Guided Meditation for Peace of Mind

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Hey! I’m Sarah Baxley and Welcome to
pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics, and Mindfulness Channel. I’m here today with a little Guided Meditation for Peace of Mind. So you know often we have you know there’s a lot of different things that we have to juggle
in our day-to-day lives in the modern world and sometimes just sort of
catching our breath and clearing our thoughts can be something that may be a
little bit more difficult than it should be. So I just thought it would be nice
for us is it take a little bit of time today just to clear the mind and just to
slow down and to just bring a little bit of peace of mind to our day right. So
anyway, just go ahead and get into a comfortable seated position and if
you’re sitting go ahead and just let the eyes gently close you know kind of
wiggle around in your position with your shoulders or your legs or your hip or
your neck or whatever it is that you need to do to kind of feel comfortable
with right where you’re at and just kind of just take a couple
little breaths. You know you don’t have to breathe any particular certain way I
think just noticing that you are living and breathing and alive. So as you gently
focus on the breath, notice how it goes in and out of your in your nose and out
of your mouth. Notice how your chest rises and falls as
you breathe. Notice if it’s maybe difficult for you to slow down whether
or not it’s slowing down your thoughts or your body and you know I just wanted to
take a quick moment to just to applaud you for being here today
because you know often we want to be as productive as we can in our lives and we
don’t realize that sometimes taking the necessary time that we need to slow down is what really helps us maintain our our productivity. Without that downtime and
without giving back to ourselves you know finding that balance is really
difficult. So I just wanted to applaud you for being here with me today. So just
take a couple nice breaths through the body. I want you for just to pay attention for just a moment on how you’re feeling. Do
you feel any tension in your shoulders? Do you feel any tension in your head? Is
it hard to calm the mind because there’s a lot of thoughts that are going on? Is
it hard to sit still because you feel like there’s a lot of things on your
plate that you should be doing? Just notice your two sit bones if you’re
sitting. If you’re walking, notice your feet bones. But I’m sitting here so just
just pay attention to your sit bones and notice that here you are, you’re just
alive and present in this physical world, in this physical body touching a
physical surface which is the ground whether or not it’s with your tush or your feet. Just take some nice breaths into that. Just notice how nice
it feels just to slow down if even if it’s just for just a couple moments. You
know sometimes it’s really easy to go really quickly throughout life and you
know when we’re moving quickly we don’t really have to stop and let our emotions
cope with whatever it is that’s going on in our world and whatever things it is
that we might be dealing with on a particular day. So you know I want for
you just to take a little bit of time just to honor that, and honor the gift
you know being alive. Just focus your energy back into your breath back out
into the world. So in….. and again just take just a couple moments here you
just notice how even taking just a couple simple breaths there just a few
moments just to generally relax just notice how much that little bit of time
those a few minutes out of your day can bring so much peace of mind, peace of
spirit, to yourself and to your body. This is kind of a quick meditation today but just take a couple nice last breaths here.
I want for you to take both of your arms wherever you are still with your eyes
closed I want you to put them way up high into the air kind of like you’re
stretching and lower them down to your side and I want for you to give yourself a
big hug. Just give yourself a little love. I’m still hugging myself so you can – we
can hug ourselves together. We can give ourselves a little bit of love. Just
notice how nice that feels to be held and to be giving yourself just that
unconditional love that maybe you needed today. So just take a nice little moment
here and still just take your breath. When you’re ready, you can gently open the arms, you can gently relax the shoulders, and gently breathe. Whenever you’re ready just go ahead and open the eyes. Notice your surroundings. Notice how nice it was
just to take a little bit of time out of your day and to give yourself an awesome
two armed hug. So anyway, thank you so much for tuning in and if you want to see
or experience more meditations together, then be sure to subscribe to the channel.
But anyway, thanks again and I’ll see you around.
Cheers! 🙂


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