Guided Meditation for Self Healing – Energy Healing

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welcome to this guided meditation on
self healing welcome to becoming a better you by skied I hope you’re a last
all distractions are away telephones are off
and you will be free from distraction for the next time
you’re wearing comfortable clothes sitting lying down or standing in your
meditative position are you ready let’s begin bring your attention to your
breath so through your nose breathe in slowly filling your diaphragm
and as your ribs expand in your chest expand and then when your
breath is full start breathing out through your nose let your chest lower your ribs contract
your diaphragm ray breathe in again like this and become
aware that as you breathe in you’re not just breathing in air you’re also
breathing in something more subtle a chi a piranha
and when your breath is full draw that prana into your belly
and as you exhale leave the Piranha where it is breathing
again you build this energy in your abdomen and then after a few breaths you’re going to take that energy in your
abdomen down to your lower Dan Tien which is located just above your
perineum and that a little piece of skin muscle between your genitals in your
anus in the interior of your body and it raises to as high is about three fingers
below your navel or your belly button keep breathing gently in and out full
breaths drawing the external Qi the Brawn
into your lower Dan Tien and as you do this become aware of another subtle
energy within your body that flows from your kidneys down into your lower Dan
Tien to and here these two images combined as
the lower Dan Tien Rhodey this energy is slowly building in your
lower Dan Tien and this is the energy we’re going to use today to check and
heal our bodies and not just our physical bodies but our mental bodies
and our consciousness bodies we’re going to start by going towards
our feet to do this first raise the energy with your will or your
imagination up to your solar plexus and then push the energy towards your
hips down the outside of your legs the outside of your knees down your shins
across the bridge of your feet and into your toes let the energy flow freely
down into your toe and if you are having any trouble doing
this the energy does not want to flow then wherever it stops concentrate on
that area perhaps it’s an energy blockage perhaps it’s an ache a pain a
little niggle and a focus your attention there and just keep the energy flowing
to that point until it releases and this is what we’re going to do all the way
through the body so hopefully by now the energy you’re breathing it in you’re
taking it to your lower Dan Tien it’s flowing through your hips down the
outside of your legs and into your toes now I let that energy flow from your
toes into your feet penetrating on the physical level every
cell every molecule every atom of your physical body in your feet
an ulcer your mental body and your spiritual body
you and keep the flow going all the way from
the breath down this channel and bring the energy to your ankles and a trading every atom on every scanning feeling removing those aches
those pains those energy blockages by stopping and concentrating on those
areas and up we go to the shins and the cars finding all those points opening all the
meridians carpet girls take your time find those points and up to the knees and you upper legs
your hamstrings your quads your thighs when you reach your hips bring this
energy back to your lower Dan Tien if you’ve managed to do this easily just
stay here and if you’re behind clearing blockages
take your time to focus on until you can get back to the lower den dear if the energy is in the lower Dan Tien
keep breathing during that external Qi that our honor into your lower Dan Tien hopefully now you’re back could you
lower Dan Tien if you’re female just keep building the energy
in your lowered end here and if you are male we’re going to take this chi this internal chi of the jing and the
external gee that’s mix we’re going to take it to our genitals we’re going to
take it along the top of the show down to the tip back down the underside and
back to the lower Dan Tien once you’ve completed one cycle send the
energy all the way through the shaft to the tip and then let it flow back and
down into the testicles and back to the lower Dan Tien and clear any blockages you may have
here and come back to the lower Dan Tien wait here no if you’re female take this
energy from your lower Dan Tien take it to your genitals to the outside let it flow up the lips
to the top back down again you and then take inside
you let it flow
to your uterus let it feel your uterus up your Varian tubes and into your
ovaries clearing any blockages along the way any eggs pains and noodles and then
bring it back down to your lower Dan Tien I’m going to take this energy our bladder
through our anus through our buttocks through our pelvic bone wool from our
hips and our lower Dan Tien slowly filling every internal organ our
abdominal muscles our back muscles our spine the skin every cell every item of the
three bodies through your intestines up to your
stomach you spleen your gallbladder your liver your kidneys and all the other
organs keep the cycle going keep the external
Qi the piranhas coming in through your breath down to your lower Dan Tien
mixing with you Jing bringing it up into your organs checking as you go for any
aches any pains any energy blockages releasing them as you go by
concentrating on them by sending the energy to those points now we go through the diaphragm into our
lungs our heart up our back further up us by into our ribs her chest filling every cell on the three-level every vibration checking is weaker releasing those blockages those eggs and
those pains keep going all the way through to your shoulders keep the flow going keep breathing in
and out through your nose slowly no we’re going to send this energy down down our biceps are triceps our bones uh
nerves blood vessels our skin our tendons all on the physical level
all on the energetic level to your elbows to your forearms notice any tension in your forearms this is a place where
many people have little niggles aches and pains energy blockages and they
don’t even realize pay attention closely to your forearms take as long as you need to live those
blockages releasing the a pains and niggles and then flow one into your
wrists into your hands into your fingers the joints of your fingers and all the
way to the tips once you’ve got there turn the energy back back up your
fingers through your knuckles through your hands wrists or your forearms you up your up around in back to your
shoulders take the energy in deal through her
esophagus your neck the spine in unit and again many
tensions are held in the neck so pay attention release any blockages
aches pains and needles with this internal Chi as you were healing every
cell every had one a physical level the mental
and the spiritual consciousness level let the energy flow into your head back of the skull down into the jaw the
tongue the teeth the gums the lips chin and it comes through the roof of the
mouth the cheeks the nose the eyes get many tensions a hell around the eyes
check these areas carefully take your time oh yes flow through your brain you
forward you eyebrows the way around you when you got there release the energy and when you’ve got
the release this energy out through the top of your head
through your ground jack and just be headpiece no we’re going to take this to another level bring your attention back to your lower
Dan Tien as the Jing keeps flowing as the external she keeps entering through
your lungs that prana coming down to your lower Dan Tien when you’re ready
you’re going to draw that energy from your lower Dan Tien up through your
spine through that Kundalini channel and into
your heart because here lies your middle and end you’re going to fill your middle end
here with this internal Chi and as it lies moves in your middle and here
you’re going to become aware that the vibration of this energy changes within
your middle Andean it changes from an energy names Qi to
shin this energy is a lighter energy
I’m when it’s all changed shin radiate the shin out into your astral
body into your our body into your cosmic body releasing any energy blockages you
have in these bodies feel all around notice any blockages any darker patches
any patches of lower vibration and just send the shed into those areas take your time we’re near finish we’re going to draw the Shen bag – we’re
going to take this Shin out of our hearts Hakan daleney our paws behind and
into our Abaddon Tien located around the be no glare pine of land located in the
centre of our heads the base of our brain that leads towards that third eye
the channel to the third high we’re going to hold this energy in the
upper Dantean this shared energy we’re going to notice
it changes again becomes even light and changes to another energy when the energy is fully changed into
the hell this even lighter more subtle energy we’re going to let it radiate out
in every direction the way it wants to go this let it flowed and guided let it
flow let it fill and your remaining energy blockages we may have anywhere on
any level bring your attention
to the back of the head an observe how your lower Dan Tien your middle Dan Tien
and you up at end here a working together in harmony with these three energies only three
levels let them work at their own pace always in your subconscious the back of your consciousness when you’re ready think of your toes and give them a
wiggle think of your fingers and give them a wiggle gently tense the
muscles new cars new legs your upper legs you but you popped him in new chest your
shoulders biceps triceps and forearms ever so gently when you’re ready oh I hope you enjoy
this self-healing guided meditation you’ve cleared many blockages many eggs
and many pains if you didn’t have time to remove them that’s absolutely fine
you now have this guided meditation use it as often as you wish
until it’s a wall cleared and keep using it every now and then it’s a week or so
to keep the energy levels healthy the blockages clear the aches and pains
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