Guided Meditation to Improve Learning Abilities & Creating a Safe Space

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Hi I’m James Cole and this is
Empowering Meditations. Captions are provided so that people who are hard of hearing can follow the principles of the meditation and then practice on their own. Thanks for joining me for this meditation where we’ll create an Inner safe space
and a Learning state. Creating a safe space in your own mind
and then introducing a learning state are two of the foundations which will be
carried on through many of the meditations that I’ll be taking you through. By creating a safe space you’re essentially giving
your unconscious mind the permission to guide you. Generally in everyday life when we communicate
with ourselves or with other people, we use words as a primary form of language,
either spoken or written. However, it’s not the primary language
of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind uses the language of metaphor, and this can come in many variations
which is unique to each and every one of us. To give an example, close your eyes for a moment and when they’re closed just
think of an elephant and take notice of the
first thing that pops into your head. Was it a memory of an elephant that you’ve seen? Was it a imagined construct of an elephant that may have been pieced
together from a number of memories and things you’ve been told by other people? Was it a sense of touch the elephant
that you may have stroked at some point? or was it symbolic, a symbol representing an elephant? Maybe you heard the sound
that elephants make. Or maybe it was something entirely different. The thing with the elephant is,
most of us know what an elephant is, so we have, probably, similar to some degree, representations of it. However if you close your eyes again and think of a squiggledygoop. What’s the representation you get then? it’s obviously something that you’ve never encountered before so it’s completely made up in your mind. did you get a visual representation? Or a sound? Or a feeling? So you can try this
experiment with your friends, and by asking them the same questions you’ll be able to see how varied it is between each of us. How every single person, especially
when asked what a squiggledygoop is? How it all differs from one
person to the other. By creating a safe space for your unconscious mind
you can allow your inner language to be free. Quite often the language of our
unconscious mind can be… quite difficult to understand consciously.
Sometimes it can appear completely illogical. Sometimes they can be outright weird and sometimes they can appear to be counterintuitive to what we want. And that’s okay. By creating this safe space and allowing these thoughts to just come and just be, you’re allowing your unconscious mind to unravel the mysteries inside. Let go of any judgment or censorship or any analysis and just allow the thoughts to flow freely and trust that any thought that you have, is
the right thought for your unconscious mind, regardless of if your conscious mind
finds it illogical or doesn’t understand it. Once you’re inner safe space is
established you can return to it at any time. and it can be the basis for any
future meditations that you may want to do. I established my safe space when I
got introduced to hypnotherapy over 20 years ago. and it has pretty much stayed the same all this time. I use it in my meditations
when I’ve got problems that I need to work out. Or emotions that I need to deal
with. Once we’ve established the safe place, we’ll work on creating the
learning state. The learning state is useful for everyone
not just those who at school or university. it’s a great way of increasing your perception to allow
more information into your mind, and when you do this it’ll allow you to retain the information better and have a deeper understanding of it. and once you start
to use the learning state, it means that you’ll be able to learn things
on an unconscious level. which means the information you take in will be
available intuitively. It’s a simple process to use it outside of meditation too. You can simply gaze up, maybe find a spot on the wall in front of you and
allow your perception to open up as wide as possible. and then wider still and then go until you have a sense of everything that’s completely around you, 360 degrees and when you do that and you just
focus on that for a few minutes that is inducing the learning state. One thing to keep in mind if you’re a school or university and you’re using the learning state
to prepare for an exam, is that the human mind
best remembers in the same state that it gained the information in the first place. So the best practice is to go back into the
learning state just as you’re about to sit the exam. put your mind in the same state of mind you were
when you learned the information and you’ll find that the information flows back to you much easier than it would have normally. So that’s enough for now it’s time to get on with the meditation. By listening to this audio you accept all
responsibility for its correct use or misuse. Do not listen to this while driving operating machinery or doing anything else that requires your attention. A guided meditation for creating a safe
space and learning state Take a moment to sit down and get comfortable preferably upright in a chair to avoid falling asleep. Even in a deep meditative trance you’ll be able to
support yourself and remain stable. meditation is about calming the mind
not clearing it entirely like all things the more you practice
the greater your proficiency will become in a moment when we begin
know that if your mind wanders it’s okay and a totally natural part of the
meditation process simply become aware of your thoughts
and allow them to pass through and out while bringing your attention back to
your breathing focusing on your breathing is the
simplest and easiest technique to maintain a focused attention and as your
breathing slows so too will your mind and thoughts allowing you to sink deeper
into trance hopefully by now you are sitting comfortable in a place where you
will not be disturbed for the next 30 minutes if not pause
this recording until you are ready to continue now that you are ready to go
into a deep trance know that everything about this meditation is safe and at any
time if you wish to stop you can simply choose to open your eyes and return to
full conscious awareness as you sit there take a nice deep breath
in hold it and out and another in and as you exhale allow your eyes to close and
sink down down into trance deep breath in and down shoulders relaxing arms
relaxing body relaxing legs relaxing down deep deep down into trance now and
as you continue to breathe steady and clear allow your mind to focus on the
breath in and out going down deeper into trance all the
way down that’s right and as you sink down you may know that your journey into
deep trance has begun as you drift deeper and deeper down all the way down
now and any sounds that you may hear are there to aid you in going even deeper
into trance as I know you are listening to me for a purpose and in a moment I’ll
count down from ten to zero and as I count down from ten to zero use your
powerful imagination to imagine you’re walking down ten steps
ten safe and steady steps down and know that these ten steps down lead to a
magical place a special place a secret place down the ten steps lies you’re in
a world a safe and magical world where you can explore but first you must
slowly and steadily make your way down the ten steps and now that you are ready
to go even deeper know that every step down will double the level of trance and
relaxation you are feeling all the way down as you stand on the edge of the
steps begin your journey down with ten nine eight your trance and relaxation
deepening with every step down seven six five deeper
and deeper down you go three two one all the way down to that last step that
final step down into your magical world zero and as you enter in to your magical
world you know that you are completely safe here as you know that everything in
this world this magical place is here for you to help you grow and evolve and
teach you as all things in this world are possible and only limited by your
limitless imagination that will allow you to do and achieve whatever it is you
need and want as you look around this magical place this mystical place of
your creation you may become aware of a source of line above it that is a pure
white light made of the purest energy imaginable and this light is here for
you to help you in many ways now and in the future as the light
becomes visible to you or maybe you are simply aware of its presence as it
descends towards you from above growing in brightness as it
moves down to you all the way down until it is before you the glowing ball of the
purest mine imaginable and you know that this line is for you
and it is safe and pure and made from the most powerful energies that make up
this world and all others and even though it is so bright your eyes are at
ease and comfortable gazing upon it and even though it is so powerful it is
calming to touch as you may want to reach out and take this glowing ball of
pure white light energy that you reach out and take it and on the next breath
in pull this line into your heart now and allow the purest energy to integrate
and infuse through our body mind and soul from the top of your head to the
tips of your toes filling you up with this pure white light energy and know
that this energy can create a protective barrier around you making you even safer
than you already are by allowing the energy to surround you and grow outward
forming a bubble of energy of pure white light energy around you and know that
nothing you don’t want can penetrate this bubble as it is here surrounding
you to keep you safe as you explore this magical world and others and you realize
that just by being here in this magical land
you are totally calm and safe and this bubble of energy that surrounds you is a
form of protection that you can take anywhere you go into any world and any
realm and you can make the bubble as big or as small as you like and even use it
to encapsulate others so they too can share in your protective barrier that
you as you explore this mystical place that
you know has all the answers you are looking for now that you have this
protective barrier glowing around you look up and become aware of something
hovering in the distance higher than you are floating in space where everything
means nothing and nothing means everything and the object becomes clear
as a symbol of learning whatever it is know that it is the right symbol for you
to symbolize your learning and your abilities to take in new information and
understand and retain this new information as you focus on the symbol
hovering in front of you and above you while you gaze upon it with focused
clarity allow your vision to open up wider than you normally would to take in
more of your peripheral vision while maintaining a fixed gaze upon your
symbol of learning allowing your vision to open up wider and wider all the way
to either side as your peripheral vision becomes a full 180 degrees and still
further your vision and awareness increases beyond what is known until you
are seeing wider than your eyes alone can detect alone greater vision all
around you until you can see and are aware of everything around you
and allow your hearing to open up in the same manner so that you can become aware
of all sounds and hear everything that is around you and open up your sense of
feelings so that you can feel all the energies emotions and sensations that
are around you the symbol in front of you and hovering in the sky what is to
either side and that which is behind you allowing your vision hearing sense of
feeling and awareness to open up completely to take in everything and
know that this open awareness is called the learning state as it opens your
awareness to everything around you so that you can see feel and hear
and then understand all that you need to in this magical place this special place
with your bubble of light energy that surrounds you expanded outward to
include this symbol of learning that is hovering in front of you and once it is
also surrounded by the pure light energy and you are focused upon it and all that
is around you allow your mind to wander and think back to a time when you learn
something new that was maybe a new skill or maybe something from childhood like
walking or riding a bike whatever it is remember back to how you
learned and even though it may or may not have been easy to learn you stuck
with it until you did and now it is as if you can’t even imagine what life was
like before learning this skill as you think back to the process of learning
that you wonder talk and allow yourself to see what you saw
hear what you heard and feel or what you felt become aware of every little detail
of how you learned how you stood or sad or whatever position your body may have
been in and be aware of how your mind is unconsciously working on endless tiny
details you were unaware of in order to learn this thing you are learning and
when you have it clear in your mind return your attention to the symbol of
learning offering before you and reach out and take your symbol of learning
hold it in your hands and on your next breath in pull that symbol of learning
into your heart and know that by pulling this symbol into your heart your ability
to learn and understand will dramatically increase exponentially
won’t it as it integrates fully within your mind body and soul from the top of
your head to the tip of your toes becoming water with you completely
now know that from this moment on and forevermore that the more you learn the
more you understand and the more you understand the more you want to learn as
this symbol of learning becomes one with who you are take a moment to allow this
learning state and pure white energy to fully integrate this part of him now now that you have this pure white light
energy inside you and around you protecting and keeping you safe as well
as this enhanced learning state as part of you know that they are always with
you and you can call upon them whenever you desire to and as this complete
understanding sings even deeper allow yourself to explore this magical world
this mystical world that is full of resources to help you in whatever you
want and need to become aware of as you explore these resources will become
available to you resources that you want and need and increase your ability to
learn and understand this at an even deeper level than you had now and as you
become aware of the resources you need reach out and like the symbol of
learning before breathe in and pull the resources into you allowing them to
integrate for new within and throughout you as I give you time to explore this
magical world of your now that you have these resources
integrated within you know that if there are others you can return here at any
time to gain them and others the same way that you have right now and
everything is wonderful as you know that it is time to leave this world and
return to full consciousness by returning to the steps that you
descended to reach this world and as you return to the steps in a moment we will
ascend the steps to waking reality 10 steps up to fully alert consciousness 1
take that first step 2 3 4 up the steps as you begin to gain
awareness once more of your arms and legs 5 6 7 breath is filling your chest
clearing your body mind and soul eight nine eyes clearing and returning
to fully awake consciousness 10 and allowing all those resources and learning state to integrate fully now as
you return to fully alert consciousness now. Stretch your arms and legs and shake
them out to ensure you are fully awake. Thanks for listening to this
meditation I hope you enjoyed it Please like and share with your friends so that
they can get the benefits too. and I’d love to hear your success stories
in the comments below. If you have any suggestions for any future meditation
subjects I’d love to hear them. An MP3 audio file of this meditation without
the introduction or this outro, is available for download from the website I’m James Cole, have a beautiful day 🙂


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