Guided Meditation + Yoga


[2 guitar notes] [in unison] hey guys Welcome to our mediation and yoga video Today we’re going to be helping you relax and ~unwind~ ~unwind~ ~unwind~ ~unwind~ First of all, close your eyes Take a deep breath in Think about all the things you’ve done today Deep breath out Think about it again Take a deep breath in Think about tomorrow Take a deep breath out Leaf: think about tomorrow again.. Fran: think about the next day Inhale [distressed groan] exhale [distressed groan] Inhale exhale [distressed groan] Inhale Exhale [distressed groan] Inhale Inhale Inhale Inhale Inhale Inhale Inhale Inhale Exhale The next part of our mediation is to pracnice.. practice! kindness and forgiving and love for the people around you So turn to the person beside you and tell them something that you wish to tell them your eyes remind me of chocolate which is one of my favourite snacks you have ears thank you The final chapter of our video is some yoga poses to get the joints moving and to feel life flow through your body The first pose extend your arms hand over the head and lean in smile and come out of it safely over the head and lean out The next pose I call the elephant stompede Extend your………. Extend your legs and snap your toes You didn’t do it right [inaudible] Perfect! like a baby Moving on The next pose is the hand touch [clap] Now for the foot touch Now emulate an ocean aloha aloha Now you’re gonna try and open your eyes as wide as you can You use your eyes a lot in the day to see We’re gonna practice using these muscles more Now, see if you can really listen to what’s around you stretching out those eardrums taking it all in I hear a bird chirping Fran: I heard one too / Leaf: isn’t nature a beautiful thing Thank you for watching our-PUT DON’T- guided meditation, yoga, and love video Don’t forget to like and subscribe and share and make a video response Show us your yoga moves and comment below what your favourite part of the video was Thank you for watching


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  1. Nicki

    July 31, 2018 11:19 am

    thanks guys my best friend (my cat) and i really enjoyed watching this together and our favourite part was ur beautiful friendship 😭

  2. Kopf & Herz

    July 31, 2018 4:08 pm

    Well done – very nice and very helpful. Thank you for this ♥ Very useful for YOGA beginners.I will follow YOU. Will YOU follow ME?


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