Guided Meditation on Death and Impermanence: The Last Moment Technique

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… meditation is somewhat similar. If we can’t go into the unknown, we can’t
meditate very well. If we stick to what we already know, what
we already understand, what we already have as knowledge in our mind then we can never
really go in a deeper zone which is known as meditation. Because it’s a state of unknown. It’s a state which is beyond your mind, beyond
your understanding which you cannot comprehend but it is. So we try to pick up on these two topics of
meditation in depth in a way that we learn little bit about death and we learn a little
bit about meditation. So what we are going to do in this session
is we are going to imagine very very last moment of our life. So imagine if this point in a timeline is
the last moment which is just hanging on the transition of life and death. We are not concerned about few minutes before,
we don’t go into whom we have to say goodbye, whom we have to give our assets and everything. We have already done that we have done our
jobs and we have said goodbye to everyone. After that, what happens in the very last
moment, think about it, are there any desires? Is there anything left in terms of emotions? Is there any spot that is left? If there is anything that is still a little
bit before this point where you don’t know what’s next and you are on that very very
last moment. So i want you to go and reach this point in
your imagination and try to see what’s beyond. How do you feel? What is the experience of this vey very last
moment? There is no going before, there is no going
after. So don’t get caught up with what happens before,
don’t get caught up with thinking i would do this or what happens to my loved ones. Don’t get caught up with all that. Then you’ll miss the point of the exercise. The point of the exercise is when you are
on that edge, when you have put all the responsibilities aside, just think about what is that very
last moment. Only that last pure awareness about life that
is left or if there is something else. I would want you to explore it and find out. And when you reach to that point, you will
take a jump into the unknown. What that jump means is that for few minutes
you will absolutely forget the world, you will forget your body, you will forget where
you are sitting, you will forget what’s outside and just remain in the unknown. Complete suspension of what you all know,
that i am this body, i am this person, all what you know about yourself and just remain
in that suspension, in that very very last moment. Once you have sat in that for a few minutes,
i’ll call you back. You are not going anywhere, you are here but
forget about everything else in that moment and stretch that for a ew minutes and see
how its is. How we can do this in a technique way is that
we close our eyes, there’s no music today, there’s nothing. It’s all your own internal journey, forget
about everybody else, forget about who’s around you and you will do this with your hands up. Take your hands up in the air, not right now. So you will do that exercise with your hands
up in the air. This is the sign that you are still alive,
you are still in the zone of life. When you do that and when you go all the way,
take your time to reach to that point. Once you are there at that point where your
awareness is nicely situated at that point, everything else has stopped for you then you
drop your hands. And the way you drop your hands is not slowly
bring them down, you will literally drop them. You will leave everything. In that moment, when you drop your hands it
signifies for the next minutes that you do not exist. Try that out. I’ll explain what this means afterwards. There is no danger that you will die in this
moment, if you were actually to die consciously then you would not be sitting here. So if you’re worried about anything then there
is no danger associated with it. If you have any concerns, any questions then
we can also talk about it before we do this experiment. Please do this with full sincerity and i can
promise you that when you will come back, you will have
a lot of insights about yourself. So with that i would suggest that we close
our eyes. Take a good deep breath. Relax your entire body. Keep your spine erect. Now raise your hands. Imagine the very last moment. The very last moment of your life. In this moment there are no thoughts, no emotions. You don’t know what’s coming next. You are ready to leave your body. You are ready to put back your mind. You are ready to take your last breath. You are at the edge of the cliff. And drop. Don’t touch your body, don’t touch your mind. Don’t touch your breath. Just remain suspended. Drop everything. You are not your body. You are not in your breath. Remain suspended. Remain silent. Let go of everything. Just remain silent continuously. Bring your awareness back to your body. Feel all your sensations. Remain aware of yourself. Slowly, open your eyes. Is everyone done? We usually spend the next minutes in discussing
if you have any questions or if you would like to share your experiences which might
help other people. How do you feel? Do you feel bad or do you feel good? Anything that came in your mind while doing
it? Or what you would like to do next time? The purpose of having your hands straight
is to keep yourself aware. If you would put your hands down you would
start thinking about something else. So bring that attentivity for yourself and
awareness that right now you are not doing anything else but just this, that’s one way
of doing it. Of course if you do it at home or alone you
can always do it a different way. And if you think you don’t need to raise your
hands then you can put yourself in that imagination without any sort of prop along then that is
also fine. But the idea is to reach that point and jump. There has to be a way to tell yourself that
this is it. What we did here is just with the hands but
it is also done while you are standing and you imagine you come to the point and you
fall on the ground. And that can hurt as well but the purpose
of the exercise is to tell yourself. You can use another way to do it. So what does this technique do? Just the sense of death relieves a sort of
anxiety and of course it pushes you into that uncomfortable part or zone and then it releases
that anxiety once you have lived it and once you have gone through it. What else? As i said earlier, in meditation unless you
reach to a point where you really let go, where you have no more control and where you
are not trying to have any control very similar to death where you know that it’s not in your
control that’s why it is a very strong comparison. Ofcourse in death you don’t come back. In meditation you come back and you come back
from the unknown. Another thing is we live so much in the known
that our mind is constantly holding you to the rational life. And life if you see is a lot of irrational,
all the significant things in life are not just the rational. The irrational part is where all the beautiful
things in life happen like love. Any significant things that you must’ve recalled
in your life they did not happen rationally. So it’s another way of forcing yourself to
move from the rational to a few moments of irrationality. It may sound illogical, but unless we allow
ourselves to spend few moments we will go back to the rationality. That certain tiredness that keeps on building
up and the moment you allow yourself to few moments of silence you will see you fall asleep
or you realise how tired you are. So it’s just another strong aspect of life
which reminds us of the irrational dimension and of us letting go as much as we can. Anything else? Anybody had a weird experience? Umm i felt a sense of relief because.. That’s exactly the point that when you are
beyond any kind of emotion or connection you let go of. You don’t need to die today to experience
that but exactly life will bring that pure moment of awareness where you are not concerned
about anything. It’s not that you will become numb, that’s
not a part of it. For a few moments you are not concerned about
anything and that’s the whole point of meditation. That is what meditation is. And if you can remember that little sense
of relief, that taste of letting go and you bring that into your meditation, you sit down
for a few minutes everyday then you will see it brings so much in terms of just from relaxation
to complete transformation in your mind. One last question that anybody has? Any comment? Anything that bothered you during the session? I think that’s not so significant to jump
in the front or in the right as long as you mentally put yourself into that space which
is suddenly the unknown. So mentally if you jump on the front, left
or right it doesn’t matter. The point of the whole exercise is that you
finally put yourself in that unknown, in a situation and in a surrounding where you finally
let go of yourself and you body and your mind. You can’t figure out what’s going on and there
is no point of figuring it out then you let go. That’s today’s session. If there are no more question then i thank
you for being here and hope to see you once again next monday.


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