Guided meditation no. 7: ‘Peace of heart’ – Preview_Meditation Easy Program

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In the meditation technique peace of
heart you attune yourself to the eternal peace and harmony present in your heart. Generally we are only reminded of the
heart when we fall in love. When that happens, the world appears all peaceful
and we’re ecstatic in harmony with everything around. But the fact is that our
heart is always filled with peace, just that we are not aware of it. If you bring
enough attention to our heart and try to feel inside, we can taste the peace that
is constantly arising out of it. In those moments we are immediately brought
closer to ourselves. Our body and mind synchronizing harmony and the
surrounding world begins to appear as secondary as an allusion. To start this
meditation make yourself comfortable in an easy sitting posture. Close your eyes Do a short body scan while sitting to
relax your entire body. During this body scan wherever you see any tension
consciously create more tension in the area for a few seconds and then release
it completely so that it relaxes more


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