Guided Meditation for Self Love and Honouring Boundaries | Ethereal Meditations

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Welcome to Ethereal Meditations. The intention
of this guided meditation is to help encourage the practice of honouring our own boundaries.
Before we begin, please take a moment to find a comfortable position. When you are ready,
slowly close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Breathing in through your
nose, and out through your mouth. Do not rush or force the flow of oxygen, allow your body
to breath within its own natural rhythm. Our breath is an incredibly powerful force, a
gift of expansion and transformation that is innately a part of us and is accessible
whenever we desire. When used intentionally, the breath can be incredibly healing and cleansing
for our bodies. With each inhale, feel the power of your breath bringing your mind back
to the present moment. Back to a realm of peace and stillness where thoughts of the
past and future dissipate and the bliss of this present moment, is all that exists. When we honour our own boundaries, we honour ourselves
by staying true to our needs, levels of comfort and all of that which makes us uniquely us.
Learning, understanding and voicing our own boundaries is not an overnight process. It
takes time, moments of introspection and requires that we stay authentic to ourselves. When
we take the time to check in with our bodies, we create the space to be able to confidently
and assertively follow through with responses that make us feel comfortable, happy and safe.
Perhaps you’ve experienced a moment where something felt off, uncomfortable or perhaps
it felt as if it wasn’t safe to speak up. There does not always have to be a concrete
example or a logical explanation that our brains our able to dissect. Sometimes, an
experience may occur and our physical body and its innate wisdom, is where the communication
comes through. If there is a particular experience or any moment in time where your boundaries
may not have been honoured, and if this experience has resulted in uncomfortable emotions, negative
energy or certain sensations that have not been fully released from your body, let’s
use the power of breath to assist in this process. Take a moment to scan your body starting
from your toes and all the way up to the crown of your head. Feel if there are any areas
of tension or discomfort. Trauma and different emotions can become stuck energy within our
body, creating tension, pain or other sensations that we may not be aware of. Keep visualizing
and feeling the healing energy come in with each inhale and with each exhale, visualize
and feel any discomfort or stuck energy dissipating. Breathing in strength, breathing out tension.
Trust in the power of your breath and this present moment, to help release anything that
no longer serves you. Keep focusing on your breath and practicing the visualization release
of tension and any negative energy. As our bodies are more open and calm, the
cells in our body are open to receiving healing words of wisdom. Let’s take a moment to
practice healing affirmations which will help you to honour your own boundaries confidently
and assertively, while staying patient and kind with yourself. I
love and accept myself in all moments. I am a confident, genuine and kind person. My
intentions are good and pure. I love all of the qualities about myself that
make me uniquely me. I give myself permission to speak my truth, without fear or anticipation
of how others may perceive me. I give myself permission to speak up if something doesn’t
feel right, even in those moments where I don’t fully understand why. It is ok to
listen to the innate wisdom of my body and to not be able to articulate or convey all
the answers. I give myself permission to say no anytime I feel like it. I choose to respond
and act in ways that protect my own energy. I am not responsible for the words, actions
or responses from other people. It is not my responsibility to anticipate the
feelings, reactions or responses from others. Other people’s happiness is not my responsibility. It
is ok to pause, to take time, to check in with myself, and to think and ponder before
I respond to someone. It is ok to change my mind.Those who love and
care about me will honour my boundaries, my truth my words and receive me with kindness
and compassion. Thank you for listening to this guided meditation. We hope that this
continues to assist you on your journey to confidently and unapologetically speaking
your truth and honouring boundaries. If you are interested in listening to other guided
meditations, please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal Meditations and subscribe.


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