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Hi, this is Christina, thank you so much for joining me. I will now be leading you through a guided meditation For grounding this meditation is meant to keep you calm relaxed grounded centered and in control So take the time now and get into a comfortable seated position Either sitting on the floor with your shins crossed in front of you or sitting up straight in a chair with your feet down on the ground place your hands comfortably by your sides on your legs or on your knees and Begin to close your eyes Deepening your breath Let your breath be slow and relaxed Bring your attention to your breathing Bring all of your awareness to your inhales your exhales you can focus on the Pathway of your breath as it moves in and out through your body You can focus on The way that your belly Goes in and out as you’re breathing Just bringing all of your attention to your breath at this time If another thought comes into your mind just set it aside Gently and Come back to focusing on your breath Continue with this pattern of breathing and focusing on your breath for a few more deep and full inhales and exhales Finding length throughout your entire spine with each inhale and with each exhale Relaxing a bit deeper using your breath to help you relax and to find length and Space in your body with each inhale find Lee lengthen up with each exhale relax deeper and deeper I am now going to count down from 10 and with each Time that I count You’re going to imagine that you are relaxing even further With each count that I make you’re going to imagine that you are falling Deeper and deeper into a more relaxed state of mind. I will now begin the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and 1 You are now in a deep state of relaxation Feel your body and your mind in a quiet peaceful state I Am now going to guide you through a visualization Imagine that your tailbone has a thick cord attached to it and This cord is attaching your tailbone to the ground if you are sitting in the chair Also imagine that there are cords at the bottom of your feet also Attaching them to the ground as well These cords attached to your body are thick wide and stable They are grounding you in through the earth You can picture that the cord is the same texture as the trunk of a tree a very? strong wide and sturdy tree and Since your grounding cord is connected to your tailbone It routes down into the earth and rebounds up straight through your spine and Flows out energy through the crown of your head Imagine that there is constant energy flowing from where the cord is attached to the ground All the way up through the cord through your spine and out through the crown of your head This energy is not only providing you with stability But it is also revitalizing and Providing you with a sense of peace and calm Keep breathing deeply as you allow this energy to flow From the earth from the ground all the way up through your cord and through your spine Keep breathing inhaling and exhaling Feeling the energy flowing through you Feeling more grounded centered at peace Now imagine that the end of your cord The part that is attached to the earth is sprouting roots and brooding even further and further down into the ground through the earth The roots are growing Imagine them growing Deeper and deeper towards the Earth’s core picture the roots Going through all of the layers of the earth Slowly growing and traveling through the earth Once the roots reach the Earth’s core They have traveled so deep that they are now in the center of the earth Imagine that your roots are wrapping themselves around the Earth’s core Forming a tight bond This bond is Stable it is firm It is continually wrapping around the core and forming an even stronger bond That will not be easily broken Now that the ends of your roots are firmly attached to the core Imagine that the core of the earth and the energy there is Traveling all the way up back up through your cord through your roots going all the way up back through the earth and Then it eventually comes back through the Earth’s surface Through your tailbone Through your spine Through your neck the back of your head and eventually out through the crown of your head The Earth’s energy That is attached to the cord, which is attached to you is Flowing through you You are firmly Stable and grounded into the earth Continue to breathe deeply Feeling a sense of stability and peace That the cord Which grounds you is? providing for your body and your mind and Know that this cord is always there for you to keep you calm and safe Cool calm and collected It allows you to handle any situation with control Now imagine that the cord is gently fading away This does not mean that you are not still connected to the earth It just means that It has done its job and grounding you down and that You can come back to it at any moment that you need to So picture it gently fading Gently going away and You are left with a sense of stability That your cord provided for you take a deep breath in through your nose and Release it out through your mouth do that one more time take a deep breath in through your nose and Release it out One final deep breath through your nose And release it out through your mouth You can gently open your eyes now coming back into the outer world Feeling more ideas more stable and more calm You can come back to this meditation If you ever feel your emotions getting out of hand you can create a new cord for yourself to allow you to Ground yourself and come back to the real you


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