Guided Meditation: Problem Solving Finding the Solution to Your Problems

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Welcome to today’s meditation. We often stress and worry about the problems
that are surrounding us trying to figure out how to solve them to make everything better. It’s who we are it’s what we know. Yet what if we reframe our problems our problems
have already been solved the universe has already taken care of the problems that we
have. We simply have to let in the answer. Now. I realize that this is much easier to say
than to actually do what I want to walk you through is a meditation that will help you
see the answers on the other side. So, if you could get comfortable right now,
either laying down or sitting in a chair. Make yourself comfy whether for you that is
your feet on the floor, cross legged or laying down. Once you’ve settled in take a deep breath. slowly breathing in and releasing breathe
in and exhale slowly allow your mind to settle down. And find peace in the moment. taking a deep breath in and exhaling now I
want you to imagine. The biggest problem that you’re faced with
right now. Whether that’s income or a relationship issue
a health issue, whatever it may be. Bring that to your mind. First thing I want you to do is actually feel
the emotions from that problem. Too often, we rush through the day trying
to solve it but not actually get in touch with it and feel it. So, as you’re pulling that problem to your
mind when you take a deep breath. And exhale feel that emotion. This can be painful. But when you feel it you can get more in touch
with that problem. So, take a deep breath. And exhale I want you to continue doing that
for a couple of minutes. You may have some very intense emotions come up
during this process. Just breathe through it feel it. It is okay to cry. If the emotion is too intense to handle, I
want you to add an image of an ocean just flowing in and out to the beach just move
with the waves while deep breathing and feeling that emotion. Take another really deep breath and exhale. Now I want you to imagine that that problem
is surrounding you and your walled off. you’re in a circular room surrounded by
the problem and you simply can’t find the door. now with a deep breath in I want you to imagine. That you are the one that created that wall
and on the outside is not only the answer to the problem but relief and happiness. Now I want you to imagine. Above you in that room. Are your guardian angels, Universal energy
light source God everybody who is there to assist you. And they’re just waiting for you to ask. Answers on the other side of that wall. The assistance you need is there you simply
have to ask for the assistance. Once you to take a few deep breaths. While you are asking for the help that you
need. Once you have asked for that assistance. the fog of the problem begins to clear breathe
through this your angels have removed all of the fog and you
can now see the walls perfectly clear. And you see a door. the door when you open it will allow the solution
to your problem in. Slowly walk towards the door. Put your hand on the knob and open the door. Take a deep breath in. and exhale once the door is opened. You see that the solution to your problem
is standing right there. The only thing that you have to do now. Is invite the solution into your room. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Your solution is now in the room with you
I want you to sit down and get to know your solution. Invite them in and get to know them like they
are a guest in your home. I want you to relax and enjoy the time that
you’re having with your solution. slowly breathing through All the conversations that
you’re having with your solution. Trusting that you’re getting the right answers and
guidance. once you’ve had time to have your conversation
with your solution invited to stay and become part of you. Take a deep breath in. and exhale Sit comfortably for a moment knowing that the
answer to all your problems is simply on the other side of the wall that you put up. And that with the assistance of the universe. You can find the solution. Take a final deep breath in and exhale. Begin to open your eyes move your fingers
and toes bring yourself back to present awareness. Keeping in mind that as you go through your
days and weeks. You may need to continue to reopen that door
as we go through our days. Sometimes we can have hiccups problems and
just straight up bad days. So, you might need to continue to do this
meditation do it for different problems. But always remember that the solution to your
problem is there it is waiting to come into your room with you when you ask for assistance
and open the door, the solution will come in.


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