to go ahead and
breathe normal you don’t have to necessarily breathe a certain specific
type of way but I just want for you just to be aware of your breath just to be
aware that your lungs are constantly taking in oxygen and constantly letting
it out. They’re doing that all the time whether
we’re present and aware of that or not Something that we often easily take for
granted is just simply our ability to breathe. So why don’t you just really
kind of ground down and get really mindful and really just offer up a lot
of gratitude for your lungs for keeping you alive. So just take a deep breath in. I want you to really just focus on on
the word patience for you to just take some time to really identify what that
is that that really means to you. ah.. So I want for you to just take a
couple nice breaths just kind of thinking about just thinking about those
thoughts just just if you really focus and really get mindful with the word
patience and how its application can better enrich your life you know what is
it that.. what is it that you come up with? So just take a couple minutes with those
thoughts there and just breathe. Just gently through your nose and mouth also
observing your chest rise and fall as you breathe you really think about the
embodiment of the word patience. You know patience is something that is very much
tied into mindfulness and it’s something that’s very much tied into being in the
present moment because when we think about when we’re
not patient when we think about leading a life that is lacking patience it’s
often because we are wanting to forge ahead or to move past something or to
skip a certain step that maybe needs to be made along the way and so that that
lack of patience within us and it’s – stemmed from a source of dissatisfaction
of the present moment. So just even you taking this time for yourself today to
gently close your eyes and meditate and gently take this time to give back to
yourself and really reflect upon the virtue of patience and what it means to
you just you’re taking this time it’s gifted you with patience because you’ve
been able to sit still you’ve been able to be mindful you’ve been able to
reflect and you’ve been able to really take some
time to just be and sometimes just being is such a beautiful gift and without the
gift of patience we wouldn’t be able to do that it wouldn’t be able to be here
and be present and be in the now. For when we lack patience we are wanting to move forward and wanting to move quickly wanting to be out of whatever situation
that were in. There’s no rush. We are where we are now and the best that we
can do is accept the present moment and just be thankful to be alive and just
being just keeping us alive and allowing us to breathe so that we can even be here
right now with one another to take this time and offer gratitude for the virtue
of patience. So anyway just take a couple final breaths here just in and out
through the nose and mouth bring kindness and love to your body, into
your lungs, into your mind, for taking this time of reflection today. When you’re
ready, just go ahead and gently open the eyes and notice where you’re at.
Notice your surroundings and just notice how it feels to have a little bit of
gratitude for patience to be thankful and mindful for where you are right in
this moment. So anyway, thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you around.
Thanks again. Cheers! 🙂


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