Guided Meditation: Resting in a Sea of Presence, with Tara Brach


The following meditation is led by Tara Brach. To access more of my meditations or join my email list, please visit [flute] The invitation is to make yourself at home in the moment to relax back to rest in this life-breath and we begin in a simple way with a reflection on intention to just ask yourself, what is your intention right now for practice? What feels most important to you and what’s your heart long for? So listening inwardly, sensing what you feel sincere about what you care about and it might be having more presence in your life feeling more open-hearted more clarity or balance maybe you care about serving from a more generous place or perhaps it’s in a very deep way that freedom of knowing who you really are beyond any of the stories and sense what matters, what brings you to meditation. A direct portal to awakening is scanning through the body with awareness and to set the mood, you might envision a smile filling the sky the curve of a smile, the openness and receptivity of a smile spreading through a great open sky. Letting the mind merge with that sky so your mind is filled with the light and the brightness of a smile just let that mood and sense of receptivity and kindness fill you. You might sense a smile spreading through the eyes lifting the outer corners of the eyes softening the flesh around the eyes letting a smile fill the mouth, the lips in a slight smile relaxing all the micro muscles of the face and feel the aliveness in the face when you soften with a smile the tingling and vibrating letting the tongue fill the upper palate and relaxing the tongue down to the root so you can feel the aliveness fill the mouth the gums, the teeth, the lips allowing your shoulders to fall away from the neck filling the shoulders with awareness. You might imagine a dissolving of ice to water a kind of melting and water to gas. Feeling both shoulders simultaneously filled with aliveness. And if there’s tightness or tension, sense that it might float in awareness. Let the hands rest in an easy and effortless way and what happens when you soften the hands? Softening again, and noticing and can you detect the tingling and vibrating in the hands? Feeling the hands from the inside out. Let there be an openness at the chest. You might feel the heart from the inside out sense the aliveness there tingling, vibrating. There may be squeeze or pulling or pressure or flow. You can visualize and sense a smile spreading through the heart not to cover over what’s there but to create space for it. So the eyes are smiling, soft the mouth the heart you might visualize and sense that same curve of a smile moving through the belly, spreading again so that you can sense and open to the interior sensations. Letting this next breath be received in a softening belly this breath and now this one and again and can you feel the aliveness the energy, moving, expressing through the whole abdominal area? Letting the image and felt sense of a smile spread through the whole pelvic region. Letting the awareness fill that area so you can feel the aliveness there. Sensing the legs, the length and weight and the volume of the legs and feeling the feet from the inside out the tingling, vibrating there and then simultaneously feeling the sensations of the whole body at once. And can you sense the body as a field of sensation a changing dance of sensation? And widening the attention and noticing how this field of aliveness includes sound? sound, sensations, feelings arising, dissolving… all in the foreground and in the background, that alert inner stillness the presence that’s our true home. Relaxing back and resting in awareness and sensing this changing play of phenomena; sound, sensation, feelings, like surface waves in a vast ocean. And if it helps to rest in particular with the movement of the breath, the waves of the breath, relaxing with the inflow, relaxing with the outflow. Moment-to-moment, sensing the presence that’s right here sacred presence moment to moment breath to breath right in the center of now. It doesn’t matter how many times the mind drifts into thoughts that’s just the nature of the way the mind works. What’s possible is that that can be noticed and you can take that sacred pathway of arriving again right here and choosing presence relaxing back into this inflow and outflow of the breath. Relaxing back into this sea of awareness. Letting the waves move as they do on the surface. And you can begin fresh in any moment re-choosing presence. Again feeling the inflow and outflow of the breath. Re-relaxing; you might notice what part of you might want to let go a little right now maybe the shoulders maybe to soften the hands the sense of smile in the mouth and a smile at the heart. Relaxing back into that sea of awareness noticing the waves that come and go; sound sensation feelings the movement of the breath. Right here, moment to moment relaxed and awake. When we’ve reconnected to presence, our prayer has a special tenderness and strength to it so we close with a loving-kindness prayer. First sensing the presence in the domain of the heart and with a listening attention, sensing what blessing or wish we’d like to offer to our own being right now. What is it you wish for yourself? And offering that with kindness, with care. And widening the field and sensing someone that’s dear to you holding that person in this heart-space and whispering your prayer, mentally whispering your prayer to that person, what you wish for them. And widening out in an inclusive way, sensing this heart-space that holds the Earth, our mother and all Beings, everywhere. And sensing your prayer for life everywhere and sensing our collective prayer for all Beings to realize the loving presence that’s their very essence for all Beings to touch a great and natural peace and for all Beings to awaken and be free. Namaste. [flute]


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  1. Lavender Violet

    March 14, 2019 7:44 am

    I have anger at my mom
    for not ever standing up for herself.

    anger at myself too, ​

    for behaving in the exact same way as her.​

    all of this seems impossible to unravel and unlearn and let go of…

    (how to heal from this?)

    please pray healing upon me and my mom,

    and that this unhealthy pattern be forever transformed and transmuted and transmogrified

    into very healthy boundaries.

    so be it.

    and so it is. thank you.

    and amen.

  2. ozkarivc

    July 23, 2019 4:06 am

    I love this meditation, your voice and the journey you take us is incredibly relaxing. Thank you for making this


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