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Welcome to the guided meditation for
weight loss achieving a healthy body that you
deserve can be accomplished by getting in touch
with your body’s needs and cues as well as a healthy lifestyle changes that can
be made possible by activating your fire in determination use this meditation to
help support you as you progress on your path towards achieving your weight loss
goals so bringing yourself into a comfortable
cedar lying position making any adjustments that are necessary to make
sure you can remains still the duration of the practice when you feel settled
until they close their eyes becoming aware the rhythm and flow of
the natural prayer her entire body watching your breath and the moment and entered her nostrils
down to the belly watching it except once more noticing how each exhalation your body
is becoming more and more relaxed as the acceleration releasing tension with the press killing all the tension that you’ve been
holding on to the melting away muscles in your legs are listening and
relaxing the muscles of her back and chest softening and relaxing killing the muscles of your arms and
hands while accessing letting go feel the muscles of your neck and
shoulders coming more and more relax your tension is melting away with each
of your exhalations even the muscles of your faith coming
softer more relax slightly apart your lips blacks your forehead body was completely comfortable and at
ease become aware of how you were feeling in
this moment the calming and relaxing effect of your
breath as I move your weariness coming in the drug situation in your mind becoming
more relaxed tensions your body and your mind completely you are completely support yourself to just be here watching the
natural following freely his allies yourself and the soft grass of a matter grass short deep green winding down shade of a tree temperature of the year was very
pleasant on your skin picture this place in as much detail as
you can the air completely completely now bring your attention to their thoughts
in your mind how here in this case you can watch the thoughts and feelings
of her mind becoming involved to buy them detachment watch competence but how energy maybe pride faction me the first step you have chosen to make chained as you
progress towards her own success you can feel that all these benefits
however in your grasp you on your path towards better health here and happier
you way of keeping it off means making healthy choices that are
both rewarding and enjoyable as he observed the fitness goals that
you have herself take a moment to consider the obstacles that have been
preventing you from achieving these goals so far maybe you struggle with difficult
emotions like anxiety or boredom frustration depression so what do you mean figures in order to redirect these patterns of
behavior we observe and recognize these emotions
when they come up you can redirect them into more constructive behavior choices as it is the triggers here remember you
can’t change the emotions you feel that you can change the way we are and we respond too difficult emotions
with poor choices we are compelled these feelings with guilt becoming more aware of these triggers
allows us the possibility of changing our reactions by redirecting my
reactions patterns and two more positive directions we can move toward achieving
our goal a very small success that’s our confidence in the direction
of the Spira and even if you slip up making sure to be gentle with yourself as he continued to sit here and this
peaceful meadow under the shade of the tree I sent to the following
affirmations repeated yourself and I have the power delivered as I
choose I love my body and I choose to take good
care of her I’m approaching my ideal weight every
day I go for a walk and allowed to comfort
me I enjoy eating healthily in my body thanks me for and enjoy the results from exercising
daily my body thanks me for every day I am better I can achieve anything I set my mind to I’m determined incapable just allowing the meaning behind each of
these affirmations the third on your way to achieving your goals when you focus back to the natural you feel your breath move to your party begin to repeat every day I become how
here I’m happy here competing this silently to yourself with age and height
and then your exploration of my decision to make healthier choices inhaling, each day I become healthier and
happier I’m proud of my decision to make
healthier choices words to fade away now experiences feeling of change of his
blossoming within you capable of achieving your goals bringing your awareness backed the
natural as the meditation dressed in an apparent
account the home of your breath if you choose to continue resting and after the 3rd breath makeshift off into a peaceful and
relaxed sleep if you choose to stay awake and after the third you may feel
yourself becoming more and more alert and aware of your surroundings and
revitalized counting the brown 1 feeling confident and capable to million how and strong 3 feeling positive and determined We hope you liked this meditation for weight loss.


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