Guided Meditation ~ Release Social Masks and Find Your Higher Self

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Hello, this is a free recording brought
to you by, please take this time to enjoy, to relax, and to
find yourself, your true self, and to discover whatever it is that you’re
looking for. For the purpose of this recording, please make sure that you’re
in a safe space, you are in a comfortable position and please make sure that
you’re not driving while listening to this. Although this recording is
addressing your subconscious mind, the part of your mind where your inner truth
lies, for this moment I would like you to focus on your body Try to focus on your feet and feel the
relaxation coming through your feet. Your feet feel relaxed and heavy. This
heaviness goes up to your knees and now your knees feel relaxed and heavy. The
heaviness goes up to your thighs, up to your hips
and your hips feel relaxed and heavy. As you breathe in you can feel the
heaviness go up to your abdomen, up to your chest and now your chest feels
heavy and relaxed. This way it goes up to your shoulders and down to your hands
and your shoulders and your hands feel heavy and relaxed. The heaviness goes up to your neck and to your head and you can feel the relaxation, you can feel the
heaviness as if a magnet was pulling you down to the ground. You can feel gravity
taking its effect as you feel relaxed. And as you feel this state of relaxation
you can feel at the tip of your toes the wave of warmth coming over your body.
Your feet feel warm relaxed and heavy. This warmth goes up to your knees and
your legs feel warm and heavy. This warmth goes up to your hips and you can
feel the relaxation, the heaviness and the warmth. The heat goes up to your
chest and you can feel the nice, relaxing wave of warmth as your body is relaxed
and heavy. The heat goes to your hands as your shoulders, and your neck and
eventually it goes to your head. Your body feels relaxed, heavy and warm. As you
look at the universe behind your eyes, in your deep state of relaxation, you can
see in front of you a door that opens its way
to a nice sandy beach. You take a step through that door and you can feel the
sand on your toes. The wind is blowing gently and the Sun is embracing you with
its light. You walk on the sand. The sand is getting between your toes.
You feel good the air is fresh and you walk towards a pool. This pool is
filled with healing waters, crystal-clear waters and you walk towards it. As you
enter the pool you realize that you can sit in it in a really comfortable
position and you can observe that the pool is connected to the sea by a small
channel that connects the two waters. Take this time to enjoy the sound of the
waves the sight of the waves the water that surrounds you and enjoy your
relaxation. And as you take in your relaxation you
can think of all of the social masks, all of the images that you portray to
others throughout the day: think of the mask of the perfect child; think of your
social mask of the perfect employee; the perfect parent; the perfect sibling or
the perfect partner; see these masks and see how they flow into the water, on the
surface of the water so that you can observe them, so that you can look at
your social masks through the eyes of someone that is free of them. And as you
observe your social masks you can see them slowly going towards the channel,
flowing onto the channel and onto the sea so that the pool and yourself are
free of them. Now it is just you; the real you, the authentic you and as
you enjoy being in this state you can see someone approaching from a distance.
They are approaching slowly but confidently. And as they get closer to
you, you realize that it is yourself walking,
your higher-self, yourself in the best possible version.
Your higher self smiles at you, thanks you for going to meet them and comes
into the pool and sits in front of you. With a wide smile on your higher-self
face you know that it is very good that you’ve come to this place and now I
shall give you two minutes to ask your higher self anything you want. Pose any question and be open to the
answers. Now that the two minutes have passed your higher-self thanks you,
smiles and reassures you that this is a place where you can always come back and
it is a place where you will always find your higher-self. With a smile, your
higher-self goes out of the pool thanks you one more time and you know
that they look forward to seeing you again. The Sun is up, the wind blows
gently and you feel ready to get out of the pool and into the universe that opened
the door to this scene. As your higher self reassured you, this is a place, within,
where it’s safe and you can always come back here. Feel the sand on your toes as
you exit the pool. Feel the wind blowing gently on your skin and the warmth
coming from the Sun as you go back towards the door. You step through the
door and the door closes. Now it is you within this universe and
as you take a deep breath in you can feel the energy coming through your toes up on your feet. They feel relaxed, this
relaxation goes up to your knees, energy is flowing up to your hips, energy is
flowing up to your chest, your shoulders and your hands get energized, your neck
and your head feel energized. Now, the relaxation that
you experienced can be used, if you wish, to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep
and the energy that comes with it can be used when you wake up. If you now prefer you could use this energy to go about your day and to experience reality with a new pair of eyes. Now take this time to reflect on your
meeting with yourself and use this tool to strengthen your relationship with
yourself. There is a range of customizable journeys similar to this
one that you can access to help you on your spiritual travels within. Access for more resources


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