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This meditation ‘you are energy’
is very simple and easy to follow it can be practiced by beginners seasoned
practitioners or by anyone who wants to experience the quietening of the mind
body and heart I invite you to lie down on the yoga mat and support your back by
placing the bolster or a pillow under your legs or you can sit on a chair or a
sofa with your back supported you may take some time to make some final
adjustments to your posture and now let’s get started by bringing
your awareness to your breath so when you breathe in just try to relax your
face your shoulders and let go of any tension you’re holding within yourself
as you exhale let’s try one more time inhale and just relax the whole body and
as you exhale let go of the control and relax yourself totally and now bring your focus to your
surroundings maybe it’s the room and heighten your
sense of hearing and smell maybe you can hear the sound of a clock ticking sound
of a fan or an air conditioning maybe you can smell a room freshener or in essential oil burning or candle and now let’s bring this awareness away
from this room to far away distance and try to hear the distant noises like
moving traffic people chatting children playing birds chirping or maybe a
distant smell of something being cooked sensing and hearing now bring your focus
back into the room on yourself take a moment to scan your feelings thoughts
and allowing yourself to accept an embrace the entire present moment the
way it is without passing any judgment whatsoever
I invite you to look at yourself as an observer as
how you look at a game being played similarly just look at yourself and observe with the feeling of love and
compassion look how beautiful and divine you are look how happy joyful and blissful you
are look at yourself radiating hope love and positivity forget all the worries fears sorrows and
heal yourself by sending truckloads of healing hugs love and affection accepting embracing loving yourself the
way you are feel as love surrounds you and a smile brightens your face and eyes you are capable of going beyond your
mind and body limitations as you’re not a body you are energy you are a soul I
repeat always remember you are capable of going beyond your mind and body
limitations as you’re not this body you are energy you are so now gently bring your awareness back to
the body and breath keep this warm feeling of love and joy
with you for the rest of the day or a week and now gently open your eyes and if you’re lying on a yoga mat just stretch your hands above your head
and stretch your toes and arms in opposite direction give yourself a good stretch bring your
hands to the sides of the body bend your legs at the knees and place your knees
on the right side or the left side and come to the sitting position or placing
your hands on the floor and if you are sitting on a sofa or on a
chair it’s a good practice to make a connection with the Mother Earth and get
yourself grounded before you get off from your chair or a sofa I hope you have enjoyed this meditation like
share and support our channel thank you and Namaste


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