Guided Meditation for Positive Thinking


(no music) Hi, my name is Joel Thielke and thank you
for joining me for the positive thinking method positive thinking will change
your life in so many amazing ways and you’re choosing today to create
unlimited happiness and peace you’re also creating a more positive mindset
positive thinking it can sound cliche think of it like opening a door and
letting light rush into a room when you’ve actually reprogrammed your
thinking or your subconscious mind you’re able to see so many different
things around you in different ways unfortunately as human beings were
programmed from a very early age to look at the negatives and associate them with
ourselves and the things around us that inner self-talk is what we’re changing
sometimes that could take repetition or practice so this is not like a magic
spell think positive and everything will go swimmingly it’s an opening for
opportunity whether in business relationships dating money think
negative about it and that’s what shows up because you’re unable to see the
positive when it appears or you’re not attracting that because of the
negativity that lies just beneath the surface according to the National
Science Foundation an average person has about 12 to 60 thousand thoughts per day
of those 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts not all of negative
thinking or thoughts are bad some help us assess danger but most are just
useless monologues that were having in our own head
your attitude monitors your life so by adopting positive thinking and this
method you’re opening a new door to success and happiness and fulfillment
this is not about judging negativity or how many negative thoughts you have it’s
about training the brain to replace those negative thoughts with powerful
thinking so if you’re ready let’s go ahead and get started just find that
comfortable place take a deep breath in and let it out feeling so good
and you can just let go of yourself and enjoy that feeling let yourself sink
down into it let your arms feel heavier like bags of sand your core feels
heavier your arms are heavier
but they feel good feel good just to let them go the more you give into this relaxation
the heavier your eyelids might feel it’s so much easier just to keep them clothed
if you’d like and if you’d like to keep them open that’s okay just keep a soft
focus and from now on I’ll be speaking to your
subconscious so you can feel free to fall asleep or just drift off you don’t
have to listen to the words I say your subconscious mind will remember
everything I’ve said so if you want to drift off just go ahead it’s whatever
you want to do to make yourself so comfortable
the subconscious retains so much more information than your conscious mind you
remember all of the tools you’ll need for positive thinking and living a happy
and fulfilled life so just let go you just let go
letting the tension drain out of your body
allow yourself to be filled with peacefulness and calm and keep breathing
in and find a steady pattern in your breath
and they’ll slowly start to separate yourself from your body go ahead and
visualize that right now in your mind let your imagination go
so imagine stepping out of your body just like in the movies when you see the
spirit step out and observe the body adjust left go ahead and see that in your mind’s eye you’re safe and secure just follow the
sound of my voice you might even get a sensation of
floating know that you’re completely safe that it’s perfectly normal to feel
if you start to feel tingly you’re just very relaxed in this deep state of
relaxation and in this state you can start to rewire your brain you’re
creating positive vibes positive thoughts and emotions you are on the journey of knowing
yourself because once you start this journey of
knowing yourself and your strengths you can then start to let go of your fears
and completely confidently your ability to say I can once you learn to see
yourself as strong and build positive beliefs you will automatically stop
thinking negatively you’ll have a positive outlook moving forward right now I want you to make a choice to
be confident and strong to look at yourself and see that inner
strength and happiness and look down at yourself and say I can now with your
spirit still looking down on your body I want you to picture yourself in a room
this is a safe place it could be from your memory maybe somewhere from your
childhood or it could be somewhere you’ve made up in your imagination it’s
your choice this is your happy place where you can
come anytime choose that positive feeling and that positive energy it’s
all in this room this is a place where you feel so happy here you feel safe and
so relaxed now as you look down at your body see a red light right in the center
of your chest it’s pulsating almost with the beat of your heart every time it
pulses shoots a little red light little red lights out through your whole body
this red light is a negative energy it feels odd to have it it feels strange to
have that negative energy while you’re in this safe place so I want you to draw
that negative energy out of your body focus on it
bring it up so that it’s an orb of red light
hovering right in front of you draw all the negativity from your arms and your
legs into your chest out push it out of him so that you can see the red glowing
ball in the air in front of you and as you look at the red ball of negativity
think of the word positive give it a color maybe the color is peaceful
calming blue any color you choose and as you look at this word in your mind wrap
it around the ball at red ball of negativity that’s in front of you notice
that red ball starts to change color it starts to turn purple at the edges as
the purple moves towards the center of the ball the outside starts to turn blue
the blue moves towards the center of the ball so that entire ball of energy is
now blue it’s no more negative energy it’s now glowing peaceful ball of energy once the orb is completely blue imagine
that you’re drawing drawing it back into your body right into your chest the
positive energy is now in your body it starts to pulse like before with the
beat of your heart every time it pulses it shoots little blue lights down your
arms your legs through your chest and feeling that relief that ease that this
is the lane that your body’s meant to be your whole body is now glowing with good
positive energy you can see it in your head around your
brain filling your head with positive thoughts God just see you feel and feel
your body relax feel your mind start to open it space because that energy is
much cooler allows you to think about her see better hear better understand
the present that is around you the listening starts to multiply itself two
times ten times with practice and now you can let your spirit go back
into your body let it merge with your body your body is still glowing with
that positive energy and when your spirit reunites with your body you can
feel this energy surging through your whole body like a fresh deep breath of
air you start to transform those thoughts those feelings you can always go back to this place
take a deep breath in and let it out enjoy how comfortable and centered that
positive energy makes you feel it might take some time before positive thinking
becomes more automatic each time you practice you’ll get better and better at
releasing the negative energy from your body and allowing that positive energy
to take over instead you’ll be presented with many different people in many
different situations that will allow you to practice this new way and this new
method of thinking you’ll know that the tension will be gone that you can
encounter things differently and succeeding at all of them but if you
don’t that’s okay just tell yourself you’ll do better next time and let the
positive thoughts begin there begin with seeing yourself in a positive light tell
yourself you can succeed in thinking positively you no longer have to see
life in a negative way and you’re able to create your own happiness to find
your own fulfilment even in hard situations you can now see hope you can
see hope and you know that you can do it and you know what it takes to accomplish
your goals as you develop this muscle that helps
you think positively you’ll watch your life move forward start to mature your
attitudes towards things will start to change and the people around you will
see you differently will be with you differently it starts to get better and
better and you’ll see your relationships improve and thrive just keep breathing
in that feeling you begin to feel more confident self-assured and Happiness on
your way to being a positive happy person as you practice this method
you’ll notice your mood improves did your interactions with people were they
more pleasant you might wake up early just because you have the ability to
take on more things but you enjoy in your life your outlook on work and
relationships can change just by doing one session of this method now coming
back slowly into the room take your time wiggle your fingers wiggle your toes I’m
gonna count from 1 2 3 when I get to three you’ll be fully back present in
the room one each and every day you’ll notice a
difference in how you approach life people will notice and compliment you on
it to feeling so good so alive ready to take on the day and three coming all the way back in the
room and you do feel good don’t you thank you for joining me keep practicing
and namaste (no music)


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