Guided meditation for relaxation and inner peace from overeating


watch this video to learn a way of
self-soothing that doesn’t rely on food hi I’m gonna net with the net team sure
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new content is released every Sunday it still amazes me how much our
awareness our attention can impact how we feel in the body
when what we’re focused on is a feeling of discomfort or stress that’s what gets
amplified but when our attention shifts to focusing on a nice feeling like rest
it has the same effect and this video today is going to teach you feel rest a
technique that’s all about creating and appreciating rest relaxation within the
body feel rest is a technique you can use as a formal seated practice getting
near 10 minutes or more in of returning as much of your attention onto
the technique as possible or it could be used on the go so during your day if you
become aware of feeling a little stressed a little keyed up you might
choose to apply feel rest and it can be well amazingly relaxing that’s kind of
the whole point so what we’re doing with this technique is either you’re becoming
aware of one part of the body if you notice tension there you’re kind of
releasing the tension and noce noticing that quality of rest you relaxing like
for right now you’re to focus on your jaw and maybe it’s a little tight you
releasing tension pick up on that quality of rests that that comes through
that is the focus of this technique that is the object of focus and this
technique so either you’re focusing on one area of rest where it feels really
good or even neutral or you’re focusing on multiple areas you’re allowing your
attention to flow between multiple areas of neutrality or rest and you could also
do a practice of zooming out to have your attention on the whole body and
picking up and appreciating the quality of rest there those are the three
different approaches you can have for this technique see rather doing one area
allowing it to float or whole body and the object of focus is rest all rest so
what can happen what you might want to watch out for is when you’re trying to
zoom in onto a feeling or quality of rest that which is not rest might become
more apparent to you so feeling pain in your body or you know a stressed-out
feeling like a tension in the stomach that’s where I feel a lot of my
emotional sensations if you pick up on that I do what you can to release some
tension in that area but really what you’re doing is drawing your attention
back to rest back to rest so if a thought comes up you
deserve the thought but bring your attention back to rest you’re not
feeding the thought you’re not you’re not feeling pain and in allowing this
like tornado of thoughts to emerge what you’re doing is you’re you’re you
acknowledge that you feel pain there that’s not rest so you’re bringing your
attention back to rest that’s this technique so keep that in
mind if you are feeling a kind of overwhelming stressful state maybe it’s
not time to focus on creating rest in that area maybe all that’s available to
you is focusing on an area of neutrality common area of its of neutrality or your
arms and I love focusing on legs and feet so feeling the sensation of being
seated feeling your feet on the ground feeling into those spaces what
sensations exist there what does it feel like to be seated and those are great
areas to focus on if you’re feeling especially you know escalated in that
way and an emotional way so those are some tips for taking the practice on
your own this guided practice is available to you as well that’s coming
up next and below I will include the timestamp for when the guided practice
starts in case you ever want to access that again without this part in front so
I hope you’ll find this and a guided practice helpful and it will give you I
think a flavor of how powerful that link between our awareness and our physical
state and emotional state can be begin making sure you’re seated
comfortably or lying down if you’re preparing for sleep take a deep breath
expanding your belly and releasing tension on the out-breath we’re going to
start with the brief body scan so beginning at the top of your head at
your scalp take note of any tension release it as best you can start to feel
the feeling of rest move your attention to your face your jaw and release
tension creating rest to the best of your ability take note of that feeling
of rest total qualities does it have continued to shift your focus down to
your neck to your shoulders creating rest loosening releasing tension
creating rest continue to the arms releasing tension focusing on rest to
your hands what is that quality of rest what does
it feel like next we move to your chest to your belly you might take a few slow belly breaths
here releasing tension on the out-breath and feeling a quality of rest if that’s
available to you moving down to your seat to your legs releasing any tension
you can noting any quality of rest or neutrality and finally your feet what
feeling of rest can you become aware of there so quickly scanning your body at
your own pace does any area feel particularly restful
or neutral let your attention linger in an area where you can really feel rest
maybe it’s your scalp your jaw feel into rest keep your attention there if your attention is drawn to an active
area maybe a painful area bring your attention back to the feeling of rest in
an area of your choice what qualities can you notice about that area of rest does it have any sort of vibrancy to it are there boundaries to that sensation
of rest how does bringing your attention to that
feeling that sensation of rest change it perhaps it changes in intensity or it
expands maybe it doesn’t change it’s all good your attention drifts to thoughts bring
it back to the quality of rest if you wish you can shift your attention
to another area of rest or neutrality in the body or you could keep your
attention in this area of focus of rest you can choose to have your attention
drift from area of rest to area of rest we’ll continue to explore the subtle
quality of rest in a specific area in these final moments of practice we’re
gonna bring our attention zoomed out to the whole body noting any diffuse
qualities of rest a global quality of rest if that’s
available to you appreciate any feeling of rest you can
become aware of gently bring your attention back to the
space here in so we had this practice open your eyes whenever you are ready I hope you found feel rest to be helpful
and again if you’re interested in mindfulness techniques that can help
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  1. Marcy Crawford

    September 1, 2019 9:31 pm

    Annette – this is great! Have you considered starting up an Insight Timer channel? I think your guided practices would be well-received there. 🙂

  2. Anna Svedberg

    September 3, 2019 12:50 pm

    Loved this video Annette! Yoga and mindfulness was the gateway into my healing from a bad relationship with food, so I personally find it so helpful. You have such a calm energy so this was definitely restful 🙂

  3. Coach Barb

    September 3, 2019 5:47 pm

    I love your energy and your soothing voice, I enjoyed your video. I did the practice and it felt so relaxing, Thank you!

  4. The Brave Girl Project

    September 5, 2019 1:09 pm

    Loved this practice today! Thank you for sharing this practice and helping me to become more self-aware of my areas of rest and how to create that. So comforting!


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