Guided Meditation for the New Year—full session

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So start our meditation with the nine breathings of purification. Just be aware of the three channels are clear and more open. The center of you body its more clear and more open. Bring closer attention to that openess in the center of you body. Gradually feel the sense of openess and connectiveness entire your body, from the sole of the feet til the crown. So your mind and body its completely connected to each other, supporting each other. Be aware of the stillness in your body. From the sole of the feet to the crown. More closer attention to the areas of the body were you feel numb, feelingless, feeling pain, feeling blocked or feeling sick. Bring a sense of deep stillness and peace into those areas and connection. At the same time, not hold your breath, breath deep. And be aware that we all are practicing together this moment all around the world in many countries, many people. That we all are supporting each other. We all are connected to each other. So you are not alone and you have a lot of help, if you are open to all of them. If you are aware those connections. So feel the connection and support from everybody who is participating the meditation this moment. Continuously be aware of the stillness in your body. Rest, connect in that stillness. Whenever you lose the connection to that stillness be aware, reconnect and continue, rest. Now be aware of the silence, around and within. Hear it, feel it, connect with it. Rest deep in that silence and sense of deep peace, without putting any effort. Now be aware of the spaciousness of the mind. Mind is always clear and open if you rest. Or feel like a sky, be like a sky. Clear, spaciousness. Now continuously rest. You are connected to your body, you are connected to your speech, you are connected to your mind. Rest in that connection of your body, speech and mind. In that stillness, silence and spaciousness gradually be aware of inner aspect of that or inner dimension of stillness, of silence and spaciousness, which is the stillness of being, the silence of being, the spaciousness of being, that presence in that being with trust, with sense of support. That we are suppoting each other. You are not alone. Feel that connection. As we rest in that inner sacred space, just allow whatever the left over pain, conflict, traces, of old year 2015 uncomplete, unfinished for the last time. Allow them particularly which were there, but you avoided. You turned your face away. One last time confirm them with support of inner refuge, support of the lineage, power of prayers, power of the Sangha, collective power, we all are helping each other. Its completely Ok. Its not bad as you…think. Its not as scary as you think. Just bring into in that sacred space. Host in that sacred space. With spacious, luminous, warm place, with spacious, luminous, warm place. That pain need that space. That pain need that connection. That pain need that warmth. You are holding in that sacred space. Like a strong loving mother giving a hug to a needy, a child who need to mature, who need protection. Power of that connection. Power of that presence. Power of that warmth. Pain melting, dissolving. You are liberating…from it. Gradually witness that. Experience that. Feel that and rest into that cessation, liberation. And that´s the best way of saying goodbye to the old karma with pure awareness. Let it go. Let go all those stories. All those recurring thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain. Let go and rest in that sacred space. When you are clear and strong presence in that sacred space, they all will leave, you feel release and you continously feel strong presence. It´s like sealed sacred space. It´s like a last goodbye. Now gradually as you remain clear and presence in that sacred space you begin to feel more familiar, more grounded, more lively, more vivid in that space. It´s not just a passive presence, a lively presence. Creative presence. Allow the warmth, the love, the joy, the confidence, clarity, compassion, equanimity. All the virtues, all the enlightened quality. Whatever is arising for you this moment, allow them. Not go after what is not there. Not worry…not worry about what is not there. Or trying to force yourself something that you think you have to feel. What is naturally arising, spontaneously ocurring be aware. Feel them. A spontaneous joy, spontaneous inspiration, a spontaneous devotion, a spontaneous openess, What is arising it´s for you. What is arising is the door for everything else what is not arising. Feel that quality such as joy, or love allow it to manifest through your body, through your speech, through your mind. Allow them to manifest for the healing of yourself and welfare for others, in forms and movement, in voices and speech, in feelings, imaginations, in thoughts, in creativity. Allow it to transform your life and life of others. So, first of all I wanted to wish everybody…from all around the world, from deep in my heart, I wish you all a happy new year 2016. May all be happy, healthy and all your right wishes…need wishes, come true and may all you be kind to each other. So I…we have just 15 minute time here, I just wanted to say a few words. As you can see during this practice, one very simple thing that in every practice we are trying to do is we are trying to let go off everything what interferes our life. We are trying to embody enhance everything, help ours enrich our life. Sometime we have a great success and sometime we chall…we face challenges and sometime we feel very difficult and very lonely doing it, because each one of us are in different places. And sometime it is hard to know for one person to how it feels to be in another situation. You can only feel that if you are in that situation, otherwise there is no ways to really like a… have a good… sense of what that feels like. And I know like sometime, sometime people go through difficult moments, and I think for others who are not going through difficult moments very difficult to imagine that. So…so whoever in that sense there are moments where you are going through challenges and difficult moments. I think it is really important to not give up. Trust yourself, trust the refuge tree, trust the collective power of the Sangha, trust your own prayers, trust yourself. And I think its…there is so much help from higher places, from collective places, from individual places and something deep hidden in you. There are power there and unless you are open to go to any of these sources, you are not going to really find help. So I would strongly encourage to… …to know there is a help and to have strenght enough to look for those help and ask. I think unless you ask, nobody will hear you need something. Unless you trying to approach somebody to connect, they do not know how to come closer to you. So I think it is important to be brave to go out and ask others whoever you think who might have some ways helping you, I think I would strongly encourage to go and ask. Anybody even in…a Sangha, teacher, friends, family…they need to hear. And of course…sometime when they hear it completely you get support, sometime it´s possible you might not get as you want, but it´s Ok. But there is a lot out there that want to and willing to and can help, help you. And including yourself. You do go deep inside like during this meditation, you will find help yourself. Obviously and ultimately I think the best way to get help is within that inner refuge within yourself. And the other thing I wanted to share a little bit is like, as you know, the end of this year, we just finished know. We are in the new year now. That something that we all host in our heart something about ourselves that maybe ten years ago, what you did, feeling guilty about it or twenty years ago, thirty years ago, and…very difficult to get out of it, because feeling guilty that you shouldn´t have done. or sometime it is not about toward yourself, you are holding some animosity against toward somebody or you are holding some very wrong opinion about somebody. Twenty years ago somebody said something to you in one simple moment of conversation. Twenty years ago during one moment of conversation you hear comebody say something that was not right. Strange opinion. Or twenty years ago somebody did something that you felt bad, you felt hurt. Or if somebody did something that you, intelectually you have a very wrong opinion about that person. We hold hundreds of thousands of those people in our heart, in deep inside ourselves…against those people. We do the same thing with ourselves like that. I think it is the time not to do that, because you know how much you have changed in twenty years. That is clear proof you how much other could have changed in twenty years. You would not do what you did twenty years…twenty years ago. You know they will not do and they are not doing it. They are a totally different person as you are. So forgive yourself and forgive those people. Not hold anything against yourself. No..not do you hold anything against any other people. And for…most importantly, for your own sake. You have enough…pain to deal with. You don´t have to have totally unnecessary things. So I would strongly…ask everybody to, to reflect in that and let go. Reach out to those people. Reach out to yourself. Find yourself, find those good people. Connect with those good people. Connect with that good nest in yourself. Trying to live life as much as possible from that individual and collective goodness. That is our gift. A gift that we have. So that´s, that´s all for this this life webcast and I want to, ones again, wish you all happy new year. And as we…will do the dedication. All pure virtue done through the three doors, I dedicate to the welfare of all sentient beings of the three realms. Having purified all afflictions and obscurations of the three poisons, May we swiftly achieve the complete buddhahood of the three bodies. Thank you, bye. And here maybe everybody wants to say \”Hi\”. Thank you.


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