Guided Meditation Heart Opening: Anahata Chakra Healing | Dhyanse

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My name is Dhyanse I learned meditation
at the age of five back in India from my father. I was not associated with any
religion or any cult or any kind of you know spiritual sects that go along in
India while growing up there are so many of them you can pick and choose or
you are born in one of those. Thankfully I did not participate in any of those.
Yet I maintained a practice of meditation for the last three decades
and more or less put in more than 10,000 silent meditation hours for myself which
is nothing but an indicator for me to reach to a point where I realized that
now I can share this with others. There is something that is valuable for a
normal lifestyle that we guys have none of here is going to become a monk
or go to the Himalayas and meditate for I don’t know thousands of hours. What we
want out of meditation what we want out of mindfulness is something that is more
relatable to our normal lifestyles. You’re a yoga teacher you have a family
yet something about meditation is useful for your life or your lifestyle,
others are working in normal jobs. So my intention is to bring something more
authentic – first of all the practice of meditation and secondly something that
you can relate to something that you can bring into your daily life
and it’s not just once in a month thing. With this session today we chose
the theme of opening the heart opening our heart center.
Why do we do that? Why do we focus on on heart in today’s session? Because we tend
to work so much with the mind that we are unconsciously just pushed
into the mind to that extent that we can’t come down of it. We are only
functioning with the thought with all derivatives of thought, we only function
with the rational we only function with the logical. And we are so much
conditioned to absolutely ignore the illogical to ignore the irrational and
just think about it in your life all the beautiful things all the things that are
actually worth living come out of the irrational come out of the illogical.
Love is illogical compassion is irrational. But these are the beautiful
things of life which are important for us but they don’t fall into the category
of rational, they don’t fall in the category of logical. They have no place
in the utility of this world that’s why we are constantly pushed into the mind
into the thought and in today’s session the intention is to step down. Step down
from the mind to the heart. We’ll try to listen to what I’m saying not from the
logic not from does it make sense or does it not make sense but just with an
open heart and see if this can lead if this can
really be something that is a new opening for you today which you can
bring into your life or not. Maybe it’s just a nice lullaby and then you can you
know forget about it afterwards and continue with your life. So today’s
session is dedicated to opening your heart. How do we do that? There are two
parts to it one is activating your heart center. In yoga there are chakras there
are philosophies about seven chakras there are philosophies about five
chakras there are philosophies about nine chakras. We don’t have to go into
philosophy we don’t have to believe in the anahata chakra that is the heart
center that we call in sanskrit. For this session you can just imagine that all
your energy everything arises out of a very small point like a mustard
seed like a very very small point in the middle of your chest region. For you it
could be an imagination but while you allow this imagination to grow you will
see that it has implications definitely positive implications. So try to in this
session imagine that you have an energy center which is very much in the middle
of your chest and out of this energy center energy arises and it spreads out
in the world and then it converges back into this center. So keep this
imagination always whenever I say go back to the heart center, heart center
means not in the heart here but in the center of your chest in the center of
your heart region in the center of your chest region. So here in the middle there
is a point and you can imagine this point according to your own version of
it. It can be as small as possible it can be bigger whatever is comfortable to you
and then out of this heart center the energy is flowing outwards and from
outwards back to the heart center. That’s one component of the imagination. The
second component is the attributes of our heart. What are the main attributes
of our heart? Love, compassion, joy, acceptance. Today we will train these
four components of our heart. We will go in each of these with an example with
visualization and then go back to the energy center. So the first attribute
love while you are going through this visualization you will visualize
somebody that you love that you care about that you that brings the feeling
of love in you it could be a parents it could be your wife husband loved ones
kids anybody that you truly love. When you are tuned into the sense
of love into the feeling of love then you will take that
feeling to the heart center and spread it across everyone, across this room and
in the entire world and then you come back to the heart center. So we start
with the heart center we go to the first attribute love we spread it across
outside and then bring it back to the heart center. Then we go to the next
attribute compassion. Think about visualize about somebody who needs your
help. There are so many people in this world who are unprivileged and somebody
must be there in your life that you can think of is going to need your help.
Think of that person think of that situation visualize that so that you can
tune yourself into the sense of compassion. Again, just like we do with the
love we bring this tuning this feeling into our heart center and then spread it
across the world unconditionally to everyone and then come back to the heart
center. The third attribute joy we will think about somebody who brings a smile
on our face somebody who is bringing joy happiness in our life it can be a person
it can be a situation. But important is that we tune ourselves to the sense of
joy to the feeling of joy. Once we do that same procedure we’ll take it to the
heart center, we will unconditionally spread it out all over the world and bring it
back to the heart center. Last one the most difficult one, acceptance. There is
so much craziness in this world that whenever you come across a situation you
would say well I do not accept how this is going how that is going. I do not
accept this person, I do not accept that person I do not accept this
behavior or any other thing that you think that you do not accept today in
this session try to break that for yourself and allow yourself to accept
that person that situation that factor that anything that you do not accept,
accept it in the session today unconditionally. Come to
terms with it in the session today and say whatever it is I do not agree to it
whatever negativity it has whatever negative implications it has still I
accept it my heart is big enough to accept everything that is there. And then
you spread that unconditional acceptance for rest of the world for the entire
world and you come back into the heart center and you stay there silently, relax.
Just be there for the next minutes. So I’ll guide you through this entire
meditation which is a visualization and take you to a place where you can then
just be in the heart center for as long as you want. The entire sequence would be
20 to 30 minutes maximum depending upon if I see you or you have all fallen
asleep then I will cut it short. It’s up to you, you have probably never
done this in your life so give it an open try just an experiment for the next
20-30 minutes and see if it can bring something to your life. If it’s bringing
any value to your way of approaching the world. Is it clear how we are going to do
that? Are you guys excited to do this? Alright then let’s start by closing our
eyes just taking a couple of deep breaths and calm down be here. Keep your back straight shoulders relaxed face relaxed and breathe in and out as naturally as
you always do. Take another deep breath in and relax your body completely. Now imagine that there is an energy
center in the middle of your chest region. This energy center is as small as a mustard
seed pulsating with energy vibrating with
energy. Allow yourself to settle in this
visualization. From this energy center, energy is coming
out and spreading out in the world and back into this energy center. You’re breathing in and out from this
energy center. Your breath is arising out of this
Energy Center and falling back into this heart center. Now think of person whom you love. Allow the sense of love the feeling of
love to grow. Tune yourself into the feeling of love. Feel this love at your heart center. Now allow this love to spread out
from your heart center unconditionally to everyone in this room. And spread it further to the entire
world. Allow yourself to go deeper into this
visualization that love is arising out of your heart center and spreading out
in the world unconditionally to everyone. Don’t hold yourself back allow your love
to spread to everyone rising out of your heart center and bring your awareness back to the
heart center and keep your awareness at the heart
center. Now think of someone who needs your help. Someone who need your compassion and tune yourself into the feeling of
compassion. Feel this compassion arising out of your
heart center and spreading outwards. Allow your compassion to spread as far
as possible unconditionally reaching everyone in this world. And bring back your awareness to the
heart center. Simply become aware of the center
pulsating with energy silently vibrating with energy. Keep your awareness at the heart center. Now think of a person a situation that
brings a smile on your face that brings you joy and tune yourself into the
feeling of joy happiness. Visualize this joy rising out of your
heart center and spreading outwards into the world. You enjoy spreading outwards bringing a
smile on every face it touches. Let your joy spread as far out as
possible and come back to the heart center bring
your awareness to the heart center and stay there. If you get distracted just simply bring
back your awareness to the heart center. Now think of a person a situation you
are in complete disagreement with now take this feeling to your heart
center and accept it as it is. In the warmth of your heart let it melt accept it unconditionally the way it is. Take this feeling of acceptance and
spread it out in the world to everything that is unacceptable in this world. Let the energy spread from your heart to
accept everything in this world the way it is just the way it is and with that bring your awareness back
to the heart center and feel the pulsating energy at your heart center. Allow it to vibrate pulsate you simply remain aware of it. Feel the silence the warmth the peace
rising out of your heart center. Just remain aware of your heart center. No more movement stay in the silence in
the stillness for the next minutes. Remain absolutely silent and still. Keep your awareness at the heart center
and remain silent. Slowly bring your awareness back to the
body feeling all the sensations in your body in your mind in your heart and very gently and slowly you may open
your eyes. This is one of the ways in which you can
go deep into visualization into imagination. For some people this is a
very powerful experience, I don’t know about you what you experienced. Anybody
would like to share anything from the experience if they felt something if
they did not it was absolutely rubbish. Anybody? Yes Thank you and I just wanted to add to
that is like what we did today is only one way. If this is something that you do
not resonate with there are so many other ways in which you can enter into
the space of meditation. Last time we practiced some breathing meditations a
technique called chaotic breathing and my intention is to give you every time
in every session a completely new way so that maybe if you are not able to enter
into this space of meditation from one way you have another way you have
multiple ways in which you could slowly enter and understand also what this word
meditation actually means. And over a period of time when you enter this space
from different doors these doors become irrelevant and you just sit down without
having to do anything you’re just there. So the idea is to not get stuck with the
way not get stuck with the technique but try out these different ways different
techniques and see first of all what is very natural to you what’s easy to you
what’s more relatable to you and you use that to practice to try to enter the
state of meditation from many different ways and then eventually once you’re
familiar with it you don’t have to use any technique you don’t have to use any
apps you don’t have to use any guidance or any of that sort and come to a point
where like you mentioned that every day you collect lots of things
during your day and you can trash them or put them at the right place so that
you can start afresh the next hours of your life. Any
questions? It’s called meditationeasy. What we
developed within this app is there are 30 techniques which are based on yoga
Tantra and Zen. So kind of a mixture of all these three different wisdom
traditions to again give you a holistic view on the topic of meditation and
these are completely different from each other so once you try them out you
will know at least to try it out it’s free so you can go and give it a try. Anything else? Yes There are two components to that answer
one yes there is a specific time which is dawn and dusk. So dawn and dusk are
the best times for meditation when there is neither day nor night that transition
is the time where your consciousness is also in a transition. So you are neither
completely asleep nor you’re completely awake your mind is not in
hyperactivity is the easiest way to move into meditation. And the second thing is
if your lifestyle is such that you cannot afford to give yourself the time
from a dawn or dusk just fix a time at any time of the day at any time of the
night in 24 hours whenever which is more easy for you but
try to repeat that at the same time and then you’ll see that after a certain
time days months at that particular time your body just like you know at one
o’clock your body wants food or in the afternoon you get hungry similarly you
you would get hungry for sitting down and just putting everything aside and
doing a restart on your system. Last thirty Seconds anything? Yes. That’s
long answer question it’s not for 30 seconds. For that I need to first of all
explain why we do yoga. What is yoga? In very short I can tell you that what you
did today before before the meditation session it’s hatha yoga and so the hatha
is the poses and these hatha yoga asana these poses are one out of 196 sutras of
yoga that were given by Patanjali. As she mentioned this is to prepare your body
for something bigger a bigger possibility and what that
bigger possibility is to take the human being to its highest potential. What that
highest potential is to have your consciousness not just limited to your
own self and getting stuck with the mundane things of life but to always
remain connected to the bigger sense of life. That’s the in a nutshell in a
simple way the purpose of yoga and meditation what is meditation? Meditation
is that space in which your mental activity is relatively low almost
negligible and your awareness is high and when you subject yourself into that
space of meditation lots of things starts to happen. All the crap that we
carry with us starts to drop which means it’s not that we become somebody else, we
we actually become closer to who we really are and this process of becoming
who we really are is also the same as what yoga actually is made for. So in a
way they are both the same in a way you can also see meditation as a component
of overall bigger picture of yoga. But to meditation there are other approaches as
well beyond yoga. There are ways from Zen there are ways from Tantra that are more
direct so just last maybe 15 seconds on that yoga is more you can think of it
as the science of taking your consciousness to another level.
Zen is an art and Tantra is you can say somewhat of a magic and all these three
are having the same goal. The goal is that you are not getting stuck with just
the mundane things of life, you live life the way it
should be the way you actually are and that’s again you know it’s a
philosophical topic and I can go on talking about it and it will become more
clear as we proceed along. I have made sure that in these meditations that we
do a bit of introspection is embedded so that you also give yourself this time to
to reflect back and see what this means to you. Is it just philosophy or is it
actually meaning something to your personal life as well? So we’ll do that
in the upcoming sessions. For now thank you very much.
Namaste and see you next month!


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