Guided Meditation for Releasing Tension

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I’m Sarah Baxley and welcome to pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics and Mindfulness Channel. I’m here today with
a little guided meditation for releasing tension. Tension is definitely something
that I’m sure we all have dealt with. Probably if you are watching this video
you are watching it to relieve some tension. You know there is so much stress
you know in today’s day and age. We’re living dual lives with you know our
online world and our personal world and you know just kind of really getting
caught up in you know day-to-day life with our jobs, and kids, and family, and
duties and everything. So you know sometimes we end up storing tension in
our bodies without even really realizing that we’re doing it. So today we’re just
gonna kind of go through and you know just kind of maybe identify like the
areas of the body that we hold tension and just kind of try to breathe into
those places and kind of try to relieve some of that tightness and that stress.
So anyway for this particular meditation you can see I’m sitting with my legs
folded right now but I think I’m actually gonna straighten my legs out
because I personally sometimes also carry tension down like in my feet and
ankle area and I like to kind of breathe into those places as well. So you know
get into sit into I’m just gonna kind of lean my back against here but get into
whatever is the comfortable position is for you whether or not you want to lay
down maybe you know maybe you want to walk around maybe you want to sit down
whatever that is for you. Just go ahead and try
a comfortable place. So whenever you feel ready, just go ahead and just let the
eyes kind of just gently close and just breathe normal and just notice your
breath. Notice if your breath is deep. Notice if
it’s shallow. Notice the way your chest moves up and down as you breathe. If you
find different thoughts kind of running around
throw a lasso and wrangle them up and pull them in and let them kind of just
sit down and take some time. So anyway, just breathe. Just notice that you’re here. Just
notice that you’re here and now in this present moment, that you found yourself
here to sit, and relax, and take everything in. You’ve set aside this time
to give back to yourself, to clear your thoughts and to relieve tension. Give
yourself a couple nice full breaths and again and yet again and as you sit
with this oxygen now sent through your body, just notice any areas where you
might carry some extra tightness. Maybe you’re carrying some tightness in your
neck. If so, send a couple nice warming breath to your neck. Or maybe you’re
carrying some tension in your shoulders and if so take a couple nice deep
breaths into your shoulders. Let them know that you appreciate them.
Let them know that you acknowledge all the hard work that you do for them. Let
them know that you’re honoring them; you’re giving them love and space right
now. And then let’s move down to the back. Maybe we’re carrying tension in certain
areas of our back. Maybe it’s our mid-back. Maybe it’s our lower back. But
if you’re carrying any tension in these areas just notice that and breathe and
breathe into these places with a deep breath and again. And then we move down
and notice if we’re carrying any tension in our hips and our thighs. Maybe we have tension in those places.
Maybe some of us you know deal with issues with sciatica. You know sometimes
there could be a nerve or pain that stems down through the sides of our hips,
down our thighs, and down our leg. (breathes) So if you’re storing any tension in those
areas, just take a deep breath and just breathe into them. Breathe into your
sciatic nerve. Breathe into your hips. Breathe into your thighs. Just notice–
notice how that feels to kind of breathe into those areas. (breathes deeply) And then let’s move
down into our calves and into our shins. You know for those of us that maybe
where you wear heels to work, maybe we wear a lot of sandals, maybe we’re on our
feet a lot, you know? If this is the case, just kind of notice and take some
intentional breaths and send those breaths down into into your calves and down into your
shins. (breathes deeply) Sending deep breath down. And finally
let’s go and move our intention down to our feet and down into our ankles. We use
our feet a lot. They take us around from place to place. They carry and support
all of the weight of our body and you know they also get you know sometimes
the oxygen takes longer for them to go down because they’re furthest from our
heart. So I want for you to take a couple intentional breaths. Breathe all the way
down into your feet, all the way down into your toes. You can move your feet
and your ankles around a little bit. Move your toes around a little bit and just
take a few deep intentional breaths down into your feet, and ankles, and toes.
Ready? (breathes deep) And again. (breathes deeply). Now I want for you to
notice how you’re feeling and notice if there’s any other areas in any places
where you’re holding tension. Maybe you’re holding tension in the crown of
your head with your thoughts, your thought patterns. And maybe you’re
carrying a lot of tension in your neck. Maybe you sit down at your computer or
your laptop and you’re bending over for many hours during the day wherever that
is that you’re holding that tension. Wherever it is that you notice as we
close just take 10 intentional breaths into that area into that part of your
body or parts of your body that you notice that you’re storing the tension.
And as you breathe into those areas, visualize the tension almost like a
cloud floating away it’s almost like the wind of your breath
is pushing away that cloud that dark cloud of tension and with every exhale
it moves further and further away. So on the count of three we’re gonna take
ten intentional breaths. Ready? On the count of three. ONE. TWO. and THREE (breathes deeply). That’s one (breathes deeply). Two (breathes deeply).That’s three (breathes deeply). That’s four (breathes deeply). That’s five (breathes deeply). That’s six against sending it
into the areas of our body that we’re holding the tension. Ready? (breathes deeply) and that’s seven (breathes deeply) And that’s
eight. With each breath or releasing the tension (breathes deeply). and that’s nine (breathes deeply). And finally our tenth breath,
ready? (breathes deeply). Notice how you feel right now. Notice how your body
is feeling right now. Are you feeling more relaxed right now than you were
when you first sat down? Are you feeling relieved that you’ve let go of some
tension that you were holding onto before you took this time to honor yourself and
honor your mindfulness and meditation practice? So just take a couple final
breaths to yourself and kind of come to and notice your surroundings and notice the
natural rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Whenever you’re ready,
just go ahead and gently open your eyes. Notice your surroundings and notice where
you are. And notice that you’re here. Right here. Right now. Notice how even taking just a couple minutes out of your day, notice what a huge impact that
can make on your life, on your body, the ways that you carry tension, your thought
patterns, and your overall outlook on life. So anyway, thank you so much for
joining me today. If you enjoyed this video, then hit a like… or share with
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mind thanks you. Your heart thanks you. And I thank you for being here with me
right now and sharing this time. So anyway, thanks again and I hope that you
have a beautiful rest of your day. Cheers! 🙂


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  1. Mayur Hassija

    July 9, 2018 10:44 am

    I felt the tension in my left shoulder melting away as I meditated on this. Thank you for this meditation, it was helpful!


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