Guided Meditation Part 1

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Let’s take a moment and do this together. Find a place where you can just be comfortable. Guided Meditation with Mooji
Part 1 13 September 2009 – Session 1 It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the floor, on a chair, or you want to lie down.
It’s OK, just be comfortable. You may find it more comfortable
to close your eyes. Straight away, notice that
you don’t have to make any effort or go anywhere, to notice just the natural feeling of being
that is present with you. It’s not coming from somewhere else,
it’s simply here. Bring your attention only to this place
which already is here. As you bring your attention
only to the sense of presence here, lots of pecking little thoughts may come, don’t worry about them. Don’t feel they must be somewhere else,
leave them there. There is a natural easiness with yourself
like this. Perhaps the attention, by habit,
wants to drift towards some activity, like what will you do later today
or what’s going on at home. Notice this, but stay only in the noticing. Don’t follow any thought. Just be here. You’re not trying to get in position
to do something else, to move on to some other thought
or some place or some intention. You’re simply here. And your sense of being here and that natural feeling of being inside, they’re one and the same, there is no separation. Notice this. Whatever is felt in the body, just be aware of it.
Don’t analyse. Look, but don’t connect. Stay like this. There’s a natural feeling, as I said, of being. It may be felt, just in that sense, ‘I am’. There is a completeness
about this feeling, ‘I am’. There are no descriptions about it. It does not belong to the past, or the future,
or even to the present. It’s just the sense of presence. Stay with this. If you feel a feeling of sleepiness
or tiredness in your body, it’s OK. Don’t identify with this. You’re also observing this. [silence] Whatever images may come in the mind, they are just images
on the screen of consciousness. They do not affect you. Be like the screen on which images are projected. If there is a huge fire on the screen,
the screen is not burnt by it. If there is a waterfall,
the screen will not be wet. Don’t hold onto any idea or image
about who you are. Don’t describe yourself. Don’t project, don’t create, don’t imagine. It’s not needed. Notice that effortlessness. You’re not in a state of belief, even of trust. What is being noticed requires no effort. In itself, it has no effort. It’s effortless. This is your natural being. Even the sense, ‘I am’, that subtle knowledge, or knowingness, beyond even the saying, ‘I am’, that feeling, ‘I am’ also melts into being. There is nothing saying, ‘I am’. Notice also that you’re not in a trance. You’re not somewhere else. This is meaningless for you. Simply, naturally, ‘I am here’. [silence] There is no one who is benefiting from being here. There is no world waiting for you to come back. Simply, you’re here. There is nothing to control. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to change. There is neither higher nor lower for you, just your natural being, by itself,
unassociated, information-less. [silence] You’re neither doing nor undoing. Notice this.


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